Monday, August 27, 2018

How Long Will Leather Furniture Last?

You make a lot of decisions when shopping for new furniture. Style, color, and what type of upholstery are the top three. It can be a long, convoluted process and you may have last minute doubts about what is best for your home. And if you are thinking about leather furniture, you may have some questions about how long leather furniture will last.
If you are considering adding some leather furniture to your home, here are some facts that will help you make your next purchase with complete confidence.

beutiful leather living room furniture

Myth: Leather Furniture Doesn’t Last

Since leather is one of the most durable upholstery choices available, I don’t know where this little bit of misinformation came from. Leather furniture can last a lifetime, and often does. A good leather sofa may begin its life in the family room, move to the den or a man cave, and end up in a college grad’s first apartment without batting an eye. Leather is a natural product, so in addition to being durable, it looks better with age.

Myth: Leather Furniture Is Hard to Take Care of

The fact is that leather furniture is extremely easy to take care of. Just wipe up any spills as they happen, give it a wipe down or dusting when needed. Do not use regular cleaning products such as soap, detergents, and solvents. Only use products specially formulated for leather.

Myth: Leather Furniture Is Easily Damaged by Pets and Children

Unless your cat uses your couch as a scratching post or your dog thinks it is a chew toy, your leather furniture is safe. Since spills can be easily wiped up, leather is also a good choice for homes with children.

Myth: Leather Furniture Is Too Warm in Summer and Too Cold in Winter

Again, not so. If you think that your leather sofa will get hot and cold like the leather seats in your car, consider that seats in a car are exposed to more heat and cold than the furniture inside your home. When it is indoors, leather furniture warms to your body heat in winter. And in the summer, since leather is a natural product that can breathe, it stays nice and cool.

Myth: The Only Types of Leather Are "Real" and "Fake"

A common misconception is that there are only two types of leather: "real" and "fake." Many of the negative impressions people have about leather is when they have been misled and bought, fake, imitation, or bonded leather without realizing it. Baer's features 100% leather, high-quality furniture with great value and something they can purchase with great confidence.

The bottom line is that good quality leather furniture lasts much longer than a fabric sofa or chair. It’s also more difficult to puncture or tear than fabric. It looks better as it ages and, with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.

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