Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Color Trends to Expect in 2018

Grays have really been embraced the past few years, in fact, you might say that they have unpacked their boxes and moved in. So, it should surprise no one that this color informs emerging color trends. Earthy shades and bold colors will warm up grays and edge out neutrals to create a more sumptuous look.

Add to that society’s current need to get away from information overload that has caused a craving for silence, and you get deep, comforting colors that offer a much-needed escape from the chaos of daily life.

beautiful purples dining room

Purples Reign in 2018

Bold, beautiful, and undeniably provocative purples add energy and depth to any room. And there are so many beautiful purples from Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year, to Love Symbol #2, their homage to Prince’s indelible mark on music, fashion, art, and color.

Dark deep purples on the wall and floor in this dining room are highlighted by the Heather Gray and neutral upholstery of the Criteria Side Chairs by Bernhardt. Mirrors, metallic, and crystal accessories give the room an inherent sense of modern glamour.

How to use purples in your interior décor: When used on statement pieces, interior doors, accent walls, kitchen cabinets, and foyers, deep purples make a bold statement that is hard to ignore. If you prefer, experiment with home accessories such as pillows, ceramics, or throws.

Wanderlust Comes Home to Roost

Rich, jewel-toned green-blue offers a sense of the unknown and bridges the gap between light and dark, old and new. It speaks to a growing sense of adventure inspired by the connection of people and places. Ocean-inspired blues and teals respond to changes in light, which creates intense dimension.

These multi-dimensional colors can be used to make a welcoming and lively statement on a front door, or to boost clarity of thought and creativity in a home office. It works beautifully with unexpected colors such as animated fuchsia and creamy yellow.

Paint the Walls Red Hot Red

This is the year of strongly hued colors, such as exotic reds that give homes a sense of impactful design. The power of red, even in small doses, is vibrant, charismatic, strong, radiant, and full of energy. This passionate and pleasing color projects total confidence – both in your design sense and your life.

Used as bold color accents, bright reds are best paired with airy, peachy tones or combined with other bright colors to create a playful spaced. Alternatively, for a chic, modern vibe, paint the walls red and use crisp, white furniture to make them pop. The vibrant energy of red easily becomes the focal point of any room.

beautiful yellows bring sunshine in

Call Me Mellow Yellow

This year will see a preponderance of sunny, goldenrod huts to make a cozy, cheerful statement. It has a retro 70’s vibe that fills any space with happiness. These warm, rich yellows feel all-natural and organic, and work well with deep sky blue, grass green, and rich brown accents.

Yellow’s warm undertones create an instantly welcoming space and invigorate a room. This sophisticated, under-the-radar shade has been out of vogue long enough to have fresh appeal. Use it on cushions with white wooden furniture, or paint it on the walls and highlight it with white, such as the Sandcastle Woven Panel bed by Hooker furniture. Whether you warn up a space with yellow walls, or use it with a light hand, it will be the star of the room’s décor.

This Blush Doesn’t Hide

Peachy, salmon-y, ashy rose hues dubbed “Millennial Pink” have become one of the most ubiquitous and versatile colors. This version of pink acts like a neutral because it is not too sweet, twee, or juvenile. Rather, it is chic and romantic, the perfect color to reinvent any space in your home.

Evoking feelings from joy to passion, this barely-there color merges the vivacity of classic pink with the simple chic of ecru, which makes it a relatable, mood-enhancing hue. Use it to create a warm, spring feeling or as a neutral to balance the many bold colors trending this year.

If you love color, you are going to love interiors spaces in 2018. With so many fresh, popping palettes and the continued inclusion of old favorites, there’s something for everyone. It is truly the year of living colorfully.

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