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Baer's Furniture Reviews: Best Brands, Best Prices, Best Customer Service

Looking for quality furniture? Baer's Furniture makes finding the perfect furniture and home décor at the guaranteed best prices easy. Baer's has a giant selection of quality brands offered at great prices. As a family business owned and operated for seventy years, when the company has your name on it, you take special pride in making sure everything is just right.

Read Baer's Furniture reviews about service and quality, and how they handle things when they don't go right the first time.
"… Baer's not only promises but delivers. The salesman was easy to deal with. … Where they really shone was after sales service. They went to bat for us on a chair that was out of warranty. They got the Manufacturer to replace it with a new product. Would not hesitate to go back …"
-Tom Reichman
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"… there was no pressure. Marjorie took me to the grey sectional I was looking for … a grey leather Natuzzi with power. … bought it the next day … Delivered on time a week later. Awesome. Selling my Super Bowl tickets and watching it at home."
-tom bailey
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"I like the furniture that I purchased, but what I really like are the men who delivered it. … wonderful: professional, friendly, helpful. I can't say enough good things …"
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"… friendly and knowledgeable. My salesman knew exactly what I was looking for. … furniture came when it was promised and the delivery people were great."
-Anne Freedman
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"Rajni was very professional and helpful … informed us of an upcoming sale on the dining table we wanted and was able to save us almost a $1000! Met the VP for Baer's… Everyone was very professional and helpful. … new customer for life. Thanks!"
-Marc Salerno
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"… sales experience was quite positive right down to the delivery. Everyone was very accommodating and completely professional. We have utilized Baer's several times in the past and will undoubtedly use them again."
-Almon Dirth
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You Know a Furniture Store by How It Handles Mistakes

As much as you try to be the best 100% of the time, sometimes things go wrong. No one likes it when this happens, but how a business reacts when something goes awry says a lot about them. Here are some examples of how Baer's Furniture has handled mistakes and missteps and tried to make it right.
"… Sales staff and the delivery folks are the best … But the company they have used for repairs … more than frustrating to deal with. … they would get 5 stars except for a one-star on furniture service calls. Eventually had to get to top management, and they fixed it."
Response from Baer's Furniture
"Mr. Taylor, We apologize for the delays while our in-house technician was on medical leave, but we are back to full staff now. Jennifer Coachman, our customer relations manager, will be reaching out to you shortly to see how we can improve. Thank you, Baer's Furniture."
-Tom Taylor
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"I purchased extended warranty on an $1800 recliner … seat cushion collapsed … the warranty service I purchased inspect the chair … admitted the seat had lost structure … received the report and they will do nothing … Even though I loved Baer's, I'll never return … Such a hassle trying to get something fixed."
Response from Baer's Furniture
"… adding to this negative review … Had a call from a customer service associate this morning. What a pleasant surprise. They are sending a service tech out next week to assist me. As I told the customer service rep, she has restored my confidence that companies do care about their clients. Thank you, Sue."
-Gregory Ross
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Nobody likes getting bad reviews. Mistakes do happen, so when a company like Baer's Furniture goes out of their way to make it right, you know they are in it for the long haul. You'd expect nothing less from a furniture store that's been in business for seventy years.

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Bring Always-on-Vacation Style to Your Bedroom

Vacationing on a lush tropical isle, relaxing, and enjoying the sun and surf is something we all dream about occasionally. Have you considered replacing your daydreams with a touch, or more, of tropical style in your bedroom? Some tropical-style furniture, citrusy toss pillows, and botanical prints, and you’re on your way. Use these tips to bring always-on-vacation-style to your bedroom.

Create a Place to Relax

As the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom, the bed takes its rightful place as the main focal point in the space. When you’re going for tropical island style bedroom furniture, you can’t go wrong with the Island Estate Round Hill Bed from Tommy Bahama Home.
The bed features a rich assortment of island textures and materials, this bed adds a fresh mix of island-inspired style and Caribbean design to your bedroom décor. The headboard and footboard feature woven lampakanai in its natural color in a distinctive herringbone pattern.

Bring the Sunshine In

If your room has a great view and gets plenty of sunlight, then less is more when it comes to window dressing. Think sheers or even bare windows to make the view a focal point in the space. Or consider a mix of sheer and bamboo shades for a more authentic look.

Add Some Island Charm with Beachy Breezy Colors

Another thing to consider is the color palette. Citrusy yellows, greens, and oranges, sandy beiges and tans, and oceanic blues are great ways to bring in some island charm. If you prefer something more neutral, keep everything low-key and add a splash of color with red, blue, or green. Try it out by adding a toss pillow, bedclothes, or throw. If it suits you, consider painting an accent wall or bold rug on the floor.

Add a Touch of Romance with Simple Elegance

Simplicity can be key to successful décor, even in a style known for excesses in tropical, especially if you have a smallish bedroom. Use that to your advantage and make it romantic with simple colors such as pale blue or white.
The streamlined, low-profile Ocean Club Paradise Point Bed with Wood Framed Woven Rattan Panels by Tommy Bahama Home makes a simple statement in your master bedroom. This platform bed is simply embellished with a clean, geometric pattern framing the woven rattan panel on the headboard that then wraps around the platform base.
The sun-drenched sienna-colored wood creates a warm and inviting feel from head to toe. Take advantage of a gorgeous view if you have one by leaving the windows bare. Mix it up with black toss pillows and a black throw for drama.

Add Greenery with Palm Leaves and Palm Prints

Nothing says tropical style better than palm leaves, whether on the bedclothes, upholstery, or walls. Tropical greenery paired with a natural fiber rug will transport you to the sandy beaches of Florida. Raffia accents add a coastal, vintage vibe without being over the top.
Real plants are another great touch to add some tropical style to your space. Try an areca palm living happily by a sunny window, or a peace lily in spots that get moderate sunlight. Plants bring life to a space while also freshening the air.

These simple tips will help you transform your bedroom into your favorite place to relax and unwind.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

How to Make a Leather Sectional Sofa Work in Your Space

When you are looking for family-friendly seating, a sectional sofa is the way to go. However, the size of a sectional can make it seem challenging to work in your space. Don’t let the size of this versatile seating option keep you from adding one to your living room or family room. From taking accurate measurements, to choosing the right sectional layout, regardless of the size of your space, a sectional will fit right in.

Can a Sectional Fit in My Living Room?

This is the first question most people ask when thinking about buying a sectional sofa. You don’t need a huge amount of space to pull off a sectional. With all the sizes, styles, and layout options out there, you won’t have much trouble finding the perfect sectional for your space.
If you have a smaller space, look for a sectional like the Leather Braxton Customizable 4-Seat Chaise Sofa from Lexington Couture. This 4-seat leather sectional sofa boasts a contemporary style with large track arms, nailhead trim, and tapered legs. Using a single piece of furniture in a smaller space creates an anchoring effect. It offers one continuous seating option, making the space feel less cluttered. As you experiment with different ways to arrange your sectional, you can switch up its placement in your space.

Consider How You Will Use Your Sectional Sofa

How you use your room and sectional sofa will affect the layout you choose. Asking yourself these questions will help you choose the best sectional for your space.
How much seating do you need in the space? If your family is small and you don’t entertain a lot, choosing a smaller sectional may be the right option for you. If you have a large family, or often have friends over, choose a larger sectional. Also, take into consideration any additional seating you will have in the space.
How will you use the sectional? Determine what type of activities you plan to have in the space. Do you want as many seats as possible to face the TV? Will the space be used mainly to sit and chat? Will you be lounging, taking a nap, or sitting up? Choose a sofa that will best facilitate the way you wish to use your sectional sofa.
Do you need additional features? If your sectional will also be used as sleeping accommodations for guests, you may need a sleeper sofa. If you know you want a lounge in your sectional, try the Natuzzi Editions Energia Contemporary 7 Pc Power Reclining Sectional. It provides everything you’d want for ultimate relaxation. This sleek, modern sectional easily seats five and will quickly become the central hang out spot in your home.
Do you have kids or pets? If you have kids or pets, you’ll want to choose the fabric of your sectional carefully. A leather sectional sofa cleans up easily, can withstand the wear and tear of pets, and can last for generations.
What is the traffic flow of your family room? This is an important thing to think about when placing your sectional in your space. Select a sectional that gives people easy access to the seating without slowing the flow of traffic - for example, a chaise sticking out into the path of traffic.
What’s your style? Like other pieces of furniture, sectionals come in almost every style, from casual to sleek to rustic or modern. Take into consideration the general style of your family room to find a sectional sofa that goes with the look.

Tips for Placing Your Sectional Sofa

It may take a few tries to get the placement of your sectional sofa just right. These tips will help you find the perfect layout of your sectional sofa. If your sectional sticks out into the center of the room, it might interrupt the traffic flow of the room. If you place the sectional away from the wall, it will help define your space. If you can, float the sofa in the middle of the room, this will let people walk around the sofa with ease.

Give Yourself Plenty of Options

Look for a sectional that gives you plenty of flexibility to rearrange it within your space. The size may feel limiting, but you’ll get used to it in next to no time. Eventually, you may want to rearrange how you’ve laid out your space.

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Baer's Furniture Reviews: Knowledgeable Staff and Great Value

Setting out to buy new furniture for your home can be a fun, exciting adventure, or a frustrating experience. At Baer's Furniture, it is the former. Helpful staff, on-time delivery, and great value give you the best furniture shopping experience out there. Read the Baer's Furniture reviews and see what their customers have to say.

No Pressure Sales, Just Knowledge and Great Value

"The minute I walked into the Boca store, there was no pressure. Marjorie took me to the grey sectional I was looking for after shopping at other furniture stores. It's a grey leather Natuzzi … Delivered on time a week later. Awesome. Selling my Super Bowl tickets and watching it at home."
-Tom Bailey
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"Excellent professional service and advice by Paulette Levine. Very happy with all the selections to date. … Delivery was fast and efficient. …"
Keith Hari
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"I continue to return to Baer for all my decorating needs. They go the extra mile … Love everything I bought there. Style, price, service cannot be compared."
-Joyce LaKamp
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"Rajni was very professional and helpful in your Boca location. She informed us of an upcoming sale on the dining table we wanted and was able to save us almost $1000! Met the VP for Baers at the store. … You have a new customer for life. Thanks!"
-Marc Salerno
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Baer's Furniture Kicks Customer Service Up a Notch

"The folks at Baer's Furniture are a pleasure to deal with, most especially, Mark Hudik. He is knowledgeable, patient, and very responsive. … We will definitely continue to do business with them."
-Helene Freidman
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"The two custom chairs came in as ordered … Wendi Rossi knows her interior decorating!!"
-Zeff Ross
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"Great furniture store. … wide variety of furniture and styles. If you can't find it there, they don't make it. Rick was very helpful and knowledgeable. He is a total professional. … Super job!"
Darryl Fort
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"… Julie was excellent! We bought some very nice pieces. … The delivery was quick and professional!"
-Katherine Szkodzinski
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"The delivery men were careful, patient, and very respectful of our new furniture and to us. Anthony was very much in charge and very thorough, taking care of the job. … a valuable employee for you. Thank you for sending him to deliver our new furniture."
-Harry Cade
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"… wonderful employees (Michelle H.) who went out of her way to help us choose the tables that we needed to complete our living room. As a final note, the delivery was right on time … Bravo Baers! For the above reasons, Bear's is sure to satisfy."
-Jerome Squatrito
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Baer's Furniture: Top-Notch Delivery and After-Sales Service

"Eric- salesman was very professional and patient. … I would recommend Baer's Furniture as a place to shop. Thank you so much."
-Doris Wheeler
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"Ted and Pam were a very professional and knowledgeable sales team. … delivered exactly at the start of the delivery window. Courteous drivers."
-Tamara Hynson
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"I must admit right up front that I have been a longtime patron of Baer's Furniture. The people are professionals. They know the products they offer, and they have the skills to listen to the client and comprehend exactly what they need/desire. I have never been disappointed in the service, the quality of the furniture and the after-sale assistance. … The store has several price points but the quality of the merchandise, and the service provided by the professionals in the store (and the delivery staff) make the Baer's experience something very comfortable. I do not think you will ever doubt that the purchase you make at Bear's was worth the trip."
-Michael Leibowitz
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"Maureen Suarez helped us … Her knowledge and decorating skills made it very easy and we are very pleased with our purchase. Looking forward to working with Maureen to finish the rest of the living room. …"
-Stan Duzy
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Baer's Furniture Puts the Fun in Furniture Shopping

Recent research shows that 84% of Americans buy their furniture new, and 74% buy it in person rather than online. With stores like Baer's Furniture, it's easy to see why.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

8 Interior Decorating Tips That Will Always Work

So, you’re getting ready to update your interior décor. You’re excited about how great the new space will look. And then … you have to decide how you want it to look. What do you want your home to convey? And, of course, how in the world will I pull it off? Where do I even start? Once you get into it, the process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.
Below are 8 interior decorating tips that always work.

1) Choose Your Colors Wisely

Love red or purple? Want a colorful space? Great. You can have it. You don’t have to go neutral if that’s not your thing. But, consider using color sparingly. It makes a bigger splash when used in artwork, fabric, and accessories. The color shouldn’t overpower the room, but rather enhance it and support the mood you want to create.

Choose a sofa you can customize and make your own, such as the Bedford Customizable Sofa from Lexington. You can choose a neutral gray and dress it up with throw pillows and other accessories.

2) Elements Every Room Should Have

Every room should contain these five elements: color, texture, print, shine, and something living. This creates a visual story of you and your family. It also tells your guests what you want them to know: this is a space that welcomes them into your home.

3) Surround Yourself with Things You Love

Sure, imitation is the best form of flattery, but only if it truly expresses who you are. Make sure your home is filled with the things you love. When you enter a room, you want it to feel like it is your own, and you want your guests to get that it tells the story of you. Whether it’s a display of family photos, a pattern you adore, or a style that speaks to you, build your rooms around the things you and your family love, and you’ll never go wrong.

4) Ground the Space with an Area Rug

Adding an area rug to a seating arrangement helps ground the grouping and tie the whole look together. The connection between the Shoreline Sofa and Chair in this Bali Hai Living Room Grouping is underscored by the area rug, encouraging conversation and increasing the relaxation and enjoyment of the living room.

5) Match Your Design to Your Style

If you’re not sure what your design should be, take look at what you love in fashion and in life. If your style is Versace, your home shouldn’t be Dior or Gucci. If your musical taste is Chopin or Beethoven, your home shouldn’t look like Billie Holiday. Reflecting the life and vitality of those who live in the space is the main goal of interior decorating.

6) Invest in Quality Pieces

Build and curate a collection of home décor that reflects your style and its evolution. Choose furniture that will last both in quality and style, such as the Astuzia 5-Piece Reclining Sofa by Natuzzi Editions. If you carefully curate your home and choose pieces that last, you’ll have a home filled with items that are coveted by future generations.

7) Add Some Art

Art can change the tone of the space and give it personality. Choose a statement piece, or build a gallery wall of pieces you’ve collected over the years. Chances are, if you’ve got a cache of art, it reflects your taste and goes together in style, subject matter, and color. So, show it off in your family room, or that awkward wall space you just don’t know what to do with.

8) Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Styles

You may have an overarching style – traditional, transition, or mid-century modern. Or your style may be eclectic. Don’t get too hung up on sticking to your style if you find a piece you love. By mixing styles a bit, your space will be a unique reflection of you and your lifestyle. And you’ll end up with a home you love.

My last, and possibly most important bit of advice, is to be authentic to yourself when you design your space. Look at what you have and what you want to add. Know why each piece is there. Every item in your home should reflect both your personal style and your lifestyle. If you keep both of these things in mind, you will have a space that you’ll love living in.

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4 Fresh Dining Room Trends for 2020

For many, gathering around the dinner table for a formal meal no longer happens regularly. There has been a "casualization" of modern entertaining, with many of us gathering around the kitchen island nibbling on cheese plates and dips. But, even in our mobile-enabled, digitized world, the dining room table is still the place people gather to honor old traditions and create new ones.
I'm not dissing casual entertaining around the kitchen island, but if you watch even one home design show these days, you'll see the reemergence of the dining room as an entertainment space. And, fortunately, now more than ever, trends in dining room décor offer options for everyone's taste and style. Here are some fresh new takes on dining room trends for 2020 and beyond.

1) Mix Textures and Styles

Matchy-matchy is a thing of the past. Today's dining rooms are filled with pieces that go together, even if they feature a variety of textures and styles. This is a great way to add warmth and dimension to your dining room. Neutral upholstered, slightly formal chairs go with a causal Rattan Pull Up Bench from the Universal Coastal Living Home collection. The bench adds a modern feel and is a great contrast to the more classic, simple design of the Escape Homecoming Dining Table from the same collection.
Don't be shy about choosing the elements you like to create a unique look for your dining room. If you love this look but aren't sure how to create it, choosing pieces from the same collection ensures you get the same feel without falling into the dreaded matchy-matchy space.

2) Add a Bench for Casual Flair

Benches are so on-trend these days that they get two mentions on our 2020 trends list. They are great space savers. If you have a smallish dining room, a bench can easily be tucked under the table to create visual space and make room for foot traffic when not in use. And if your table has one side against a bank of windows, a bench won't block the view. The Brownstone Dining Table and bench from Coast to Coast Imports gives your dining room a casual yet traditional feel that makes guests feel welcome.

3) Choose Upholstered Chairs for Comfort and Style

If you like to linger around the table for scintillating conversation, or often use your dining room as a workspace, then the importance of choosing comfortable chairs cannot be overstressed. After about an hour on metal, wood, or acrylic chairs, our derrieres will begin to complain. Upholstered dining room chairs level up the comfort and encourage people to stay and chat. In addition, they add richness, style, and texture to your dining room. Choose a simple style such as the Calista Transition Dining Table by Bernhardt and surround it with upholstered chairs from the same collection to infuse your space with casual elegance.

4) Round Dining Room Tables Create Space

Round dining room tables have been around since the Middle Ages, and a quick glance tells you why it has stood the test of time. Although the majority of dining rooms are configured for rectangular tables, a round one gives you more intimacy and fosters conversation. And as home design trends towards more open-concept spaces, there are many opportunities for round tables such as the Reverie Transitional Round Dining Table from Hooker Furniture to be incorporated into your dining room decor.

The options for dining rooms have never been so exciting. Try adding your own twist to these ideas to create the dining room that fits your taste and lifestyle.

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Baer's Furniture Reviews: Service and Delivery

Have you ever bought furniture online and ended up with a giant box in your family room filled with furniture waiting to be assembled? When you ordered it, you may have thought it was no big deal to put it together, but now that you are faced with the reality, you may wonder, "who has time for this?"
That doesn't happen when you buy furniture from a local furniture store, such as Baer's Furniture. Read the Baer's Furniture reviews below to see what to expect during the entire buying experience, from in-store purchase to furniture delivery.

Fast, Efficient Delivery Puts Your Furniture Exactly Where You Want It

"… helpful and took care of everything for us. … delivery was on time and painless … the best products. I highly recommend them."
- Ellen Schlafer
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"… delivery was prompt and the men were knowledgeable, polite and professional … I have bought many items from Baers and I would use them without hesitation."
- Ronald Ostrove
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"Beautiful shop with really amazing furniture … Top delivery service and more than excellent customer service . Highly recommended."
-emanuela giangreco
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Great Customer Service Brings Repeat Customers

"Everyone was very nice and accommodating … I got furniture from Baer's years ago, and the furniture is the best! I wouldn't buy anywhere else. Those who come to bring the furniture are very kind!!"
-Gwen Busby
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"I always return to buy furniture at Baer's. Not only do they have beautiful things, but they are a family-owned local business here in South Florida which makes me feel good about shopping with them … customer service and guidance is the best … TJ answered all my questions got back to me immediately via email and or text messages … He made my experience very positive and easy. … Good guidance to me is priceless. Love Baers and will continue to always shop there. Customer service is a rarity these days."
-Mary G
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"I've shopped twice at Baer's now and have had amazing experiences both times. Jeff my salesman is amazing goes above and beyond to help you get exactly what you want. Their delivery crews are top-notch, polite, neat, and fast and efficient … I highly recommend them!"
Sherry Canino
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Personalized Service Makes a Difference

"… the products/furniture are top-notch … the customer service is outstanding. Wendy from Baer's turned my house from a house to a home. Great job all around."
-Scott Sternberg
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"Sales staff, TJ, Warren and Nadine were helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to answer our questions. Working with each of the three was always a positive experience. … The delivery staff, Jonathan and Tay, were courteous and accommodating. They carefully placed and unwrapped everything. … Congratulations on such a high caliber staff! I will happily recommend Baer's Furniture to anyone I know!"
-Ginny Kobren
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"AMAZING!!! Products and customer service. I had the pleasure of working with TJ who was not only knowledgeable but such a great person to work with. … His customer service did not end after my purchase which I really appreciated!!! Will be going back and recommending Baer's Furniture, Boca Raton to friends and family!!!!"
-Amy G. Johnson
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"Very happy with our black Friday weekend purchase … The delivery people were an hour early but that was fine with me! Our salesperson, Rich, was low-key and excellent to deal with. I would recommend Baer's to anyone seeking good quality furniture, great service and a pleasurable shopping experience."
-Tammi Pittaro
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"Excellent experience from start to finish! Janet was an expert in helping us select the best furniture for our space and the fact that delivery could be set up and the furniture in place before our arrival was the cherry on top … service was impeccable … highly recommend!"
-Mike Lanzetta
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Best Service and Best Prices Creates Best Furniture Buying Experience

For more than seventy years, Baer's Furniture has been providing Florida with the best brands and the best prices. It's nice to know that they keep those high standards throughout the buying experience, from the complimentary design service to prompt, efficient delivery.

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