Monday, March 16, 2020

How to Make a Leather Sectional Sofa Work in Your Space

When you are looking for family-friendly seating, a sectional sofa is the way to go. However, the size of a sectional can make it seem challenging to work in your space. Don’t let the size of this versatile seating option keep you from adding one to your living room or family room. From taking accurate measurements, to choosing the right sectional layout, regardless of the size of your space, a sectional will fit right in.

Can a Sectional Fit in My Living Room?

This is the first question most people ask when thinking about buying a sectional sofa. You don’t need a huge amount of space to pull off a sectional. With all the sizes, styles, and layout options out there, you won’t have much trouble finding the perfect sectional for your space.
If you have a smaller space, look for a sectional like the Leather Braxton Customizable 4-Seat Chaise Sofa from Lexington Couture. This 4-seat leather sectional sofa boasts a contemporary style with large track arms, nailhead trim, and tapered legs. Using a single piece of furniture in a smaller space creates an anchoring effect. It offers one continuous seating option, making the space feel less cluttered. As you experiment with different ways to arrange your sectional, you can switch up its placement in your space.

Consider How You Will Use Your Sectional Sofa

How you use your room and sectional sofa will affect the layout you choose. Asking yourself these questions will help you choose the best sectional for your space.
How much seating do you need in the space? If your family is small and you don’t entertain a lot, choosing a smaller sectional may be the right option for you. If you have a large family, or often have friends over, choose a larger sectional. Also, take into consideration any additional seating you will have in the space.
How will you use the sectional? Determine what type of activities you plan to have in the space. Do you want as many seats as possible to face the TV? Will the space be used mainly to sit and chat? Will you be lounging, taking a nap, or sitting up? Choose a sofa that will best facilitate the way you wish to use your sectional sofa.
Do you need additional features? If your sectional will also be used as sleeping accommodations for guests, you may need a sleeper sofa. If you know you want a lounge in your sectional, try the Natuzzi Editions Energia Contemporary 7 Pc Power Reclining Sectional. It provides everything you’d want for ultimate relaxation. This sleek, modern sectional easily seats five and will quickly become the central hang out spot in your home.
Do you have kids or pets? If you have kids or pets, you’ll want to choose the fabric of your sectional carefully. A leather sectional sofa cleans up easily, can withstand the wear and tear of pets, and can last for generations.
What is the traffic flow of your family room? This is an important thing to think about when placing your sectional in your space. Select a sectional that gives people easy access to the seating without slowing the flow of traffic - for example, a chaise sticking out into the path of traffic.
What’s your style? Like other pieces of furniture, sectionals come in almost every style, from casual to sleek to rustic or modern. Take into consideration the general style of your family room to find a sectional sofa that goes with the look.

Tips for Placing Your Sectional Sofa

It may take a few tries to get the placement of your sectional sofa just right. These tips will help you find the perfect layout of your sectional sofa. If your sectional sticks out into the center of the room, it might interrupt the traffic flow of the room. If you place the sectional away from the wall, it will help define your space. If you can, float the sofa in the middle of the room, this will let people walk around the sofa with ease.

Give Yourself Plenty of Options

Look for a sectional that gives you plenty of flexibility to rearrange it within your space. The size may feel limiting, but you’ll get used to it in next to no time. Eventually, you may want to rearrange how you’ve laid out your space.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Baer's Furniture Reviews: Knowledgeable Staff and Great Value

Setting out to buy new furniture for your home can be a fun, exciting adventure, or a frustrating experience. At Baer's Furniture, it is the former. Helpful staff, on-time delivery, and great value give you the best furniture shopping experience out there. Read the Baer's Furniture reviews and see what their customers have to say.

No Pressure Sales, Just Knowledge and Great Value

"The minute I walked into the Boca store, there was no pressure. Marjorie took me to the grey sectional I was looking for after shopping at other furniture stores. It's a grey leather Natuzzi … Delivered on time a week later. Awesome. Selling my Super Bowl tickets and watching it at home."
-Tom Bailey
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"Excellent professional service and advice by Paulette Levine. Very happy with all the selections to date. … Delivery was fast and efficient. …"
Keith Hari
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"I continue to return to Baer for all my decorating needs. They go the extra mile … Love everything I bought there. Style, price, service cannot be compared."
-Joyce LaKamp
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"Rajni was very professional and helpful in your Boca location. She informed us of an upcoming sale on the dining table we wanted and was able to save us almost $1000! Met the VP for Baers at the store. … You have a new customer for life. Thanks!"
-Marc Salerno
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Baer's Furniture Kicks Customer Service Up a Notch

"The folks at Baer's Furniture are a pleasure to deal with, most especially, Mark Hudik. He is knowledgeable, patient, and very responsive. … We will definitely continue to do business with them."
-Helene Freidman
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"The two custom chairs came in as ordered … Wendi Rossi knows her interior decorating!!"
-Zeff Ross
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"Great furniture store. … wide variety of furniture and styles. If you can't find it there, they don't make it. Rick was very helpful and knowledgeable. He is a total professional. … Super job!"
Darryl Fort
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"… Julie was excellent! We bought some very nice pieces. … The delivery was quick and professional!"
-Katherine Szkodzinski
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"The delivery men were careful, patient, and very respectful of our new furniture and to us. Anthony was very much in charge and very thorough, taking care of the job. … a valuable employee for you. Thank you for sending him to deliver our new furniture."
-Harry Cade
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"… wonderful employees (Michelle H.) who went out of her way to help us choose the tables that we needed to complete our living room. As a final note, the delivery was right on time … Bravo Baers! For the above reasons, Bear's is sure to satisfy."
-Jerome Squatrito
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Baer's Furniture: Top-Notch Delivery and After-Sales Service

"Eric- salesman was very professional and patient. … I would recommend Baer's Furniture as a place to shop. Thank you so much."
-Doris Wheeler
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"Ted and Pam were a very professional and knowledgeable sales team. … delivered exactly at the start of the delivery window. Courteous drivers."
-Tamara Hynson
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"I must admit right up front that I have been a longtime patron of Baer's Furniture. The people are professionals. They know the products they offer, and they have the skills to listen to the client and comprehend exactly what they need/desire. I have never been disappointed in the service, the quality of the furniture and the after-sale assistance. … The store has several price points but the quality of the merchandise, and the service provided by the professionals in the store (and the delivery staff) make the Baer's experience something very comfortable. I do not think you will ever doubt that the purchase you make at Bear's was worth the trip."
-Michael Leibowitz
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"Maureen Suarez helped us … Her knowledge and decorating skills made it very easy and we are very pleased with our purchase. Looking forward to working with Maureen to finish the rest of the living room. …"
-Stan Duzy
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Baer's Furniture Puts the Fun in Furniture Shopping

Recent research shows that 84% of Americans buy their furniture new, and 74% buy it in person rather than online. With stores like Baer's Furniture, it's easy to see why.

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