Monday, February 17, 2020

4 Fresh Dining Room Trends for 2020

For many, gathering around the dinner table for a formal meal no longer happens regularly. There has been a "casualization" of modern entertaining, with many of us gathering around the kitchen island nibbling on cheese plates and dips. But, even in our mobile-enabled, digitized world, the dining room table is still the place people gather to honor old traditions and create new ones.
I'm not dissing casual entertaining around the kitchen island, but if you watch even one home design show these days, you'll see the reemergence of the dining room as an entertainment space. And, fortunately, now more than ever, trends in dining room décor offer options for everyone's taste and style. Here are some fresh new takes on dining room trends for 2020 and beyond.

1) Mix Textures and Styles

Matchy-matchy is a thing of the past. Today's dining rooms are filled with pieces that go together, even if they feature a variety of textures and styles. This is a great way to add warmth and dimension to your dining room. Neutral upholstered, slightly formal chairs go with a causal Rattan Pull Up Bench from the Universal Coastal Living Home collection. The bench adds a modern feel and is a great contrast to the more classic, simple design of the Escape Homecoming Dining Table from the same collection.
Don't be shy about choosing the elements you like to create a unique look for your dining room. If you love this look but aren't sure how to create it, choosing pieces from the same collection ensures you get the same feel without falling into the dreaded matchy-matchy space.

2) Add a Bench for Casual Flair

Benches are so on-trend these days that they get two mentions on our 2020 trends list. They are great space savers. If you have a smallish dining room, a bench can easily be tucked under the table to create visual space and make room for foot traffic when not in use. And if your table has one side against a bank of windows, a bench won't block the view. The Brownstone Dining Table and bench from Coast to Coast Imports gives your dining room a casual yet traditional feel that makes guests feel welcome.

3) Choose Upholstered Chairs for Comfort and Style

If you like to linger around the table for scintillating conversation, or often use your dining room as a workspace, then the importance of choosing comfortable chairs cannot be overstressed. After about an hour on metal, wood, or acrylic chairs, our derrieres will begin to complain. Upholstered dining room chairs level up the comfort and encourage people to stay and chat. In addition, they add richness, style, and texture to your dining room. Choose a simple style such as the Calista Transition Dining Table by Bernhardt and surround it with upholstered chairs from the same collection to infuse your space with casual elegance.

4) Round Dining Room Tables Create Space

Round dining room tables have been around since the Middle Ages, and a quick glance tells you why it has stood the test of time. Although the majority of dining rooms are configured for rectangular tables, a round one gives you more intimacy and fosters conversation. And as home design trends towards more open-concept spaces, there are many opportunities for round tables such as the Reverie Transitional Round Dining Table from Hooker Furniture to be incorporated into your dining room decor.

The options for dining rooms have never been so exciting. Try adding your own twist to these ideas to create the dining room that fits your taste and lifestyle.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Baer's Furniture Reviews: Service and Delivery

Have you ever bought furniture online and ended up with a giant box in your family room filled with furniture waiting to be assembled? When you ordered it, you may have thought it was no big deal to put it together, but now that you are faced with the reality, you may wonder, "who has time for this?"
That doesn't happen when you buy furniture from a local furniture store, such as Baer's Furniture. Read the Baer's Furniture reviews below to see what to expect during the entire buying experience, from in-store purchase to furniture delivery.

Fast, Efficient Delivery Puts Your Furniture Exactly Where You Want It

"… helpful and took care of everything for us. … delivery was on time and painless … the best products. I highly recommend them."
- Ellen Schlafer
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"… delivery was prompt and the men were knowledgeable, polite and professional … I have bought many items from Baers and I would use them without hesitation."
- Ronald Ostrove
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"Beautiful shop with really amazing furniture … Top delivery service and more than excellent customer service . Highly recommended."
-emanuela giangreco
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Great Customer Service Brings Repeat Customers

"Everyone was very nice and accommodating … I got furniture from Baer's years ago, and the furniture is the best! I wouldn't buy anywhere else. Those who come to bring the furniture are very kind!!"
-Gwen Busby
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"I always return to buy furniture at Baer's. Not only do they have beautiful things, but they are a family-owned local business here in South Florida which makes me feel good about shopping with them … customer service and guidance is the best … TJ answered all my questions got back to me immediately via email and or text messages … He made my experience very positive and easy. … Good guidance to me is priceless. Love Baers and will continue to always shop there. Customer service is a rarity these days."
-Mary G
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"I've shopped twice at Baer's now and have had amazing experiences both times. Jeff my salesman is amazing goes above and beyond to help you get exactly what you want. Their delivery crews are top-notch, polite, neat, and fast and efficient … I highly recommend them!"
Sherry Canino
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Personalized Service Makes a Difference

"… the products/furniture are top-notch … the customer service is outstanding. Wendy from Baer's turned my house from a house to a home. Great job all around."
-Scott Sternberg
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"Sales staff, TJ, Warren and Nadine were helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to answer our questions. Working with each of the three was always a positive experience. … The delivery staff, Jonathan and Tay, were courteous and accommodating. They carefully placed and unwrapped everything. … Congratulations on such a high caliber staff! I will happily recommend Baer's Furniture to anyone I know!"
-Ginny Kobren
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"AMAZING!!! Products and customer service. I had the pleasure of working with TJ who was not only knowledgeable but such a great person to work with. … His customer service did not end after my purchase which I really appreciated!!! Will be going back and recommending Baer's Furniture, Boca Raton to friends and family!!!!"
-Amy G. Johnson
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"Very happy with our black Friday weekend purchase … The delivery people were an hour early but that was fine with me! Our salesperson, Rich, was low-key and excellent to deal with. I would recommend Baer's to anyone seeking good quality furniture, great service and a pleasurable shopping experience."
-Tammi Pittaro
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"Excellent experience from start to finish! Janet was an expert in helping us select the best furniture for our space and the fact that delivery could be set up and the furniture in place before our arrival was the cherry on top … service was impeccable … highly recommend!"
-Mike Lanzetta
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Best Service and Best Prices Creates Best Furniture Buying Experience

For more than seventy years, Baer's Furniture has been providing Florida with the best brands and the best prices. It's nice to know that they keep those high standards throughout the buying experience, from the complimentary design service to prompt, efficient delivery.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Tropical Furniture in Florida Inspired Décor

The bright, breezy weather makes tropical décor a natural for Florida homes. Bold colors, tropical foliage, and a beechy color palette mix with casual elegance to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

beautiful tropical living room furniture

Let the Sunshine In

Plenty of sunshine streaming through your rooms is a hallmark of tropical décor. Crisp white walls and punches of bright colors create a vivid palette that reflects the light. In this living room above, tropical colors pop on the throw pillows for visual contrast on the Bali Hai Quickship Sofa from Tommy Bahama while the rolled arms feature elegant carvings. The pops of orange on the throw pillows bring to mind the vibrant hues of the sun as it slowly slips below the horizon.

Keep It Bright and Light

Emphasis on color and light enhances the room's tropical feel. Don't be afraid to use intense colors in big, unexpected ways such as bright turquoise accessories on the coffee table. Tons of sunlight, white walls, and warm wood floors balance the room.

beautiful tropical-inspired bedroom furniture

Don't Be Afraid to Be Bold

Tropical décor is nothing if not bold, whether it be patterns or colors, so don't be afraid to use vibrant hues or patterns to create a tropical feel in your home. The Island Estate West Indies Bed by Tommy Bahama takes center stage in any bedroom, and even more so when dressed with tropical prints and placed by a window with a spectacular view. The view becomes a part of the room, highlighting the materials and textures incorporated into the leather-wrapped rattan headboard and footboard.

white paneled bed with wovend detail

Choose a White Palette

If colors and patterns aren't your thing, you can still create a tropical vibe going completely the other way and keeping everything a refreshing white. Inspired by the pastel home, crisp white roofs, and lush green landscape of Bermuda, the Ivory Key Queen Pritchards Bay Panel Bed from Tommy Bahama embodies the casual vibe of the tropics.

Add Tropical Accessories

Tropical and nautical accessories add the finishing touches to your tropical style, from seashell print pillows to brass lamps and anchors. Tropical prints over the couch flank shelves filled with specimen corals, woven boxes, and photographs with shell frames.

If you like a subtler tropical vibe, adding even one tropical reference, such as a palm-patterned rug, is all you need to give a casual nod toward the region. Or choose a beautiful array of seashells, sand dollars, and starfish to instantly add an organic accent to the space. Treasures from the ocean can also be displayed in large glass vases and set on a console table for a tropical focal point in a dining room or family room.

beautiful console table with sea glass detail

Use One Singular Item

A buffet such as the Ocean Club Sea Glass Buffet by Tommy Bahama is a show stopper with its four sand-blasted glass doors with a wavy pattern that evokes the calming currents of the ocean at night. This tranquil buffet is perfect as a statement piece and to amp up entertainment. If fills your senses and enriches your soul with a palette of refined finishes and subtle textures.

Florida has a decorating style all its own that draws from many tropical influences. By mixing the flavor of tropical décor with your own personal flair, you can turn your home into a spectacular space.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Baers’ Furniture Reviews: Making the Best of Online Reviews

Shopping for furniture can seem overwhelming and chaotic, and these days a ton of research often happens before you even leave the house. But unlike other areas, shopping for furniture is often still done in person, down at your local furniture store. Many people like to see, touch, and sit or lie on the furniture before they purchase it. Armed with these reviews, you’ll be able to make the best decision.

Knowledgeable Staff and Top-Notch Customer Service at Baer’s Furniture

“… so totally and completely impressed. Not only with the furniture but the staff and the knowledge that they have about their products and the very cultured way they have of sharing that information with a potential buyer. Going to Baer‘s made my lucky day. … Thank you Baer’s, and thank you Ina.”
-Ava Fulghum
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“Thank you, Bill, I love my sofa. The service here is first class. … We need more businesses like this, they stand behind their product!!! Awesome sales people”
-Deb de
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“… salesman, John Doubleday, was excellent. He kept us apprised of shipping progress, and helped with delivery logistics … furniture came in perfect condition, and we love it!”
-Deborah Pearlman
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“My sales associate, Adrienne, was very knowledgeable about helping me choose a sofa from the extensive inventory available. … The delivery process was perfect also, thank you, Baer’s at Dania!”
-cloey sepe

Read more of the review.
“… our sectional sofa and it looks amazing. Wilma was the best in assisting us … delivery went smoothly, the guys were very professional and on time. Thank you, very much appreciated.”
-Martha Romero

Read more of the review.
“Wow! This store has gone beyond all of our expectations! Bernice did a great job at introducing us to the most amazing store designer. Richard helped us not only to customize our couch but also to bring our new bedroom vision to life! Really satisfied …”
-Lily Aguirre
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“… very pleasant experience... a great value and excellent quality. … a very knowledgeable and well-versed sales representative. The quality of service with the delivery was one of a kind: good communication and follow-up from scheduling to delivery. … Baer's exceeded our expectations... again!”
Read more of the review.

Best Prices and Quality Combine to Make the Best Furniture Shopping Experience

“… customers of Baer's for many years … excellent customer service from sales through delivery! … You can trust them.”
-Esteban Glogovsky
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“… an outstanding job delivering our couch to us. I could not have been happier … staff here are both friendly and professional. They truly made the entire process absolutely wonderful. :)”
-Karina Scott
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“Furniture was delivered in the time window promised. … The delivery guys were very good. …They made sure everything was where I wanted it. Thanks for a job well done.”
-Dean Mac
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“Excellent experience from start to finish! Janet was an expert … Prices were competitive and service was impeccable! My wife and I would highly recommend!”
-Mike Lanzetta
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“I was fortunate to work with Joseph Trees at Baer’s Naples. … very knowledgeable about all aspects of design and is terrific with fabric. … easy to work with, very helpful and very patient. The men who delivered our furniture (Wilson and Joseph) were very good as well. I was thrilled with the way my project turned out.”
-332 palms
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“Sherry who worked with us in the store on Tamiami was a huge help. … saved us a lot of time shopping, managing details and coordinating deliveries. … Wilson delivered our furniture and gave outstanding excellent service. … I highly recommend shopping at Baer’s Furniture.”
-Teky Inglese
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“… enjoyed working with Lorraine at Baer’s in Naples. … everything went very smoothly! I really liked the “tracking order” option and our delivery was made within the window!! The delivery men were professional and fast, sweet!! We are happy with Baer’s and love our new desk!!”
-David Pratt
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Know What to Expect with Online Reviews

Whether you are looking for one special piece of furniture, or an entire roomful, doing a little online research and reading reviews before you leave the house will put you on the right path.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Defining Elements of Florida Style Interior Design

South Florida cities have the special tropical charm those of us who live here have come to love. And the interior design has evolved to feature this beachy vibe. While you may still see some Mizner pink or seafoam green in the décor, Florida has moved on from the Miami Vice-style pastels that were once so common in its interiors. Take a quick look at how Florida's style has evolved.

Modern Minimalism and Monochrome Rooms

Modern minimalism is a popular trend that is picking up steam in South Florida. Everyone is downsizing, Marie Kondo-ing their homes and loving the extra spaciousness it gives them. Part of this minimalist style is furniture with sleek lines and low profiles. These pieces may not take up less actual space, but they do give you more visual space.
Tone-on-tone color schemes help keep a space simple, relaxed, and stylish. The Bedford Customizable Sofa from the Lexington Personal Design Series exemplifies this aesthetic with its clean lines and muted palette. Bring in some metallic or glass accents to bring in a little shimmer that bounces light around and adds depth to a monochromatic space. Or, forever the design go-to, add some throw pillows with a bit of sheen on them.

Geometric Patterns Elevate Your Style

This trend isn’t going anywhere. One of the best ways to instantly elevate your living room and give it a designer flair is to layer different styles. Geometric prints are great for that. Try some throw pillows with a geometric pattern, or maybe an area rug. If you want to get really bold, upholster a side chair with a geometric print. For kitchens, add a geometric tile pattern to the backsplash, and in the bathroom, you can tile the niche or waterfall with geometrics.

Resort-Style Living in South Florida

The Florida weather and lush foliage practically scream tropical resort. You can play up this vibe by turning your bedroom into a mini-resort with the Round Hill Bed with Woven Panel Inserts from Tommy Bahama Home Island Estate. The vibrant island textures and materials create an island vibe that is enhanced by the headboard and footboard with woven lampakanai panels. Leather-wrapped bamboo carved posts add to the resort feel of the room. The room itself says "relax and enjoy." You won’t have to hop on a plane to experience the magic of your favorite resort, you can live in it every day.

Bathrooms as Wellness Escapes

The bathroom as a wellness escape is rising in popularity, and for good reason. Creating a space where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day, or week is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether you go traditional or modern, these spaces usually require minimalist design elements: light, airy colors, natural stone, and quality linens, with as much natural light as possible. Once you’ve created such a room, you can easily incorporate wellness moments into your busy day-to-day routine.

Nautical Accents That Bring You Closer to the Ocean

Nautical accents have always been a staple in Florida design, and that probably won’t go away any time soon. Blue and white décor, nautical prints, brass lamps and fixtures are all a part of the nautical theme. Mixing sleek, contemporary chairs with a rustic wooden farm table keeps the feel fresh and lively. Or, choose bamboo and wicker for a more casual look. Keep the look nautical with cushions covered in marine blue upholstery and accented with white piping.

Using these elements, you can create a home as light, bright, and breezy as the Florida landscape. However you do it, make Florida-style your own style.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

7 Elements of Interior Design

A lot of people confuse interior design with interior decor. Although they are related, interior design refers to all the elements that make up the living space, while interior decoration refers to upholstery and furniture in the space. They work together, as the furniture and upholstery are used to bring life to interior design. Here are the seven essential elements of interior design and how to use them.


1. Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Space

Space forms the foundation on which an interior design plan rests. Therefore, it is important to know the space’s dimensions and function. Space is delineated in two ways: two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space. Two-dimensional space refers to the length and width of the floor and three-dimensional space refers to the length, width, and height of the entire living space. Within these divisions are the elements of positive space and negative space. Positive space is filled with furniture and décor items, while negative space is empty. Balancing positive and negative space is essential to creating equilibrium. This means that you want to avoid overcrowding the space with furniture and, conversely, not adding enough furniture and décor. Above, the Criteria Queen Upholstered Bed by Bernhardt grounds the space without overpowering the room. Upholstered in a warm and contemporary light gray fabric with decorative nailhead accents, it adds a touch of drama and elegance to an otherwise sterile-looking space.

2. Lines Provide Grounding, Movement, and Drama

Lines create shapes and forms, and establish a sense of cohesion and contrast in a living space. Lines are defined as three types: horizontal, vertical, and dynamic. Horizontal lines ground the space, while vertical lines create a free and expansive feeling in a space. Horizontal lines define structures such as chairs, tables, beds, and tables. Vertical lines are found on windows, doors, cabinets and armoires.

Angular lines are dynamic, adding a sense of motion and drama to a room. They are found on structures such as vaulted ceilings and archways.

3. Forms Establish Harmony and Balance

Forms in interior design refer to the outline of three-dimensional objects in a room. Forms can be a combination of two or more shapes and are often highlighted by other elements such as patterns, texture, and color. A well-designed room uses forms to bring harmony and balance to the space.

Forms are either geometric (man-made) or natural (organic) and can be closed or open. Closed forms are enclosed while open forms can be looked into. A basic understanding of space and line will help you achieve a good form.

4. Light Highlights Special Pieces

Light is an important yet often overlooked element of interior design. Whether natural or man-made, if there is no light, the other elements such as color, pattern, and texture have no significance. Light helps highlight every design element, including line, space, and form. Beyond this, the right light will set the mood, create ambiance, and make living spaces functional.

Windows and doors are the sources of natural light. Well-placed windows can flood a space with natural light. Artificial or man-made lighting is divided into three categories: mood lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Mood lighting, also called ambient lighting, sets the tone of the space. Task lighting includes bed and table lamps that have a specific purpose, such as reading. Accent lighting spotlights a particular feature such as artwork, structures, and sculptures.

5. Color Creates a Connection between Objects

The color palette establishes an aesthetic connection between objects in the space. For example, if you have two pieces of furniture of different styles, you unite them with color. In addition, colors evoke feelings and moods, and you can use that when you choose colors for your rooms.

Each color has three characteristics: hue, value, and intensity. Colors are classified into primary and secondary, with sub-categories of tertiary, complementary, and analogous. These characteristics are used to mix into various color combinations, including monochromatic color schemes.

beautiful modern bed

6. Texture Makes It Interesting

Texture in the broadest sense refers to how a surface looks and feels. It serves to add interest and depth to a living space and also to define the feel and appearance of surfaces. It is classified into two types: visual texture and actual texture. Visual texture is only seen, while actual texture can be both seen and felt.

Textiles such as pillow covers, bedspreads, and drapes as well as wall paint or wallpapers have a texture. The dominant texture defines the mood of the space while adding contrasting texture helps avoid monotony in a space.

In this room featuring the Modern Brando Bed from Universal, the monochromatic color palette comes alive with faux fur upholstery in the end-of-bed bench, a little shimmer from the metal embellishments on the furniture, and visual interest from the stone walls.

7. Patterns Hold the Design Together

Patterns work with colors and texture to liven up interior design. They add continuity in a living space. Patterns can be of almost any shape and feature repetitive and attractive designs.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Mixed Media Furniture Is Trending: Are You Ready?

Compare and contrast. Watermelon and pink sea salt. Honey and Parmesan. Chocolate with chili. If you’ve noticed a theme here, it’s because these unexpected combinations may seem unusual, but they actually work. Each element brings out something in the other that they don’t have on their own.
Unusual combinations can also add interest and personality to our homes. Furniture with contrasting materials such as a wood and glass dining room table or a wood and metal side table can give your home a contemporary vibe.
beautiful mixed-media dining room table and chairs

Add a Mixed Media Table to Your Dining Room

A mixed media piece can add subtle interest to your room. In addition, by incorporating mixed media furniture into your design style, your space will come alive with freshness and personality. And, mixed media pieces go well with any design style.

For a sleek, contemporary dining room, try adding a clean-lined mixed-media table such as the MacArthur Park Beverly Place Rectangular Dining Table by Lexington Furniture. With its elegantly simple metal base and wood top, this table is refreshingly unexpected and surprisingly versatile. The gorgeous diamond-patterned veneer top, eclectic steel base, and crisp stainless steel inlay bring beauty and function together.

seaglass and metal coffee table

Make an Impact with Mixed Media Accessories

Wood and metal are popular materials for mixed media décor and furniture items. This classic pairing works just as easily in family rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. When using a well-known pairing such as this one, look for new interpretations and treatments to level up your room’s style quota. Try a dramatic combination of glistening stainless steel and dark polished oak lamp for a modern look.

The Island Fusion Hermes Reef Glass Cocktail Table by Tommy Bahama combines a fused glass top and open, metal Pan Asian fretwork base for a Zen-inspired look. The glass top mimics the look of ocean glass washed ashore on a tropical beach, contrasting nicely with soft sofa upholstery.

Mixed Media Goes Glam

If your style leans more towards Hollywood Glam than mid-century minimalism, you can still use mixed media to get that look. By adding hand-applied silver leaf and a mirrored top, you get a cocktail table that is on-trend with thoughtful sophistication. The Ariana Rochelle Octagonal Cocktail Table by Lexington Furniture is reminiscent of a Moroccan silver jewelry box with artisanal touches and a weathered patina.

Make the Design Your Own

Not only is the mixed media look wonderfully modern, but it is also easier than ever to achieve. The look is bold but also pleasingly mellow. Ultimately, you can put together your own spaces any way you wish. Go with what you are drawn to, but keep in mind the purpose of each space. Using one statement piece with different materials is a great way to make what could be an ordinary room feel special. By thoughtfully mixing various types of materials, you will be able to tap into different textures, colors, and visual interest to create a space that pleases all facets of your personality.

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