Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Cozy Up Your Home with Vintage Beach Furniture and Decorating Ideas

A cozy interior isn’t just for winter, it can last all year long. Cozy beach style with a touch of vintage works as well in cool Florida winters as it does in its warm summers. It’s the perfect year-round style for tropical weather and a casual lifestyle.

What makes a room feel cozy? It’s more about a feeling than a style; a welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to curl up with a good book or stretch out and relax. It can be colors, soft textures, and plush pillows. There is no single best way to do it, it depends on what makes you feel warm inside.

Below are vintage beach decorating ideas that will cozy-up your home all year long.

Cozy Beach House Color Palette

Beach house colors run the gamut from warm neutrals to bright, citrusy colors and everything in between. Here are some examples:

  • Tropical shades and tangy yellows create a fun and vibrant mood
  • Layering whites, warm shades of tan, and natural wood tones soothe the soul
  • Various shades of ocean hues give spaces a nautical feel
  • Sky blue, lime green, and hot pink liven things up
  • Classical blue and white creates a casual look

Wicker and Rattan Furniture for Laid-Back Comfort

Wicker and rattan are everywhere right now, so even if you can’t find a vintage piece, there are plenty of newer ones to choose from. Wicker furniture is famous for being used outdoors, but these days, you are just as likely to find it indoors in living rooms, dining rooms, studies, and bedrooms.

For a casual, laid-back feel, use wicker chairs in your dining room. Made of natural materials, they bring warmth and comfort into the space.

Breakfast Bar or Bistro Table for Casual Conversations

A cozy breakfast bar or bistro table offers a friendly place to grab a bite and have a bit of conversation. For a relaxed beachy feel, chose one with a vintage vibe and add counter stools with woven seats to go with the casual style. This combination is perfect because of its simple details.

Plants Bring in Freshness

Indoor plants are a quick and easy way to make a room seem cozy and welcoming. There are a ton of choices in a number of sizes and varieties, most of which are very easy to care for. Make a mini jungle in your living room, and your space will transform in minutes. (Or just a few strategically placed plants if you don't want a jungle vibe.)

Green is also a color that goes with just about anything, especially neutral or wood tones.

Beachy Accessories to Set the Mood

Botanical prints or beach scenes, whatever speaks to you, will make the space your own. You may not want fish and anchors everywhere, but you can have fun using them on small accessories. If anchors and fish aren't your thing, try brass birds and candlesticks. Choose something that makes you happy and that you will love seeing every day.

Scents to Enhance Comfort

Some scents take you away to a favorite spot, while others bring about a peaceful mood.

Lavender is generally calming and can clear the mind; rosemary can soothe the soul. Bright cilantro, lime, and cucumber are barely-there scents that enhance a space. Adding scented candles or stick diffusers allows a fragrance to permeate a room and chase the cobwebs away.

Using these tips can create a cozy, beachy home that is inviting and warm. Try the ideas that appeal to you.

Take a step back when you are done and check the space. It’s easy to go for a cozy vibe and end up with a space that feels overdone rather than welcoming. Assess, remove, and rearrange until you feel comfortable and cozy!

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Is Working from Home a Pain? Tips on Setting Up an Ergonomic Home Office

Most of us don’t think about ergonomics (ergo-what?) until we start to feel the pain of a workspace set up on the fly or occasionally working from home. But if your work from home situation is long-term, you may start feeling unexpected aches and pains if your workspace isn’t set up right. That’s where ergonomics comes in.

The word sounds kind of fancy, but what it means is workspaces that fit the person who is using them. There is science behind it, but for our purposes, we need to know how to make our work from home spaces more comfortable, whether they are used every once in a while or on a regular basis. Choosing the right home office furniture can save you a world of pain and help you stay focused and productive.

Start with the Right Desk

Working at a real desk makes a big difference, as many who have worked at their dining room table can attest. You may not realize it right away, but working at the dining room table can cause posture problems that result in aching backs, necks, and even wrists.

Your desk should comfortably fit your feet, knees underneath it. You don’t want to bang your knees every time you pull your chair in or squeeze them together to fit them under it. Also, consider the height of your desk, when you are seated, your mouse and keyboard should be at elbow height.

The best way to tell if a desk is at the right height, sit at it, pull your feet under it, and hold your arms comfortably and naturally at your sides. Bend your elbow slightly in front of your body while they are still at your sides. This is the proper height for your work surface.

A good example is this desk with splayed legs and a drop-front drawer that puts the mouse and keyboard at the right height. The ergonomic palm rest keeps your wrists comfortable.

Choose a Comfortable Chair

This sounds obvious but isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may have to try out many desk chairs before you find the right one. This piece of home office furniture plays a key role in enduring your comfort when working at your desk for eight hours a day. A chair without the right support can cause backaches and neck aches that linger for days.

Look for a chair that supports your spine, but remember to sit up straight with your feet on the floor. You’ll know that your chair is the right height when your thighs are parallel to the floor, and your knees are at hip height or close to it. If you need a little extra support for your lower back, add a small pillow.

Set Up Your Computer

And lastly, once you have all your home office furniture set up in your space, set up your monitor, computer or laptop, and mouse correctly. Make sure your monitor is at or just below eye level so that you can hold your neck straight and avoid “tech neck” and the aches that come with it. Try to avoid having direct light shining on your monitor. Instead, keep it to the side for indirect lighting that is less harsh.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

What Is Florida Style Furniture and Décor?

When you live in a tropical climate, it makes sense that your home décor reflects that with Florida-style furniture and décor. No matter where you live, you can create the feeling of being at the beach by bringing some of that vibe into your abode. 

The biggest reason Florida style furniture remains popular is that it helps you create a warm, relaxing, and inviting space in your home. An area where you can enjoy time with family and friends as well as the rare instances when you have time to yourself. 

If you're looking to integrate a Sunshine State feeling into your home, learn what to look for with these tips.


The Colors of Florida Décor

Just as the sound of the waves can create a relaxing atmosphere, so can adding Florida colors to your décor. Soft tropical colors such as seafoam green, cream, sky blue, living coral, sandy brown, and gentle gray are often used in Florida décor. Deeper blues and bright citrus colors can be added to create impact. Against these colors, accents of coral patterns and decorative glass are especially striking.

Coastal Living Furniture Patterns

Over time, specific patterns have come to represent Florida style décor. One of the great things is there is a lot of variety to choose from, so you can fit almost anything you like into the style. Stripes, botanical, and trellis patterns can all be used.  

How to Decorate Each Room in Your Home, Florida-Style

So how does all this work in your home? Florida style furniture can be used to add charm and relaxation to every room. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.

Florida Style Furniture and Décor for the Living Room

Whether you call it a living room or a family room, this is where you want to create the most relaxing vibe. In Florida design, the living room should be a great place to play games with the family, have casual conversations, read a good book, or take a quick nap during a lazy afternoon. 

Above, the Florida style living room with the Island Estate Boca Cocktail Table with Woven Accents from Tommy Bahama Home does just that. Not too fancy for a casual afternoon, but not too casual for entertaining, this room is Florida décor to a T. The light upholstery and fresh green color create a bright, airy, and open feel. The eclectic mix of furniture in this room is playful and fun.

Florida Style Furniture and Décor for the Dining Room

When considering Florida style for your dining room décor, simplicity is key. Rugs made of sisal or jute bring in a touch of nature and create the perfect foundation for the Ocean Breeze 5-Piece Dining Set from Tommy Bahama Home. The wooden furniture in the fresh shell white finish is the epitome of Florida furniture style. The metal table base and woven chandelier make a perfect juxtaposition of style and materials.

Florida Style Furniture and Décor for the Bedroom

The bedroom is your private space, so here you can show off everything you love about Florida style. Of course, you want to craft a soothing, calming atmosphere and pull the look of your entire home together by weaving calming tones throughout. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with color, as seen in this bedroom featuring the Bali Hai Bedroom Group from Tommy Bahama Home

This style of furniture gives you the best of both worlds — eclectic and exotic combined with luxurious style. Your master bedroom will feel like a relaxing spa or resort with this bed, upholstered in Bermuda Sands fabric and featuring intricately carved artichoke finials. The coral motif in blue paired with the paisley print on the bed brings in plenty of color. 

These are just some of the many ways you can design a casually chic home with Florida style furniture and décor. What touches would you add to create your own personal haven?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Are Glass Top Dining Tables Back in Style?

Glass-topped dining room tables may seem like a retro look, but these days, everything old is new again, and they are definitely back in style.

Benefits of Glass Top Dining Room Tables

Glass-topped dining tables come in many styles, from traditional to modern. Whatever their design, they can give your dining room a classy and sophisticated look. Glass tables create an open yet formal feel in the space, inviting guests to stay awhile and turning family dinners into special occasions. Here are some benefits of glass-topped dining room tables.

Adds More Than a Touch of Elegance

A glass top table with a metal base can make your dining room look chic and elegant. For instance, the Gustav Round Glass Top Dining Table with Polished Metal Base from Bernhardt Interiors creates a sleek, modern feel that can easily shift from formal to casual. The round glass tabletop sitting above the bold polished steel pedestal base gives the space a glamorous feel.

Brings Light into the Space

The transparent quality of the glass distributes light throughout a room, giving the space a fresh and airy feel. But more than that, a glass top gives visual lightness to your dining room, making it look larger and wider. Your home will feel more spacious and modern. This makes glass-topped dining tables a great option for breakfast nooks or small dining rooms.

Highlights the Beauty of Wood Furniture

Wood and glass complement each other. Glass brings out the beauty of the wood while wood enhances the qualities of glass. This combination creates magnetism and attraction, making a harmonious whole when used together in a dining room table.

Glass Topped Tables with Pedestal Bases

The reimagined glass top dining table is gorgeous with a streamlined pedestal base, or double pedestal base, depending on the size of the table.

Single Pedestal Table Base

This type of base can be simple or complex but is always one central base that looks like a column upon which the glass top is balanced. The creativity and types of pedestal bases continue to grow, as seen in this stunning Ocean Club 54 Inch South Sea Round Glass Table from Tommy Bahama Home. The eye-popping, geometric, distressed base takes this table to the next level. Because the tabletop is round, you can dress it up for a formal dining space or dress it down for a casual dining nook.

Double Pedestal Table Base

The name says it all, this type of table has two pedestal bases supporting its weight. This type of table is larger and often used in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen where you may need extra durability but still want a full measure of style. Looking for a fresh way to update your space this year? Shop our dining room tables to find a glass-topped table that suits your space.

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