Friday, July 14, 2017

Bring Your Florida Style to Your Northern Home

Just because you have left your Florida home for the summer doesn’t mean you have to leave your Florida style along with it. You can easily bring some Florida flair to your northern home. Florida style evokes images of casual comfort, warm relaxation, and eternal welcome. And that’s welcome everywhere.

Florida elements will add spice to the harmony of your home and will remind you of sun-warmed sands, wild ocean waves, and pleasant ocean breezes. Adding sea grass, bamboo, wood, teak, or rattan will instantly add an element of sunnier climes to you décor, but it may take a little bit more to create a real Florida-inspired design.

Furniture with a Florida Flair

When it comes to furniture, look for upholstered pieces with rattan arms and legs. These materials are excellent for solid, but warm and welcoming, furniture. A glass top table keeps the feeling light and airy, but makes a sturdy platform to show off coral specimens. The Twin Palms Koko Sofa from Tommy Bahama features graceful shaping and showcases a striking blend of textures, adding some Florida flair to your home. A double row of nail head trim highlights the sofa’s soft, sensual shape. The sea-inspired palette, tropical prints, and glass lamps give this room a decidedly Florida feel, and are perfectly accented by the white paneled walls.

Look to Nature for an Inspired Color Palette

Florida is a land of sun and sea, dotted with swaying palms and colorful foliage. Your color palette should reflect this with sea colors and patterns, sandy beiges and neutrals, and bright jungle motifs. Use a tropical palette to help bring nature inside your home.

Your colors can be neutral or bright, highlighted by indoor plants or wooden accessories. Nothing can be as decorative as tropical greenery. A bold wallpaper, bright tropical print, or actual plant are great ways to bring nature into your space.

Create a Space with Plenty of Light

Florida is the sunshine state, so light is an important issue in Florida style. Make sure you have enough smooth textures to reflect light, but not so many that the room seems blindingly bright. Neutral, natural colors with an occasional pop of bright coral or green will give your space a bright, airy feel. Light should emanate from low positioned lights, pendant lights, or even traditional chandeliers.

Your windows can give your space a feeling of freedom and closeness to nature. Play up your windows with wooden blinds or sheers that let in plenty of light. Fabrics should be light and pastel to give the space a feeling of freshness.

Accessorize to Emphasize the Florida Feel

Florida décor includes a variety of elements – ocean waves, swaying palms, burnished sunsets, and melodious birds. Choose accessories that emphasize these elements such as animal or botanical-themed art on the walls and accessories such as pillows and area rugs. Bowls filled with tropical fruit and some interesting pieces of coral or seashells add to the Florida feel.

Your Florida house décor isn’t complete without large palm plants or easy to care for bamboos. Orchids, birds of paradise, and bromeliads freshen up the room. These motifs can also be used on fabric accessories.

Once you add these touches to your Northern home, you’ll feel like you are in sunny Florida all year long.

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