Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Decorating Colors That Go with Brown Leather Furniture

There’s nothing quite like the luxurious, upscale look of brown leather furniture. And it’s so versatile. Neutral browns can easily live with a variety of complementary colors to create a soothing, tranquil space, or they can rev up the color scheme with vibrant energy. If you are struggling to style your brown leather furniture, try some of these tips to make an impact.

Before you choose the colors you want to use to style your brown leather furniture, consider the existing color palette of your room and the style of your furniture.

brown leather sofa from Bernhardt

Create Contrast with Your Walls

Too much brown can be dull and lifeless. Opt for a light wall color to create a dramatic contrast. Light walls will also make your space feel more open, spacious, and cheery. Light neutrals such as soft white, light yellow, and creamy beige make a great foundation for any palette.

If you want to spice it up a little, create an accent wall in a vibrant color such as turquoise blue, lime green, and sunflower yellow. If you are going for a more earthy palette, use sage green, burnt orange, or brick red on your accent wall. A soft green or blue will give you a more relaxed, serene feel.

Treat Your Windows Well

Fabric window treatments will add both softness and texture to your room. Keep the look streamlined and simple with light tan or creamy window shades. Floor length draperies in warm colors such as terracotta red, golden yellow, and sage green will bring in the drama. Using curtains with brown-and-white stripes, floral, chevron, or another print will perk up the design. If you want surprising and intense visual interest, use citrusy lime green or orange. You can’t go wrong with crisp white sheers for a fresh, bright look.

Accessories and Lighting to Complement Your Brown Leather Furniture

Lively green, blue, and white throw pillows will add an outdoorsy freshness to your sofa while softer blues, light grays, and crisp whites give you a clean, crisp feel. No room is complete without something from nature, so bring potted plants and vases of flowers to add some organic freshness. If you need a touch of neutral in your space, add an arrangement of white candles on a metal tray, or a grouping of white pottery in various shapes and sizes. Framed, sepia-toned photographs will enhance the brown of your sofa and create a classic look. Or you can liven things up with a colorful abstract painting.

Don’t forget the lighting, especially task lighting for hobbies and reading. Black wrought iron or brushed chrome give the room a modern, industrial look. If you feel the room is too dark, add recessed ceiling lights to brighten it.

Brown leather furniture is like a blank canvas. You can style it any way you wish to get the look you desire.

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