Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jazz Up Your Dining Room with Rich Wood from Tommy Bahama

Your dining room table is more than a place to sit and eat a meal. It's the heart of your home—the place where families share their stories and struggles at the end of the day, where best friends giggle over fond memories, where you sit quietly each morning reflecting over a hot cup of coffee and the morning news. The dining room is one of the most treasured rooms in any home—comfortable space that nourishes body and soul. You dining room design should allow special moments to take center stage.

Tommy Bahama dining room set at Baer's Furniture

Put Some Extra Spice into Your Dining Room D├ęcor

It is well-known that eating together with family and friends strengthens the bonds that keep a group together. You dining room is where you spend time enjoying heathy conversation along with healthy food. A great dining room table can put some extra spice in the food you serve and some extra jazz into the conversation that surrounds it. The "Ocean Club Peninsula Dining Table gives you enough space to entertain your family and friends in style.

The Asian influence of this otherwise classic table offers your guests the comfort and warmth every dining experience deserves. The rich, warm wood gives your dining room a contemporary look that makes it a great place for entertaining family and friends. The solid, simple yet elegant furniture completes the modern look.

Kowloon Arm Chair by Tommy Bahama

Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide an abundance of natural light, making it light and airy. The view becomes a piece of art, and the white walls and ceiling make the room feel larger. Light wooden chairs with upholstered seats, such as the Ocean Club Kowloon Arm Chair contribute to the airy tone and give your guests comfortable seating with a classic, traditional touch.

Light It Up Right

Lighting is an important feature in a dining room—it sets the mood. Your light fixture should relate to your dining room table, not the room itself. Chandeliers go best with round tables, while linear or modern shapes go best with rectangular tables. Dimmer switches are great for controlling the mood and the fixture should be hung about 30 inches above the table. If necessary or desired, you can add layers of lighting with wall sconces and recessed lights.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Natuzzi Puts a Modern Spin on Its Leather Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is probably one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will ever own. Consider: one modern sofa bed serves as two distinct pieces of furniture in half the space. They might have a bad reputation for being noisy, uncomfortable, and even ugly, but those days are long gone. Natuzzi Editions has put a modern spin with its new line of leather sleeper sofas.

Modern sleeper sofas blend so well into their surroundings, that your guests may be shocked to discover that not only does the sofa convert into a bed, but a comfortable one at that. If you need to turn your living room, spare room or office into a part time guest room, a sleeper sofa may be your best option. The Natuzzi Editions sleeper sofa, with its sleek leather upholstery, gives you a fresh look and modern convenience. Below are a few more tips to help you find the sleeper sofa that will effortlessly transition from day to night.

What Type of Mattress Should I Look for in a Convertible Sofa?

The first thing to consider is whether a fold-down or pull-out model will work for you. A fold-down model could be considered one step up from a futon—the cushions are in fact the mattress. In a pull-out model, the mattress and cushions are separate. Then, consider the sofa’s primary use—sitting or sleeping? If you envision that it will be used more as a sofa, the cushions become more important. And correspondingly, if you think it will be used as a bed often, the mattress should be a top priority.

What Do I Look for in a Frame for a Sofa Bed?

Frame quality is an important consideration. You’ll want choose something that will last long, like steel, hardwood, or something equally durable. The Natuzzi Editions sleeper sofa uses a combination of solid woods, OSB, plywood, particle board with a Masonite wrap and foam covering to produce an easily adaptable style.

Natuzzi Convertible Couch at Baer's Furniture

Also keep safety in mind, and watch out for pieces that might scratch you or snag the bedding. Size up the space you will have to navigate when the bed is open, and downsize if needed. In addition consider the following:

  • Support Bar: Check the support bar, especially on a pull-out bed. When attached with coils, the bar gives with pressure, so that it doesn’t dig into the sleeper’s body.

  • Ease of Use: Test out the sofa bed to make sure you can easily open it or fold it down. You and your guests will be frustrated if they are ready to retire and they cannot pull out the mattress. In addition, look for a frame that locks when the sleeper is in position, you or your guests wouldn’t want to accidentally be folded up in the sofa when rolling over in the dead of the night.

  • Upholstery: This is when you think more about your sleeper sofa’s use as a couch more than a bed. Choose a fabric, such as leather, that is durable but comfortable, unless the sleeper sofa will be somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of use, such as an office, where you can use a more delicate fabric, like cotton, if you are trying to achieve a particular look.

The Natuzzi Editions leather sleeper sofa will give you the flexibility of a 2-in-1 piece, but even better, your guests will look forward to using it—they can easily pull the sofa out and get a restful night’s sleep. See more from Natuzzi Editions at Baer’s Furniture on Houzz!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Style and Function Meet in the Dogwood Desk from Paula Deen Furniture

Whether you work from home full time or use your home office for paying bills and managing household accounts, you may find yourself drowning under piles of papers and other items. A messy desk could be hiding more than just your eyeglasses, it could also be affecting your productivity. Organizing and decluttering your desk can help you stay on track. If you are tired of drowning under piles of papers, here are a few tips to get you on your way to creating an organized and clutter-free desk.

Make the Time

We are all short on time and it may seem like you are too busy doing everything else to take a moment to do this one thing for yourself. Check your calendar and block off 30 minutes or an hour for organizing and decluttering. If it motivates you, you can announce your intention to the world—then you almost have to follow through. You can also announce when you have completed your mission and receive the accolades you deserve for all your hard work.

The Note-Worthy Desk at Baer's Furniture

Organize the Top of Your Desk

Whether you tackle it first or last, the hardest thing to do is to clear as much as you can from the top of your desk. Although this may be difficult if you are short on storage space, clear away all loose papers, pens, and paperclips. For example, The Note-Worthy Desk from the Dogwood Collection for Paula Deen Home helps your stay decluttered by giving you the option of stowing your keyboard in a special pull-out keyboard drawer.

The style of the desk automatically makes your office look neater and more organized. There is no room for extraneous items, so you are forced to ruthlessly file, stow, or throw anything that doesn’t have a purpose. As you are decluttering, you’ll need folders, boxes, and shelves for storage—this will also keep your desk free and clear. It can take anywhere from 21 to 66 days to form a new habit, so hang a sticky note on your computer to remind you to keep everything in its place and not just leave things lying around.

Make a Place for Everything

Make a place for any items that are important for you to keep as work on your decluttering. Do not create a pile to put away later, that almost never happens and you’re likely to pile back on your desk. Invest in shelving and use pretty baskets that match your style and don’t skimp on the quality—you’ll want something that will stand up to the amount of use you will get out of them. Add any knick-knacks, books, and mementoes that inspire you to the shelves and stow everything else somewhere else in the house.

Paula Deen desk at Baer's Furniture

In addition to the pull-out keyboard drawer, The Note-Worthy Desk has two additional drawers where you can store any essential office supplies such as pens, post-it notes, and note pads. You can also store devices that are not in use, or set up a charging station using the power outlet inside the one of the drawers. Or consider going wireless if possible, cords are dust magnets and often play a starring role in coffee mug spills. Keep a few items on the top of the desk, the thought is to look warm, clean, and clutter free, not bare, stark, and cold.

When deciding how you want to reorganize, keep in mind your work flow—make sure you have those items you use often at your finger tip and store out of sight important but possibly less used papers. The more consistent you are with sticking to your new system, the easier it will be to stay decluttered. Spend 15 minutes a week, or 5 minutes each day toward keeping your desk neat and clean and it will stay clear for good.

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