Friday, August 16, 2019

5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Décor Pop

As smart TVs get bigger and bigger, it’s easy to see how they can take over your living room. This may not be the aesthetic you were going for in this multi-purpose space. With that in mind, it’s a good time to consider a living room refresh. These 5 easy tips will make your living room pop and take the attention off the TV.

beautiful leather sofa with map art

Create a Focal Point That Doesn’t Compete with the TV

A leather sofa, such as the Foster Stationary sofa is an instant focal point. This gorgeous sofa with rolled arms, plush cushions, and nailhead trim will definitely take center stage. Situated in front of a statement wall, it will instantly draw the eye of anyone who enters the room. Place the TV across from the sofa so that it doesn’t compete with the statement wall.

Add balance with pieces such as chairs with a similar scale and style. You can mix it up by adding a piece with fabric upholstery. Table lamps add height, and a coffee table helps ground the space.

coastaul style living room

Undress Your Windows to Let the Light In

A simple update is to get new curtains in a bold or fun pattern or print. Even better, dress down your windows to let in plenty of light. Add sheers that let the light flow through and create a more relaxed vibe in the living room. Take the curtain rod all the way to the ceiling and hang the curtains so that they fall all the way to the floor.

The bright, natural light suits the Coastal Living Home Escape Kiawah Sofa by Universal. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, style, and function. The natural light makes the colorful pillows pop against the clean white upholstery. Blue lamps and throw rug add to the vibrant feel of the space.

tommy bahama bookcases

Personalize the Space with a Curated Collection

The living room is a space made for personalization. Since you spend the majority of your downtime in this space, adding personal touches will make it more inviting. You can add framed personal pictures, meaningful accessories, or a carefully curated collection displayed like those in the Ocean Club Pacifica Entertainment Console and Tradewinds Bookcases by Tommy Bahama Home. You can create a media center and have plenty of room to display personal items such as pottery, specimen corals, and books. There’s even enough room for your smart TV.

Create a Gallery Wall

Another way to personalize your living room and create a focal point is to create a gallery wall. Arrange a collection of black and white photographs, or colorful canvasses with a theme such as waterscapes or landscapes. This is a great way to display meaningful quotes and special pictures.

Add Some Greenery

As a final touch, add a plant or flowers to your living room. Plants such as the Chinese Evergreen, iron plant, peace lily, begonias, snake plant, bromeliads, and cacti are great low-maintenance indoor plants. These plants will add freshness and life to your living room as well as pops of color.

What are some ways you’ve brought your own living room to life? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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