Monday, July 13, 2015

The Modern TV Stand

It is essential to have a TV in your house these days. It is the transporter of news and sometimes the center of entertainment for everybody in the house! From kids playing video games to adults catching up on the news, the TV is used for a variety of purposes. To compliment one of the most essential components of your house, you must set it on a platform that distinguishes its importance.

Don’t Compromise Design

Don’t think just because your TV needs an area that requires a lot of details, you can’t find a design that fits all its needs. For example, Baer’s furniture has a lot of TV stands that not only hold your entertainment needs, but compliment the design they can be a part of. If you’re interested in a classic look, follow the design styles of Tommy Bahama Ivory Key Wharf Street Entertainment Console. It’s a simple, one-toned entertainment console that will hold all of your media.

So Many Shelves & Possibilities

As Syril Lebbad, one of Baer’s expert personal interior designers stated, “There are so many things you can do with bookcases.”
Bookcases are one of the most commonly used items in a room. They also can be one of the most powerful, making a big statement with not only what you fill them with, but their tall stature and design elements. “Bookcases come in all styles, and that’s the key to their versatility,” said Lebbad, “Those traditional, transitional and contemporary styles in many sizes, colors and finishes can solve numerous interior design dilemmas.” In other words, choose your bookcase wisely, because they can help make or break the total ambiance of the room you are trying to create.
The description says, “Bookcase” but we all know that it functions as a display. Choosing a bookcase with the appropriate display techniques is important by filling them in with items that won’t clutter the room but enhance it by showing off your own personal treasures.
Storage is probably the most important element of a bookcase because that will determine how organized it may be, which leads into the classic mistake of making it look cluttered. If you have a lot of items, chose a bookcase with doors that will cover any potential messes like the Cherry Creek Traditional 22 inch Wall Storage Cabinet by Hooker Furniture. For small items that can be contained in one element, buy elegant baskets that will enhance the look and design of the overall bookcase.
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