Monday, August 28, 2017

How to Pull Off the Indoor-Outdoor Living Trend

The indoor-outdoor living trend is hotter than ever, especially in Florida, where we have plenty of sunshine almost all year long. So, how do you begin designing indoor-outdoor rooms that seamlessly blend both spaces? Begin by realizing that your outdoor space is valuable – it could be another room, an extension of your indoor space, and a perfect space for entertaining.

Creating the indoor-outdoor space of your dreams is a little bit like creating the kitchen of your dreams. It takes a little planning and attention to detail. These 5 tips below will help you design the perfect indoor-outdoor space.

1. Incorporate a Structure

Choose a structure to add depth and dimension to your outdoor space. It could be completely covered, such as a screened-in porch, or just a frame, such as a pergola. Whichever you choose will help define the outdoor space and make its purpose clear.

2. Take Notes from Your Home’s Architectural Style

When choosing materials for your landscaping, consider your home’s interior design and architectural style. Use the same colors from your home as primary or accent colors to keep the design cohesive. For example, the neutral palette in the outdoor room above matches the home’s style while the brick floor keeps continuity throughout the space. The result is an appealing space that reflects your home’s architecture. The Island Estate Lanai Weatherstone Dining Table from Tommy Bahama makes the perfect spot to stop and enjoy a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

tommy bahama outdoor furniture

3. Maximize Your Outdoor Living with Privacy Screens, Flatwork, & a Focal Point

There are tricks to living large in a smaller home. First, make the most of your outdoor flooring so that your outdoor space seems more spacious. Plant a tall hedge to soften the edges of your space and ensure privacy. This will create a more room-like feel.
Furnish and accessorize your outdoor room just as you would an indoor room. The Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Fire Pit by Tommy Bahama lets you enjoy the warmth of the fire while lounging in the wicker wing back chairs. Pottery and accent plants add dimension to your space and act as a focal point. A strategically placed water feature makes a huge impact, even from inside your home; visible through the sliding glass doors, it connects the two spaces.

4. Unify the Spaces with Indoor-Outdoor Flooring

Choose a flooring material that can be extended from the inside of your home to the outside living area. Not sure if you can extend your indoor flooring outdoors? Choose a color for your outdoor space that complements your outside color scheme. For example, if your house is beige and brown, and the indoor colors are blues and grays, use the outside colors of your home for your outdoor room palette.

5. Simplify. Less Is More

You may be tempted to incorporate everything you love in your outdoor space – a variety of hardscape materials, numerous types of plants, and a plethora of garden ornaments. While there is no right or wrong way to design the perfect outdoor space, careful editing will help your outdoor room blend seamlessly with our indoor space. Too many elements can create a disorganized, disheveled, and unplanned space. A carefully appointed outdoor room will give you a comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining.

Carefully choosing every item in your space will help bring your vision to life. But don’t stress too much about it, you’ll enjoy the space more if it reflects your style.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Get the Look: How to Decorate Like Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, home flipper? While many know Ellen for her award-winning talk show, it may surprise some to know that she has designed and flipped 12 completely decorated and furnished properties since she rose to fame.

Ellen says of her design style, “When putting a room together, I like to sit in every chair or stand in every corner and make sure there is something beautiful to look at.” The ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville collection features pieces that embody this design sensibility. Below are some tips to use if you want to get the look of a home decorated for, and by, Ellen.

Ellen degeneres living room

For Ellen, it’s all about openness and texture that creates a welcoming flow. Above, the living areas seem to merge seamlessly into one beautifully connected space. The light, airy look is highlighted by the organic, neutral palette inspired by nature.

ellen degeneres montecito sofa ED collection

The room above mirrors the light airy feel, with its wall of windows that floods the space with natural light. This view becomes the focal point, making this a great example of making the view a design element. The Montecito Sofa with nailhead trim offers comfortable seating for evenings in as well as entertaining friends. It creates the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing. The layered area rugs bring texture and a touch of color to keep the room from seeming cold and impersonal.

Bright White Walls with Vintage Décor and Modern Touches

The above living room has a relaxed attitude about mixing décor from more than one period. A conversation starter in its own right, the table is another example of how mixing styles creates a balanced feel in the space. The clean, white walls make a perfect canvas for the richly hued carpet as well as the organic and industrial elements.

Ellen degeneres whitecliffe tufted sofa

You can replicate the look and feel of this room with the Whitecliff Tufted Sofa from the ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville collection. The hand-crafted tufting displays classic refinement while at home in a cozy den or bright living room. The dark, fumed oak Canyon Live Edge cocktail table brings an organic feel to the space. Both rooms project a minimalist, balanced vibe that make them personable, homey, and comfortable.

Industrial Lighting and Rustic Furniture

Another example of Ellen’s excellent material-matching sensibility is the mix of industrial and organic materials in this cozy den. There is a cool, hip dynamic going on between the metal floor lamps, the upholstered chair, and the round cocktail table. The neutral but textured stone walls make a good foundation for unique home décor, and the area rug anchors the space perfectly.

Based on pieces from Ellen’s home, the Romero Chair exudes a cool, calm, and collected vibe that feels at home in any room. The Villere Round Cocktail Table showcases hand-crafted plank veneers and a mid-century modern finish. The brass pads covering each foot fit well with the industrial undertones of the space. The Somera Leather Desk/Game Chair (pictured left) takes multi-tasking to a new level. Again, textured, neutral walls let the pieces express a dynamic that makes this room suitable for relaxing evenings with your family, or casual conversations with friends. Always keep in mind that paying attention to the details is what will make your home really special.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Creating a Contemporary and Comfortable Living Room

Designing a contemporary, comfortable living space is all about adding layers, creating conversational seating, and fashioning a room that is visually and functionally stimulating. A perfect contemporary living room pleases and teases the eye in a way that seems edgy and fun. A comfortable living room caters to your needs to casually curl up and read a book. A contemporary, casual living room does both.

Tommy Bahamas living room furniture at Baers

Functional Furniture Placement for Contemporary Living Rooms

The living room is the soul of a modern home, it is literally where almost all the action happens. Contemporary living rooms feature a large TV and a seating area and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. The TV automatically becomes a focal point, but you can keep it in an entertainment center or armoire that keeps it tucked out of sight. Proper furniture placement and cozy living room décor, such as the Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Gentlemen’s Chest, bring balance and harmony into modern contemporary design, creating an inviting and pleasant environment.

Light the Way with Functional and Efficient Fixtures

Lighting is an essential element of contemporary living room décor. The way you light a room can completely change the mood. Look for fixtures that are efficient, functional, and attractive. In addition, look for options that can change the atmosphere in the room.

When you have multiple light sources, you can control the ambiance, mood, and how you use the room. Since the living room is used for so many different purposes, you want lighting that can flex between task lighting for reading and playing games as well as relaxing peacefully for ultimate stress relief.

Room Colors Polish a Contemporary Casual Living Room

Light, neutral tones are ever popular for a reason: they give an elegant, comfortable feel to every room. Soft browns and tans have a timeless appeal that invites napping, such as on the Montecito Sofa from the Ellen DeGeneres collection by Thomasville. The sofa’s simple lines have contemporary appeal and the unfussy look screams comfort, which is solidified by the new Ellen DeGeneres cushion and deep seat design.

Used in moderation wall mirrors, glass surfaces, and metal accents visually increase the appearance of space in your living room and give it personality. If you have a wall of windows, you can use the view as an element to complement your design. Beware, though, too many brightly polished metal and mirrored surfaces can have the opposite effect and make small living rooms seem cluttered.

Clutter-Free Interior Decorating

Contemporary style is very minimalist, so stick to a design that uses 2-3 colors light neutral colors, few accessories, and creative fusion of styles for added charm and elegance. However, it does not have to be severe and unwelcoming. A plush area rug and comfortable sofa will welcome family and friends to sit and hang out a while.

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