Monday, June 8, 2015

Let The Metals Shine

It’s easy to see something shimmer in the bright rays of the Florida summer sun. No matter where you are, if you see an item sparkle in the corner of your eye, you are bound t look at it. So with that thought in mind, can you imagine the attention drawn to your room if you brought a metallic element to it? Now is the time to do so because metals are becoming very modern and a staple into any complete furniture design.
Incorporating a metal into your room does not mean your whole room changes. It just means there’s an extra spark in it. Having a small cabinet like the Salon 3 Drawer Nightstand from Bernhardt can easily bring more attention to your room.

Tips For Outdoor Entertaining

Bring out your bathing suits and fire up the grill, because summer is here and there is no better place to praise the sun then Florida. From enjoying water sports and beaches, to hosting outdoor dinner parties, Floridians have the opportunity to do it all. Just makes sure your outdoor space is ready for your guests with a couple of these tips below.
The setting of a dinner party is an essential component to entertaining. Your furniture can’t talk to people, but it can invite them into the area and make them feel comfortable and welcome. If you have a weathered outdoor furniture set, your party will be boring from the start. Spruce it up with the beautiful Kingstown Sedona 6 Piece Dining set with Round cast table, dining chairs, and black umbrella from Baer’s Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living Collection.
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