Friday, February 24, 2017

Get Your Bookshelves Ready for Read Across America

Read Across America is an annual celebration of reading held on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. March 2. In support of the goals to motivate children to read and create lifelong successful readers and learners, here are some tips that inspire not just reading, but curiosity and learning.

Bookshelves work as storage spaces for books and display spaces for curios and souvenirs. However, your books and accessories don’t have to jockey for a position on your bookshelves. When the shelves are mindfully arranged, they can be transformed from a lowly storage unit to a stylish expression of your interests.


Using the “less is more” technique, resist the impulse to pack the shelves with all your accessories and books. Choosing a tone-on-tone color scheme for figurines and vases will create a clean look. But be sure to mix up shapes to avoid monotony. Step back every once in a while as you go to assess your arrangement. Mix larger items with smaller ones, tall books with short ones, or try placing a few off-center until you get the look you like. The Cherry Creek Traditional Modular Wall system from Hooker Furniture give you plenty of options to display books and objet d'art.

Create Empty Space

As you are organizing your bookcase, remember to leave some empty space to let the eyes rest. Changing the orientation of your books by stacking some of them on one shelf, placing them vertically on another, and mixing their orientation on a third shelf will make your display more interesting. Using the books stacked horizontally as a riser for smaller pieces, and placing accessories and artwork on top of the unit will also create visual interest.

Stagger Accessories

Mix up the placement of collectibles and art to create a visual rhythm. Colorful book covers will stand out against the warm wood finishes of a bookcase. Alternating the placement of bright pottery and framed artwork or photographs will keep the eye moving smoothly from shelf to shelf. You can personalize the look by using framed prints of photographs you’ve taken. The Brookhaven Three Piece Open Bookcase by Hooker Furniture offers functional storage and plenty of display space with adjustable shelves.

Artful Displays

Display your favorite pieces by giving them a shelf of their own. This also helps keep you from overwhelming your room with visual clutter. Try a few shelves that highlight your special pieces mixed in with shelves of books. Keeping it airy and uncluttered lets your books and artwork take center stage.

Create a Book Nook

Create a bright book nook or reading space in a corner with plenty of light. Add a comfortable, upholstered chair, reading lamp, and accent table. Fill the shelves with sculptures, trophies, framed art, and, of course, groupings of books. The loose, informal design helps the eye move from shelf to shelf. The Danforth Low Bookcase from Hooker Furniture holds just the right amount of books and, since it is a small shelf, doesn't over power your reading nook.

Gallery-Style Display

Bookcases aren’t just for books and art doesn’t have to be hung on the walls. Use a wide assortment of accessories to create a gallery-style display. Photographs, small statues, books, or pottery – you can use whatever you would like to display. Beware of overcrowding, you want to create a space that invites visual exploration. And you might just inspire someone to read.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Baer’s Furniture Reviews: Best of 2016

Baer’s Furniture works hard to ensure that every customer leaves the store satisfied and happy. In fact, they are looking to provide customers with a “wow” shopping experience. These days, shoppers’ expectations are pretty high. Still, Baer’s Furniture is dedicated to giving shoppers an experience they won’t forget.

Customer Engagement, Executional Excellence, and Brand Experience at Baer’s Furniture

Baer’s trusts their staff to provide furniture shoppers with a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more. The Baer’s Furniture sales staff is genuinely caring, polite, and not only invested in helping, but also dedicated to doing their best to ensure that customers get exactly what they want.

“Baer’s is my go to store for all my designing needs,” says Jessica Shirer. “Ben is always very helpful … He goes above and beyond, and I highly recommend asking for him if you visit.”

Words of praise are worth more than gold to any business. But in order to get them, they must achieve executional excellence by patiently explaining all steps about what to expect and providing the best advice.

“As a first time buyer from Baer’s Furniture I have to say that it was a great experience. The employees were very polite and helpful,” according to Elaine Fernandez. “The furniture was delivered just as expected … [It] also looks beautiful in my home.”

The delivery went smoothly, it was quick and efficient. The gentlemen were cordial and kind,” says Johanne Messina. “We love our new purchase.”

Making customers feel special and making sure they are always getting quality furniture at the best possible price has long been a hallmark of the Baer’s Furniture brand. This old-school practice is one of the important pillars of the “wow” experience. And this doesn’t end once a customer has left the showroom.

“Jonathan and his partner made sure everything was in place with the delivery,” explains Sally Smith Caeiro. “The directions were not exactly correct so I talked him through... I will buy more in time from Baer's and highly recommend their quality and service.”

The Simple Things That Create “Wow” at Baer’s Furniture

Experts have identified 28 elements of a great shopping experience, but it’s really not that complex. Baer’s counts on their experienced and dedicated staff to set the stage for a great experience. And they are usually not disappointed.

“Sales people were great,” says Bonnie Dessart. “… saved me money on mattress set with adjustable base. Very happy with my purchase.”

“Dawn was excellent,” according to Annette Azzara. “She helped us select the perfect furniture for our new home.”

Today’s consumers demand better value in everything they purchase, and that includes the experience itself. The best way to lay a foundation for customers to have great retail experiences is to provide friendly, experienced, customized service to consumers. In fact, it is one way a furniture store can survive in a challenging economic environment.

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