Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best Tropical Palettes for Your Furniture in 2017

When Pantone announced their colorways for 2017, one in particular stood out for tropical décor. The Florabundant palette, inspired by rosy reds, rich pinks, deep corals, and varying shades of green, is as tropical as it gets. It’s all about bright, bold floral shades that can perk up your décor in a stylish way. These colors paired with complementary hues create a space that pops with personality.

baers furniture floribundant palette

How to Work Florabundant into Your Tropical Décor

Whether you are looking for a dramatic change in your décor, or a small accent to add a little flair, the Florabundant palette might just offer what your home needs.

Tommy bahama tropical Decor at Baers furniture

Living Room

A lighter color scheme can add as much impact as a darker hue. A teal floral throw rug, quirky art on the walls, tropical-inspired throw pillows in oranges and reds, and bright blooms give this tropical living room a modern update. The Bali Hai Harborside Sofas by Tommy Bahama in cream upholstery create a neutral backdrop for the bright pillows and area rug. The wicker arms, back, and base enhance the tropical feel of the décor. The upholstered accent chairs add laid-back appeal to the space. (All items in the Bali Hai collection are available in more than 800 upholstery options.)

Although the Florabundant palette is filled with rich pink and red colors, the patterns don’t have to be floral. So, if florals aren’t your thing, you can still use this palette in your space with geometric shapes. To keep the décor on the tropical side, add potted plants or original artwork instead that reinforce the theme and put a modern spin on tropical style.

Dining Room

Natural light, bright white walls, and indoor plants will keep your dining room fresh and modern. Add a teal and red area rug – a surprisingly stunning color combination that will liven up the space with a tropical vibe. If you love copper, you’ll be happy with the deep jewel tones in the Florabundant colorway. A clean, natural wood dining set and navy accents keep the space from getting too “hot”. Or, you can go bold with a pink floral area rug and upholstery on your dining room chairs. Wood floors and simple window treatments keep the look in check.

tropical bedroom with Baers Furniture and Tommy Bahama


Bedrooms are traditionally soft and soothing, and this is well within the Florabundant palette. The king Island Breeze Rattan bed from Tommy Bahama creates an elegantly exotic look with its leather-wrapped frame of bent rattan and reeded posts crowned with ball finials. Notice the deep corals, greens, and reds that dress the bed, allowing it to take its rightful place as the focal point of the room. The soft cream walls and natural fiber rug are a perfect foil for these colors. And as is almost mandatory in tropical décor, flowers on the bedside table provide the natural version of the Florabundant hues.

Gone are the days of dull, reserved shades. Tropical décor in 2017 will challenge you to take color to the next level with the creative use of color to evoke emotions in a space.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Warm Up Your Home with Tropical Upholstery Furniture

Florida is home to lush green lawns, swaying palm trees, fresh sunshowers and beautiful beaches. Tropical home décor is a great way to bring everything you love about Florida living indoors.
However, making your home a tropical oasis doesn’t have to involve palm trees, pineapples and floral décor. There are many ways you can give your home a tropical feel without going overboard and incorporating every single Florida element available.

Upholstered Furniture

One way to bring the tropics home is to choose furniture with tropical upholstery. The Tommy Bahama Benoa Sofa is a wonderful addition to any living room or seating room. Plush back cushions and deep seat cushions provide comfortable seating. The intricately carved, wooden front arms give the sofa a unique look. When you settle into the couch, you’ll feel like you’re settling right into a seat at the lobby of a beautiful, Caribbean resort.

Tommy Bahama Benoa Sofa at Baer's Furniture

While a tropical off-white color will match most any home design, this item is also available in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose between beachy blues, tropical greens, neutral browns and coastal/tropical patterns. You can even choose from animal patterns in a variety of colors. Light, natural colors, such as light blues or cream, are safe. But don’t be afraid to go bold by choosing a deep blue or daring print for your upholstered furniture.

Tropical Accessories

There are many ways you can also accessorize your home with tropical features. The Tommy Bahama Benoa Arm Chair is a great choice for your living room or even in a bedroom alcove. The deep cushions will lull you into a nap just as a beachside hammock would.

Tommy Bahama Benoa arm chair at Baer's Furntiure

Again, you can choose from dozens of colors and patterns. You may decide to pair an off-white sofa with a boldly patterned Benoa armchair in order to add some flair to your furniture.

Another way to add to the tropical feel of your home is through accessories. Pair vibrant throw pillows with cream upholstered furniture. Use a brightly colored or patterned rug, such as one with palm fronds, to add to the tropical vibe. You could also use different materials, like jute or sisal, for a living room rug. Changing rugs, pillows and draperies can make a big difference in whichever room you are re-designing.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Leather Furniture in Neutral Colors: Perfect for Mixing and Matching

When choosing new furniture, you often want to choose a style and color that will fit into your home design. However, if you’re the type of person who enjoys changing their home décor often, your options for leather furniture may feel limited.

Many times, home décor is chosen around your furniture. However, when you choose leather furniture in neutral colors, you can make changes to your home décor and accessories as much as you want.

Natuzzi white leather sofa at Baer's Furniture
A white leather sofa is timeless and you can mix and match accessories to suit your mood or the seasons. The Natuzzi CollectionsStationary Contemporary Sofa features track arms and exposed wood feet. Covered in Italian leather, the sofa is a great option if you like to change your look every once in a while. Change the throw pillows every season or consider a patterned area rug to make the room more vibrant. With a white leather sofa, you can change the pillows, area rug, and other living room décor as often as you wish.

Neutral Beige leather sofa from Natuzzi
For some, white can be intimidating due to the fear of stains and spills. Beige, also known a cream, tan and even khaki, is another neutral to consider if you enjoy mixing and matching your living room décor. Though beige can be paired with black, it is also great with reds, navy or gray. Warm, yellow beiges work, such as the Natuzzi Editions Donatello Contemporary Sofa, well with teal, turquoise and other yellow-blues. Darker warm beiges work well with red.

Beige is a great option for an eclectic room that has lots of colors. If you opt for beige leather furniture, choose brightly patterned curtains to add some color to the room. You might also consider pairing a beige sofa with a large chair in a bold color or pattern.
Brwon Leather sofa from Hooker Furntiure at Baers
Brown is another classic neutral color and with leather, there is an array of browns to choose from. The Traditional Sofa with NailheadTrim by Hooker brings country club style right into your home. The elegant brown sofa is plush and comfortable, while the nailhead trim gives it a unique detail that will stand out in any home.

If you enjoy switching things up in your home, leather furniture in neutral colors will fit into your every design change. Visit a Baer’s Furniture near you for a complete selection of leather furniture in neutral colors.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Old Hollywood Furniture Style: Glamour Décor to Make Your Home a Star

The glamour, the glitz, the big time drama – Hollywood has the reputation of a place where dreams come to life through the camera lens and where super rich actors live life in the fab lane. When movie stars began to decorate their homes with glitz and glamour, a new design style was born. Although its popularity began in the 1930s, Old Hollywood furniture style is not a relic of the past.
Going Old Hollywood style is all about the details. It is luxy fabrics, fringed lampshades, and crystal chandeliers – all details that imbue any space with style and glamour. Here's how to add a little Hollywood Glamour elements to your home decor.

Lots of Luxe

Luxurious drapes, silk lampshades, and thick, plush carpets fall within the Old Hollywood design style. The style harkens back to an era where people really wanted to impress each other with their home décor. Using showy fabrics in your decorating scheme will give your home a sense of glamour and scale that harkens back to the era. Back then, homes were considered destinations.

Watch the Scale

In an era of overstuffed sofas and double-chaise lounges, small-scale furniture seems like a novelty. But that is what Old Hollywood style is all about. It can be difficult to get the scale right. The Miramont Collection embodies this aesthetic by taking traditional designs and reimagining them. The collection incorporates artistic elements such as dramatic fluting and reeding and unique moldings. It balances refinement and glamour in keeping with Old Hollywood style where creating a room around the furniture and the way people interact made the scene.

Glitz, Glamour and Gorgeous

The essence of Old Hollywood style is the eclectic mix of styles but the focus is on luxury. Often people go wrong thinking they can throw any flea market find into the mix. While the style does lend itself to mixing and matching, the elements still need to adhere to the overarching theme of glamour. It’s classic furniture that never goes out of style – it comes in and out of style because it is glamorous and luxurious, so keep this in mind when creating this look in your home.

The Miramont Chest in Silver Sand Finish adds a touch of glamour to the dining room. The four spacious drawers give you plenty of storage space for silverware and linens, while the silver sand finish adds glamour and refinement to the space. Although a throwback to another era, Old Hollywood style is still modern and relevant. The style evolved around entertaining – enjoying people and enjoying time together. It is also ideal for today’s design where people view their home as a haven where they can relax from their hurried lifestyle. 

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Home Accessories Gift Guide

Do you have a hard-to-buy-for interior design maven on your gift list this year? In the holiday gift-giving scheme of things, accessories are one of the best gifts to give. Accessories are personal, but not too personal – just be sure to take into consideration your recipient’s taste, style, and color palette. Below is a holiday gift guide of home accessories that will make anyone’s holiday bright.


Mirrors are a great way to add some flair to the living room, dining room or entryway. If you have a friend with an empty space on their wall just begging to be filled, consider getting them a mirror. The Salon Oval Mirror from Bernhardt will give anyone’s home décor a shot of energy. The eclectic sunburst frame radiates warmth and fits in with many design styles. It introduces light and space into any room in the home.


When you give someone a warm, chunky throw, it’s like giving them a hug. They are thoughtful and well-received gifts that show your love and affection for the recipient. A soft, cozy throw blanket sets the perfect mood for a special someone to snuggle up with you on the sofa and enjoy the warm candlelight. Throws are one of the many home accessories you can use to bring some seasonal décor into your home. They also make great hostess gifts when you attend holiday parties or dinners.


Throw pillows breathe new life into a room and can be used to bring in a little seasonal cheer. Although decorative, the main function of a pillow is to provide comfort, so keep that in mind when choosing your gift. You can go safe and choose a seasonal pillow that adds a little shimmer and shine, or be bold and choose one you know will go with their current décor. Or do both, the silver-gray sheen on this pillow by Surya adds a festive touch to the space, while the neutral gray will fit in with any décor. The holidays are a great time to give a pillow as a gift since many people like to trade out pillows to reflect the season.


Area rugs bring color and functionality into a room and make great gifts. However, in this instance, you’ll probably lose the element of surprise gift giving. It would be best to let the recipient know your intentions and have them choose the rug for their home. This will ensure that your gift is appreciated and doesn’t end up in storage. Small area rugs can be good surprise gifts, but be sure your recipient is open to receiving home accessories as a gift.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Create a Vintage Vibe with Broyhill Furniture Attic Heirlooms

The term vintage has been tossed around a lot recently, but what does it really mean? It refers to items or styles that aren’t old enough to be considered antiques, but not quite new enough to be considered used. Vintage styles should feel as if it represents a specific time period. So that when you look at a farmhouse table, you automatically think of visiting your grandparents – even if they never lived on a farm.

Vintage style is a mixture of old and new – it makes you feel nostalgic, but it is also fresh and new. It’s the vintage vibe without the grunge. The best thing about decorating your home in this style is that when you are finished, you get something that is one-of-a-kind, fun, and unexpected. To get the vintage look in your home focus on two overarching ideas: statement pieces and the details. Once you’ve found a statement piece you love, focus on the details that will make it truly stand out.

You don’t have to scour the flea markets to find the perfect statement pieces. The Attic Heirloom Collection by Broyhill Furniture gives you the look of a flea market find with the durability of new furniture.

One way to create a vintage feel is to create vignettes by mixing and matching objects and pieces of furniture. For example, choose a dining room set with simple, elegant lines. You don’t have to have chairs that match. Try a bench on one side for an eclectic look and feel. The chairs reflect a subtle country charm that makes the space homey and warm. The neutral walls and area rug let the table and chairs take center stage. The prints on the wall help pull the look together and create curated and well-traveled look – even if you purchased the prints and furniture.

Or create a vintage feel in your bedroom with the Attic Heirlooms Queen Feather Headboard. Vintage style gives your bedroom a charmingly old-fashioned, cozy, and cheerful look. Even though the hallmark of vintage style is a look that seems collected over time, you should avoid clutter to create a peaceful, non-busy space.

Keep in mind that vintage design should look like it developed organically over time. It’s all about collecting, layering and putting your mark on your home to make it totally reflect who you are. And there is something else that almost inevitably comes with vintage style – charm. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bernhardt Furniture Combines Casual and Classic with the Criteria Collection

If you are looking for a design style you will love for a long time to come, consider a casual, classic design for your home. Classic doesn’t always mean traditional and classic doesn’t have to be boring.

Dining Room

Classic mixed with casual dining room décor will stand the test of time. The heather gray finish of the table and chairs of the Criteria Dining set by Bernhardt gives this room a fresh, modern appeal. The double pedestal table base creates a classic silhouette. The splat back chairs balance the look. The metal and glass chandelier gives the room an edge that keeps it from being too fussy while the purple area rug grounds the space and keeps it from becoming too monotone.

Living Room/Family Room

To create a furniture layout that always works, put matching armchairs facing the sofa, with a rectangular coffee table in between. This gives quests a place to sit and socialize. The CriteriaSquare Cocktail table balances a simple shape with a sumptuous embossed top to add a twist to the classic shape.

Windows are rarely left bare, window treatments give softness to the hard edges of a room. The classic boxed-pleat can add a formal air to keep a room from seeming too casual. Bamboo shades, on the other hand, can keep a room from seeming too formal. Use whichever you think best keep your living room or family room in the classic and casual realm.

Master Bedroom

It’s hard not to want a touch of drama in the bedroom, so just give in to it. The Criteria Upholstered bed creates a luxurious look without going overboard. The warm, contemporary light gray upholstery keeps it both classic and casual. The pale blue walls, another classic bedroom color, make the room conducive to relaxing and restoration. The bachelor’s chest completes the unfussy, sophisticated look of this bedroom while the books piled by the bed add to its casual appeal.

Create Balance

Remember that your classic, casual home must strike a balance between these two elements. Accessories such as area rugs, lighting, pillows, and artwork can all tie the look together. Don’t hesitate to experiment, add, take away, and move things around until your house feels like home. 

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