Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Best Leather Office Chairs for Comfort and Support

Have you ever considered how many hours the average office worker sits in a chair during their career? That would be 85,500 hours. That’s a lot of hours – 9 year’s worth to be exact. Using an uncomfortable chair for all those hours is a prescription to see a chiropractor. Sitting all day is not in our DNA; we were designed to move. So anyone sitting all day needs a chair that is comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable.

Check out the list below to choose the perfect leather chair for your office.

Don’t Fall for a Pretty Face

Falling for the prettiest or cheapest office chair is taking a gamble on your back health. Most people spend more time and money choosing the perfect desk than they do the best chair. Ideally, the chair you choose will mitigate aches and pains caused by sitting all day. Consider it an investment in the health, well-being, and probably the mood of your boss. In the long run, a great leather chair can both reduce pain and increase productivity.

Advantages of a Leather Office Chair

While comfort is important in an office chair, when looking for a boss’s day gift, you also want a chair that makes a statement. The right chair sends the signal that you understand your boss. If you are looking for a sophisticated leather office chair, here are some things to consider during your search.

Leather Provides Unmatched Comfort

You can find office chairs made of a wide range of materials, from plastic and wood to fabric and mesh. There are so many options, but don’t be taken in by them. Leather is definitely the way to go. Unlike metal, wood, or plastic, a leather office chair includes full padding in both the back and the seat.

Leather Wears Well

An office chair covered in plastic or vinyl-based upholstery usually cracks and shows wear. In addition, the mesh used in some ergonomic models may stretch and sag over time and become uncomfortable. Leather is a much more durable material that lasts longer and looks better with age.

Leather Resists Staining

If your boss (or you) sips their morning coffee or has lunch at their desk, sooner or later, a spill will occur. With many office chair coverings, this can result in a stain that is hard - or impossible - to remove. In most cases, if you drop something on a leather chair, you can easily wipe it off and no harm done. The chair will continue to look pristine no matter what type of spills occur.

Leather Lasts Longer

People often choose a fabric or plastic chair because they seem more affordable. However, in the long run, this is often not the case. Especially with office furniture, it is important to think in terms of a long-term investment. A lower price isn’t always a deal. Think about this: leather can last 3 times longer than fabric and other materials. It is worth paying more for a chair that you won’t have to replace every few years.

There are so many more options when it comes to office chairs these days. If you are looking for a high-quality boss’s day gift, or even one for yourself, you can easily narrow your search down to the timeless elegance of a leather office chair.

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