Tuesday, December 19, 2017

High-Quality Leather Furniture for Every Lifestyle

Life comes at you fast, and your lifestyle changes over time. Leather furniture is one of the best choices you can make as you travel through life and your taste and needs change. Let's take a look at how high-quality leather furniture can take you through every stage of your life.
quality brown leather sofa

When You Are on Your Own

When you are the sole decision maker, you can do as you please. You can choose a leather sofa that is hipper, but still exudes simple, classic style. You can show your style with a colorful option such as red or your sophistication with a stunning black sofa. Comfort and durability are also key features to look for in any leather furniture. You'll want it to accommodate all your friends when you entertain and to be comfortable for taking naps if the mood strikes.

This Casual Reclining Sofa from Natuzzi Editions fits the bill. The thick visible wood legs and smooth leather finish give this sofa a casual and contemporary feel. With the ability to power recline, this sofa makes finding your most comfortable position a breeze.
brown leather comfortable sofa

When You Enjoy Watching TV with Family and Friends

A relaxing weekend binge-watching your favorite shows deserves the perfect leather sofa. The big-screen TV just won't look right unless you have a comfortable place to enjoy your favorite shows or the big game with family and friends. A leather sectional is ideal for this purpose.

The Bernhardt Bradley Leather Sectional gives you the space and comfort you need. It has enough room to easily seat family and friends and also lets you stretch out when watching TV solo. And durable leather will stand the test of time as well as spilled popcorn and drinks.

white leather sofa

When You Want Style and Elegance

You are not looking just for furniture, but to make a statement. When you walk through the door of your home, you want to enter an oasis of calm, elegance, and style. Leather furniture gives your space a unique and elegant look. The Candace Sofa from Bernhardt features traditional elements and sleek contemporary style that creates a charming transitional look.

There's leather furniture available to fit every lifestyle. It's more than a sofa or chair, it reflects the story of your life. If you are looking for 100% genuine leather, visit a Baer's Furniture store near you.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Mix and Match Leather with Fabric Chairs for Maximum Impact

Thinking of mixing and matching a leather chair with a fabric one and wondering if you can do it? Well, there’s no rule that forbids decorating with both leather and fabric chairs in one room, but there are some guidelines on how to do it to create the most impact. Mixing fabric and leather furniture pieces can add textural interest to your room, as long as you keep a few principles in mind.

Proportion Is Key

If you want to use leather and fabric chairs in the same design, proportion is key. If your leather and fabric chairs are about the same size, the combinations will work. An oversized leather chair and a delicate fabric chair won’t play well together. The leather will overpower the delicate fabric piece. Keeping it proportional will make the room look more cohesive.

Style and Shape

Choose chairs that are similar in style and shape. For example, a sleek, ultra-modern leather chair won’t go with an overstuffed fabric one. Choose a more modern fabric piece. Just like an overstuffed leather recliner won’t go well with an austere mid-century modern chair upholstered in a silk blend. In this case, a more traditional fabric piece would work better. If your chairs share the same style, shape, and proportion, mixing leather and fabric upholstery won’t be an issue.

Choose Colors That Complement

The next thing to consider is color. A leather chair in a neutral such as brown, black, or white will work well with almost any color fabric piece. However, if you choose a bold color such as red, bright orange, or green, you’ll need to choose the pattern on your fabric upholstery with care. Make sure it includes traces of the color on your leather chair, so that it is clear they go together.

Create Cohesion with Accessories

Throw pillows, area rugs, and lamps can help you keep a central color scheme. Throw pillows in bright secondary or tertiary colors can smarten up the look and create a cohesive color scheme. No matter what styles, shapes, and sizes you’re working with, never underestimate the power of throw pillows and other decorative pieces. Use them to flawlessly incorporate your seating into a cohesive space. An area rug with a pattern that includes the colors of your furniture pieces can ground and define the space.

Enhance the Space with Walls and Flooring

Choose wall colors and flooring treatments that complement your entire style, not just one or two pieces. If your wall color matches one chair and not the other, the room could be thrown off balance. A neutral color can highlight the entire look, not just one part of it. Throw rugs can also unify your seating area.

Layer Window Treatments for More Texture

Add layered window treatments into the mix. Try contrasting textures and materials, such as bamboo blinds with linen curtains, and a heavier exterior curtain in a contrasting color to play up the many shades and textures of your furniture pieces.

It may seem challenging at first glance, but it is a perfectly respectable design option. In fact, mixing up different upholstery materials is one of the things that makes a room’s design interesting and exciting. The key is to choose lighting, accessories, and floor, wall, and window treatments that create a unified and dynamic look.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Best Leather Office Chairs for Comfort and Support

Have you ever considered how many hours the average office worker sits in a chair during their career? That would be 85,500 hours. That’s a lot of hours – 9 year’s worth to be exact. Using an uncomfortable chair for all those hours is a prescription to see a chiropractor. Sitting all day is not in our DNA; we were designed to move. So anyone sitting all day needs a chair that is comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable.

Check out the list below to choose the perfect leather chair for your office.

Don’t Fall for a Pretty Face

Falling for the prettiest or cheapest office chair is taking a gamble on your back health. Most people spend more time and money choosing the perfect desk than they do the best chair. Ideally, the chair you choose will mitigate aches and pains caused by sitting all day. Consider it an investment in the health, well-being, and probably the mood of your boss. In the long run, a great leather chair can both reduce pain and increase productivity.

Advantages of a Leather Office Chair

While comfort is important in an office chair, when looking for a boss’s day gift, you also want a chair that makes a statement. The right chair sends the signal that you understand your boss. If you are looking for a sophisticated leather office chair, here are some things to consider during your search.

Leather Provides Unmatched Comfort

You can find office chairs made of a wide range of materials, from plastic and wood to fabric and mesh. There are so many options, but don’t be taken in by them. Leather is definitely the way to go. Unlike metal, wood, or plastic, a leather office chair includes full padding in both the back and the seat.

Leather Wears Well

An office chair covered in plastic or vinyl-based upholstery usually cracks and shows wear. In addition, the mesh used in some ergonomic models may stretch and sag over time and become uncomfortable. Leather is a much more durable material that lasts longer and looks better with age.

Leather Resists Staining

If your boss (or you) sips their morning coffee or has lunch at their desk, sooner or later, a spill will occur. With many office chair coverings, this can result in a stain that is hard - or impossible - to remove. In most cases, if you drop something on a leather chair, you can easily wipe it off and no harm done. The chair will continue to look pristine no matter what type of spills occur.

Leather Lasts Longer

People often choose a fabric or plastic chair because they seem more affordable. However, in the long run, this is often not the case. Especially with office furniture, it is important to think in terms of a long-term investment. A lower price isn’t always a deal. Think about this: leather can last 3 times longer than fabric and other materials. It is worth paying more for a chair that you won’t have to replace every few years.

There are so many more options when it comes to office chairs these days. If you are looking for a high-quality boss’s day gift, or even one for yourself, you can easily narrow your search down to the timeless elegance of a leather office chair.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

How to Pull Off the Indoor-Outdoor Living Trend

The indoor-outdoor living trend is hotter than ever, especially in Florida, where we have plenty of sunshine almost all year long. So, how do you begin designing indoor-outdoor rooms that seamlessly blend both spaces? Begin by realizing that your outdoor space is valuable – it could be another room, an extension of your indoor space, and a perfect space for entertaining.

Creating the indoor-outdoor space of your dreams is a little bit like creating the kitchen of your dreams. It takes a little planning and attention to detail. These 5 tips below will help you design the perfect indoor-outdoor space.

1. Incorporate a Structure

Choose a structure to add depth and dimension to your outdoor space. It could be completely covered, such as a screened-in porch, or just a frame, such as a pergola. Whichever you choose will help define the outdoor space and make its purpose clear.

2. Take Notes from Your Home’s Architectural Style

When choosing materials for your landscaping, consider your home’s interior design and architectural style. Use the same colors from your home as primary or accent colors to keep the design cohesive. For example, the neutral palette in the outdoor room above matches the home’s style while the brick floor keeps continuity throughout the space. The result is an appealing space that reflects your home’s architecture. The Island Estate Lanai Weatherstone Dining Table from Tommy Bahama makes the perfect spot to stop and enjoy a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

tommy bahama outdoor furniture

3. Maximize Your Outdoor Living with Privacy Screens, Flatwork, & a Focal Point

There are tricks to living large in a smaller home. First, make the most of your outdoor flooring so that your outdoor space seems more spacious. Plant a tall hedge to soften the edges of your space and ensure privacy. This will create a more room-like feel.
Furnish and accessorize your outdoor room just as you would an indoor room. The Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Fire Pit by Tommy Bahama lets you enjoy the warmth of the fire while lounging in the wicker wing back chairs. Pottery and accent plants add dimension to your space and act as a focal point. A strategically placed water feature makes a huge impact, even from inside your home; visible through the sliding glass doors, it connects the two spaces.

4. Unify the Spaces with Indoor-Outdoor Flooring

Choose a flooring material that can be extended from the inside of your home to the outside living area. Not sure if you can extend your indoor flooring outdoors? Choose a color for your outdoor space that complements your outside color scheme. For example, if your house is beige and brown, and the indoor colors are blues and grays, use the outside colors of your home for your outdoor room palette.

5. Simplify. Less Is More

You may be tempted to incorporate everything you love in your outdoor space – a variety of hardscape materials, numerous types of plants, and a plethora of garden ornaments. While there is no right or wrong way to design the perfect outdoor space, careful editing will help your outdoor room blend seamlessly with our indoor space. Too many elements can create a disorganized, disheveled, and unplanned space. A carefully appointed outdoor room will give you a comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining.

Carefully choosing every item in your space will help bring your vision to life. But don’t stress too much about it, you’ll enjoy the space more if it reflects your style.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Get the Look: How to Decorate Like Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, home flipper? While many know Ellen for her award-winning talk show, it may surprise some to know that she has designed and flipped 12 completely decorated and furnished properties since she rose to fame.

Ellen says of her design style, “When putting a room together, I like to sit in every chair or stand in every corner and make sure there is something beautiful to look at.” The ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville collection features pieces that embody this design sensibility. Below are some tips to use if you want to get the look of a home decorated for, and by, Ellen.

Ellen degeneres living room

For Ellen, it’s all about openness and texture that creates a welcoming flow. Above, the living areas seem to merge seamlessly into one beautifully connected space. The light, airy look is highlighted by the organic, neutral palette inspired by nature.

ellen degeneres montecito sofa ED collection

The room above mirrors the light airy feel, with its wall of windows that floods the space with natural light. This view becomes the focal point, making this a great example of making the view a design element. The Montecito Sofa with nailhead trim offers comfortable seating for evenings in as well as entertaining friends. It creates the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing. The layered area rugs bring texture and a touch of color to keep the room from seeming cold and impersonal.

Bright White Walls with Vintage Décor and Modern Touches

The above living room has a relaxed attitude about mixing décor from more than one period. A conversation starter in its own right, the table is another example of how mixing styles creates a balanced feel in the space. The clean, white walls make a perfect canvas for the richly hued carpet as well as the organic and industrial elements.

Ellen degeneres whitecliffe tufted sofa

You can replicate the look and feel of this room with the Whitecliff Tufted Sofa from the ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville collection. The hand-crafted tufting displays classic refinement while at home in a cozy den or bright living room. The dark, fumed oak Canyon Live Edge cocktail table brings an organic feel to the space. Both rooms project a minimalist, balanced vibe that make them personable, homey, and comfortable.

Industrial Lighting and Rustic Furniture

Another example of Ellen’s excellent material-matching sensibility is the mix of industrial and organic materials in this cozy den. There is a cool, hip dynamic going on between the metal floor lamps, the upholstered chair, and the round cocktail table. The neutral but textured stone walls make a good foundation for unique home décor, and the area rug anchors the space perfectly.

Based on pieces from Ellen’s home, the Romero Chair exudes a cool, calm, and collected vibe that feels at home in any room. The Villere Round Cocktail Table showcases hand-crafted plank veneers and a mid-century modern finish. The brass pads covering each foot fit well with the industrial undertones of the space. The Somera Leather Desk/Game Chair (pictured left) takes multi-tasking to a new level. Again, textured, neutral walls let the pieces express a dynamic that makes this room suitable for relaxing evenings with your family, or casual conversations with friends. Always keep in mind that paying attention to the details is what will make your home really special.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Creating a Contemporary and Comfortable Living Room

Designing a contemporary, comfortable living space is all about adding layers, creating conversational seating, and fashioning a room that is visually and functionally stimulating. A perfect contemporary living room pleases and teases the eye in a way that seems edgy and fun. A comfortable living room caters to your needs to casually curl up and read a book. A contemporary, casual living room does both.

Tommy Bahamas living room furniture at Baers

Functional Furniture Placement for Contemporary Living Rooms

The living room is the soul of a modern home, it is literally where almost all the action happens. Contemporary living rooms feature a large TV and a seating area and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. The TV automatically becomes a focal point, but you can keep it in an entertainment center or armoire that keeps it tucked out of sight. Proper furniture placement and cozy living room décor, such as the Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Gentlemen’s Chest, bring balance and harmony into modern contemporary design, creating an inviting and pleasant environment.

Light the Way with Functional and Efficient Fixtures

Lighting is an essential element of contemporary living room décor. The way you light a room can completely change the mood. Look for fixtures that are efficient, functional, and attractive. In addition, look for options that can change the atmosphere in the room.

When you have multiple light sources, you can control the ambiance, mood, and how you use the room. Since the living room is used for so many different purposes, you want lighting that can flex between task lighting for reading and playing games as well as relaxing peacefully for ultimate stress relief.

Room Colors Polish a Contemporary Casual Living Room

Light, neutral tones are ever popular for a reason: they give an elegant, comfortable feel to every room. Soft browns and tans have a timeless appeal that invites napping, such as on the Montecito Sofa from the Ellen DeGeneres collection by Thomasville. The sofa’s simple lines have contemporary appeal and the unfussy look screams comfort, which is solidified by the new Ellen DeGeneres cushion and deep seat design.

Used in moderation wall mirrors, glass surfaces, and metal accents visually increase the appearance of space in your living room and give it personality. If you have a wall of windows, you can use the view as an element to complement your design. Beware, though, too many brightly polished metal and mirrored surfaces can have the opposite effect and make small living rooms seem cluttered.

Clutter-Free Interior Decorating

Contemporary style is very minimalist, so stick to a design that uses 2-3 colors light neutral colors, few accessories, and creative fusion of styles for added charm and elegance. However, it does not have to be severe and unwelcoming. A plush area rug and comfortable sofa will welcome family and friends to sit and hang out a while.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Bring Your Florida Style to Your Northern Home

Just because you have left your Florida home for the summer doesn’t mean you have to leave your Florida style along with it. You can easily bring some Florida flair to your northern home. Florida style evokes images of casual comfort, warm relaxation, and eternal welcome. And that’s welcome everywhere.

Florida elements will add spice to the harmony of your home and will remind you of sun-warmed sands, wild ocean waves, and pleasant ocean breezes. Adding sea grass, bamboo, wood, teak, or rattan will instantly add an element of sunnier climes to you décor, but it may take a little bit more to create a real Florida-inspired design.

Furniture with a Florida Flair

When it comes to furniture, look for upholstered pieces with rattan arms and legs. These materials are excellent for solid, but warm and welcoming, furniture. A glass top table keeps the feeling light and airy, but makes a sturdy platform to show off coral specimens. The Twin Palms Koko Sofa from Tommy Bahama features graceful shaping and showcases a striking blend of textures, adding some Florida flair to your home. A double row of nail head trim highlights the sofa’s soft, sensual shape. The sea-inspired palette, tropical prints, and glass lamps give this room a decidedly Florida feel, and are perfectly accented by the white paneled walls.

Look to Nature for an Inspired Color Palette

Florida is a land of sun and sea, dotted with swaying palms and colorful foliage. Your color palette should reflect this with sea colors and patterns, sandy beiges and neutrals, and bright jungle motifs. Use a tropical palette to help bring nature inside your home.

Your colors can be neutral or bright, highlighted by indoor plants or wooden accessories. Nothing can be as decorative as tropical greenery. A bold wallpaper, bright tropical print, or actual plant are great ways to bring nature into your space.

Create a Space with Plenty of Light

Florida is the sunshine state, so light is an important issue in Florida style. Make sure you have enough smooth textures to reflect light, but not so many that the room seems blindingly bright. Neutral, natural colors with an occasional pop of bright coral or green will give your space a bright, airy feel. Light should emanate from low positioned lights, pendant lights, or even traditional chandeliers.

Your windows can give your space a feeling of freedom and closeness to nature. Play up your windows with wooden blinds or sheers that let in plenty of light. Fabrics should be light and pastel to give the space a feeling of freshness.

Accessorize to Emphasize the Florida Feel

Florida décor includes a variety of elements – ocean waves, swaying palms, burnished sunsets, and melodious birds. Choose accessories that emphasize these elements such as animal or botanical-themed art on the walls and accessories such as pillows and area rugs. Bowls filled with tropical fruit and some interesting pieces of coral or seashells add to the Florida feel.

Your Florida house décor isn’t complete without large palm plants or easy to care for bamboos. Orchids, birds of paradise, and bromeliads freshen up the room. These motifs can also be used on fabric accessories.

Once you add these touches to your Northern home, you’ll feel like you are in sunny Florida all year long.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What to Look for in a Recliner

Recliners are practically synonymous with comfort. You may not consider recliners a modern piece of furniture, but they are now available in a surprising range of styles – from classic to elegant – and offer a variety of new features and functionality.

Bells and whistles are key when shopping for a recliner. And although there are a growing number of styles available, choosing the right recliner involves more than just aesthetics. Size, shape, and fit of the chair are all important factors to consider. The best fit will provide the most comfort, and unlike shoes, comfort is paramount in a recliner.

Below are six tips to help you choose the perfect recliner.

natuzzi recliner baers furniture

Choose Your Can’t Live without Features

Make a list of your must-have features. Do you want a rocker, glider, or swivel base? Do you want a power recliner that will recline at the press of a button? If you are short on space, a wall hugger might be the one for you. Perhaps you are looking for a recliner with built-in massage to ease the stress of your day, or if you know you might be napping in your recliner, consider a lay-flat model. For example, the Casual Three-Way Recliner from Natuzzi Editions lets you find the position that best suits you, whether napping or watching TV. It’s gentle, power motion is suitable for all levels of mobility.

It Has to Be Comfortable

Make sure the recliner fits the size of your body – proper fit will mean more comfort. When testing a recliner, sit in it for as long as you need to determine if it is comfortable for you. It usually takes your body about 15-20 minutes to relax, so go ahead and take as long as you need. Make sure your feet touch the floor when in the sitting position and that your head comfortably fits the headrest.

bradington young recliner at baers furniture

Find Your Style

Narrow down your style preferences. You may think that the only styles available are bulky recliners that stand out like sore thumbs in your existing décor, but with so many new styles available, you can easily find one that fits. The Bradington Young Recliner above doesn’t look like a recliner, but gives you just as much comfort and relaxation as a standard recliner. Whether you want a modern, sleek chair, or something more traditional, there is definitely one that will suit your style.

Sized Just Right

As with any piece of furniture, keep in mind where you will put it and how much space you have. Measure the space where you intend to place the recliner and the recliner itself. When measuring the recliner, be sure to measure it while fully reclined. This will give the total amount of space the recliner will need. Recliners generally need between 1-3 feet of space from the wall. A reclining chair and ottoman set is another way to save space and maximize comfort.

Don’t Compromise Quality

Consider the quality of fabric, wood, and metal from which the recliner is constructed. The right recliner will provide years of support and comfort. If you are considering a power recliner, look for quiet motors, heavy screws, and easy-to-use levers or handles.

Once you’ve decided on comfort, style, and function, prepare to have fun shopping for your new recliner.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Set the Stage for Sweet Dreams with Universal Bedroom Furniture

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to make you feel better in the morning. However, the importance of sleep goes beyond boosting your mood or getting rid of under-eye circles. Getting enough sleep is an essential to staying healthy: it can benefit your weight, heart, mind, and more. With the Home Collection by Universal Furniture you can easily set the stage for sweet dreams.

Universal Furniture Home Collectoin Queen Size Bed

Begin with Color to Support a Relaxing Atmosphere

Color is an important design tool that can help you create the mood you want in any room of the house. Restful browns with cream accents provides a toned-down palette that makes this bedroom into a restful retreat. Decorated with classic style, this serene bedroom exudes glamour without looking overdone. The dramatic arched headboard with bead board panels evokes a seaside country cottage.

Bare windows continue the theme and let in plenty of sunlight. Overall, you want the linens, window dressing, and accessories to support the relaxing atmosphere with gentle transitions instead of high contrast.

Simplify to Create a Soothing Space

Painting the walls and ceiling in light neutral shades such as cream or taupe — that is soothing in itself. Keep the artwork simple and leave some of the space above the bed empty. This “white space” will contrast with the dark headboard to create an understated elegance. Beautifully balanced, nothing detracts from the serene mood you are trying to create.

Lady's dresser from the Universal Home collection

Keep dressers and bedside tables uncluttered and cleared of everything except essential items. All you need is an alarm clock, lamp, books, a pitcher of water and a glass on the bedside table and simple glass vase for seasonal flowers and a few books on the dresser. This dresser features protective cedar lining in the bottom drawers that give you a protective, snag-free surface for your clothing.

Though usually light, white, or soothing blues are used in serene bedrooms, they can also be decorated in a deeper, more masculine palette. Dark neutrals and subdued patterns, silver, white, and charcoal accents provide the right mix of neutrals to ensure a restful, relaxing retreat.

If you need help designing a bedroom filled with sweet dreams with the Home Collection by Universal Furniture, schedule an appointment with a Baer's Furniture design professional today. It's free!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Get Your Bookshelves Ready for Read Across America

Read Across America is an annual celebration of reading held on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. March 2. In support of the goals to motivate children to read and create lifelong successful readers and learners, here are some tips that inspire not just reading, but curiosity and learning.

Bookshelves work as storage spaces for books and display spaces for curios and souvenirs. However, your books and accessories don’t have to jockey for a position on your bookshelves. When the shelves are mindfully arranged, they can be transformed from a lowly storage unit to a stylish expression of your interests.


Using the “less is more” technique, resist the impulse to pack the shelves with all your accessories and books. Choosing a tone-on-tone color scheme for figurines and vases will create a clean look. But be sure to mix up shapes to avoid monotony. Step back every once in a while as you go to assess your arrangement. Mix larger items with smaller ones, tall books with short ones, or try placing a few off-center until you get the look you like. The Cherry Creek Traditional Modular Wall system from Hooker Furniture give you plenty of options to display books and objet d'art.

Create Empty Space

As you are organizing your bookcase, remember to leave some empty space to let the eyes rest. Changing the orientation of your books by stacking some of them on one shelf, placing them vertically on another, and mixing their orientation on a third shelf will make your display more interesting. Using the books stacked horizontally as a riser for smaller pieces, and placing accessories and artwork on top of the unit will also create visual interest.

Stagger Accessories

Mix up the placement of collectibles and art to create a visual rhythm. Colorful book covers will stand out against the warm wood finishes of a bookcase. Alternating the placement of bright pottery and framed artwork or photographs will keep the eye moving smoothly from shelf to shelf. You can personalize the look by using framed prints of photographs you’ve taken. The Brookhaven Three Piece Open Bookcase by Hooker Furniture offers functional storage and plenty of display space with adjustable shelves.

Artful Displays

Display your favorite pieces by giving them a shelf of their own. This also helps keep you from overwhelming your room with visual clutter. Try a few shelves that highlight your special pieces mixed in with shelves of books. Keeping it airy and uncluttered lets your books and artwork take center stage.

Create a Book Nook

Create a bright book nook or reading space in a corner with plenty of light. Add a comfortable, upholstered chair, reading lamp, and accent table. Fill the shelves with sculptures, trophies, framed art, and, of course, groupings of books. The loose, informal design helps the eye move from shelf to shelf. The Danforth Low Bookcase from Hooker Furniture holds just the right amount of books and, since it is a small shelf, doesn't over power your reading nook.

Gallery-Style Display

Bookcases aren’t just for books and art doesn’t have to be hung on the walls. Use a wide assortment of accessories to create a gallery-style display. Photographs, small statues, books, or pottery – you can use whatever you would like to display. Beware of overcrowding, you want to create a space that invites visual exploration. And you might just inspire someone to read.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Baer’s Furniture Reviews: Best of 2016

Baer’s Furniture works hard to ensure that every customer leaves the store satisfied and happy. In fact, they are looking to provide customers with a “wow” shopping experience. These days, shoppers’ expectations are pretty high. Still, Baer’s Furniture is dedicated to giving shoppers an experience they won’t forget.

Customer Engagement, Executional Excellence, and Brand Experience at Baer’s Furniture

Baer’s trusts their staff to provide furniture shoppers with a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more. The Baer’s Furniture sales staff is genuinely caring, polite, and not only invested in helping, but also dedicated to doing their best to ensure that customers get exactly what they want.

“Baer’s is my go to store for all my designing needs,” says Jessica Shirer. “Ben is always very helpful … He goes above and beyond, and I highly recommend asking for him if you visit.”

Words of praise are worth more than gold to any business. But in order to get them, they must achieve executional excellence by patiently explaining all steps about what to expect and providing the best advice.

“As a first time buyer from Baer’s Furniture I have to say that it was a great experience. The employees were very polite and helpful,” according to Elaine Fernandez. “The furniture was delivered just as expected … [It] also looks beautiful in my home.”

The delivery went smoothly, it was quick and efficient. The gentlemen were cordial and kind,” says Johanne Messina. “We love our new purchase.”

Making customers feel special and making sure they are always getting quality furniture at the best possible price has long been a hallmark of the Baer’s Furniture brand. This old-school practice is one of the important pillars of the “wow” experience. And this doesn’t end once a customer has left the showroom.

“Jonathan and his partner made sure everything was in place with the delivery,” explains Sally Smith Caeiro. “The directions were not exactly correct so I talked him through... I will buy more in time from Baer's and highly recommend their quality and service.”

The Simple Things That Create “Wow” at Baer’s Furniture

Experts have identified 28 elements of a great shopping experience, but it’s really not that complex. Baer’s counts on their experienced and dedicated staff to set the stage for a great experience. And they are usually not disappointed.

“Sales people were great,” says Bonnie Dessart. “… saved me money on mattress set with adjustable base. Very happy with my purchase.”

“Dawn was excellent,” according to Annette Azzara. “She helped us select the perfect furniture for our new home.”

Today’s consumers demand better value in everything they purchase, and that includes the experience itself. The best way to lay a foundation for customers to have great retail experiences is to provide friendly, experienced, customized service to consumers. In fact, it is one way a furniture store can survive in a challenging economic environment.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Keep Your Leather Furniture in Tip-Top Shape

When you invest in leather furniture from Baer’s, you know you are getting quality that will stand the test of time. You might think that leather is tedious or difficult to care for, and that it is easily mistreated by pets and children, but these claims are baseless. And even though your leather couch, sofa, or loveseat will look better as it ages, proper maintenance is important. Caring for leather correctly is, in fact, no more difficult than caring for most other types of upholstery. Follow the dos and don’ts below to ensure that your furniture ages gracefully.

DON’T Use Oil Soap

Cleansers such as oil soap may seem harmless, but they will darken and stain the leather. Even a mild dishwashing soap, so gentle on your hands, will remove more than just the dirt from your leather furniture. It might also remove or spoil the color. And while you may use saddle soap on your saddle, leather shoes, or catcher’s mitt, don’t use it on your leather sofa.

DON’T Use Detergent or Soap

No matter how mild, don’t use detergent or soap. Even if this seems like a repeat of the above, it’s worth repeating. We can use gentle cleansers or soaps on our skin because it is still living and can replace any oils the soap removes. A leather couch doesn’t have that ability, so it will become brittle, dry, and damaged over time if you use soap or detergent. So why not use soap and apply oil after, just like we do for our skin? Because, as mentioned previously, oil will stain or darken the leather.

DO Regularly Apply a Leather Conditioner

Regularly conditioning your leather furniture will help keep it from drying and developing cracks. This is the main difference between caring for fabric vs leather. Leather conditioner has a cream consistency and is designed specifically to be rubbed into the leather. Think wax on, wax off. You can purchase leather conditioner at furniture and auto parts stores (leather car interiors). Follow the application guidelines of the product you’ve purchased, as they sometimes vary, and condition your leather every 6 to 12 months or as needed.

DON’T Place Leather Furniture in Direct Sunlight

Nothing is really safe for long from the strong South Florida sun, and this includes your leather furniture. Extreme temperatures can cause it to dry and crack. Regular conditioning will help mitigate any damage, but it is better to keep the furniture out of direct sunlight if at all possible.

DO Blot Spills Quickly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t get complacent about your leather furniture’s resistance to spills and messes, especially grease or oil (see oils stains leather, above). Use a dry cloth or paper towels to immediately clean up spills. If you spill oil or grease, use baking powder or talcum powder to absorb it. There are also leather furniture cleaners that you can use, available from some furniture manufacturers or furniture stores, be sure to have some on hand just in case.

DO Buff Small Scratches

Your leather is likely to collect some small scratches over the years. Since leather is made from animal hide, it may dry out and develop scratches and small cracks. If that happens, you can easily buff them out with a microfiber cloth. Using a microfiber cloth, buff gently until the cracks or scratches fade.

DO Invest in a Leather Protector

When your leather furniture is brand new, purchase a professionally applied leather cleaner, such as UnitersPure available for all leather furniture purchased at Baer’s Furniture. If you have older leather furniture, have it professionally cleaned and then apply leather protector. Wipe it occasionally with a slightly damp cloth to keep it dust-free, and when needed, use your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to remove any debris that can gradually accumulate under the cushions and in crevices.

Following these tips will help keep your leather furniture looking good and lasting longer. Keep in mind that different leathers require different method to keep them at their best. Check with your Baer’s Furniture professional to ensure that you are using the proper method for maintaining your leather furniture.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

L-Shaped Desks for Every Office Personality

Your home office says a lot about your personality. Everything from the flooring to the paint color on the walls to the type of desk you use says something about who you are and how you work. Depending on what type of person you are, your desk may be extremely organized or extremely chaotic. Check out the three worker styles below and find the perfect L-shaped desk to suit your office personality.

The Organizer

If you are continuously organizing and reorganizing your desk and you have everything arranged in a specific order, you are an organizer. But then you probably already knew that. You like everything in its place and a place for everything. When your desk is not in order, it really affects your thought processes. You are logical and believe that all the items on your desk should have a purpose or meaning.

If this describes you, then the Hawthorne L-Shaped Desk from Aspenhome might be right for you. This desk brings essential form and function to any workspace. If offers multiple storage options and organization capabilities. Two utility drawers keep necessary items close by and the locking file drawer keeps important papers neat, tidy, and secure. As an organizer, you are a “get straight to the point” type of person, and you need a desk with traditional design and straightforward style.

The Worker Bee

If your desk is tucked into an out of the way corner or nook, covered with papers and supplies, then your desk is likely where you are most productive. It is the place where work gets done. You may try to keep your space organized, but your success at this task depends on your project. You also prefer a desk with room to spread out. The Wendover L-shaped Office Unit – computer credenza, hutch, and corner unit – from Hooker Furniture offers everything you need for a home working environment.

The credenza features a phone jack, a power bar with two outlets, high-speed data ports, and more. If this sounds like your dream desk, then you love what you do and aren’t afraid to tell the world about it. Your office space gives you inspiration, and you are sometimes so goal-oriented and focused that you forget to take a break to enjoy the simple things in life.

The Minimalist

Your desk is always clear, in fact, it may be hard to tell you even work there. It contains only the tools absolutely necessary to get your work done. You are a minimalist. You may have one or two objects to accessorize your desk, but no more than that. Everything else on your desk is absolutely essential. You don’t want a lot of items cluttering up your desk because you felt that such things will also clutter up your mind.

If you relate to this description, then the Kendrick L Desk with Hutch from Hooker Furniture will give you exactly what you need to stay organized and productive. This L-shaped desk helps you stay organized with utility drawers, a pull-out printer tray, a drop-down keyboard space, and an FC737 power bar with tow outlets, and a USB port. This desk is perfect for a minimalist. 

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