Friday, March 4, 2022

New and Reinvented Interior Design Trends for 2022

The year 2022 is all about out with the old and in with the new, and interior design is along for the ride. We've all learned a lot about home life, the needs we have for our houses, and so much more over the past few years, and now it's time to put that knowledge to action.

At Baer's Furniture, we're more than ready to help people bring new interior design ideas into their homes as well as reinvent old themes for a look that's refreshed and revamped. Furniture pieces that are always luxurious and always functional are what we provide, and 2022 will be no exception.

Here are 3 new and re-invented interior design trends for 2022 according to our stylists.

1) Rustic Style Re-Invented

For a long time, farmhouse chic was very in. The style included elements such as barn doors, natural textures, home accents that looked like old-school jugs of milk, and more. The go-to color for the scheme was gray and whitewashed everything.

We're not throwing out rustic style altogether, but in 2022 it's getting a major makeover. Instead of farmhouse chic, reinvented rustic is the next trend to look out for. It incorporates many of the original style's favorite elements, such as reclaimed wood with natural texture and grains. However, it also blends in modern elements such as bold colors and contemporary materials such as shiny metallics and ceramics.

The Oyster Bay Hidden Lake Bistro Table by Lexington is a shining example of this update to rustic. The traditional woven rush seats and whitewashed wood paired with burnished stainless steel and nailhead trim makes farmhouse feel edgy.

2) Gray – But Make It Pop

Gray has been a homeowner's favorite for the past decade. For a while, we were seeing gray everything. Kitchens, living rooms, and furniture were all gray. It's easy to see why – it's neutral but never boring, classy and sophisticated, and was a welcome change to the over-the-top Tuscan theme that dominated the early 2000s.

But is gray on its way out in 2022? Not really, according to our design experts, but you can expect to see some changes. In 2022 you're likely to see darker grays on walls, opposed to the light barely-there grays of years past. It's not just the shade that's changing, but the accents and furniture that go with it.

As far as interior design trends in 2022, look for gray schemes that feature bold accent chairs, sofas, and eclectic end tables with bright pops of color. More specifically, you're likely to see bright sunny yellows and statement-making cyan blues. It's a little more Art Deco with a contemporary twist.

2022's grays are on full display in this room featuring the Highland Park gray dining room group by Bernhardt Loft. With light and shadow, you can create a striking palette in shades of gray.

3) Cottage Core Is Here to Stay

You've seen the magazine-worthy social media posts and videos that feature the new trend of cottage core. Full of wicker furniture, greenery and house plants, pastel floral prints, and a deeply nostalgic feel, cottage core has carried over to 2022.

Cottage core focuses on simplistic comfort. There are no opulent designs to be found, but instead, you'll see lots of elegant pieces that feature straight lines and cozy home accents like throw blankets and pillows. And don't forget the vases full of fresh flowers as centerpieces on kitchen and dining tables.

However, the cottage core of 2020 and 2021 is reinventing itself just a bit. Throughout this year you'll be more likely to see elements of glam and luxury, such as decorative mirrors and wall art, or fine glassware and china, adorning the home. Add elements of lace, linen, and some warmer and cozier elements like shag rugs, and you've got cottage core for 2022.

To update your cottage core style with 2022 flair, feature your finer things in a curio cabinet like this one from A.R.T. Furniture's Arch Salvage collection.

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Is Minimalism Still in Style? The Jury is Still Out!


For several years now, the minimalist style has been a tour de force in the world of interior design. Critics of the trend, however, have claimed that this style tends to be cold and barren. While that is certainly one interpretation of Minimalism, there is no reason why the minimalist concept cannot be warm, as many interior designers have successfully demonstrated. While no decorating trend can last indefinitely, Minimalism offers several benefits to home decorators that may help to keep it alive for a few more years. 

What Is Minimalism, and Why Is It So Popular?

The minimalist interior design seeks to remove clutter by focusing on essential furnishings. Minimalist homes typically focus on one particular color palette with possibly one or two accompanying accent colors, and the style lends itself to open spaces and floorplans. Minimalist design does not mean doing without items that you need to live comfortably, but instead removing unnecessary things from your living space to enhance comfort and tranquility. The term “decluttering” has become synonymous with minimalism, but you cannot achieve minimalist decor simply by decluttering. Rather, decluttering is an essential step in developing a minimalist environment. 

Benefits of Minimalism

In addition to being an attractive approach to home decorating, Minimalism can enhance your quality of life in several ways.

Creating a Tranquil Living Space

Fans of the minimalist style will often point to its simplicity. In a minimalist design, everything has its place, but there is also a distinct lack of extraneous items. Living room furniture, for instance, is arranged in a grid pattern with few, if any, items to distract from the clean and efficient arrangement. The neutral, muted tones create a calming atmosphere where bright conflicting colors don’t compete for your attention. To enhance the calming effect of minimalist spaces, many decorators are embracing the Scandanavian concept of Friluftsliv, which emphasizes year-round indoor greenery.  

Easier to Maintain and Clean

With the focus on fewer items, light colors, and geometric lines, minimalist spaces are easier to maintain and keep clean. Fewer surfaces mean that dust doesn’t have as many places to settle. The simple design presents a hygienic appearance, as well. 

Fewer Pieces Allows You to Curate Your Furniture Collection

Building a quality furniture collection can represent a significant financial investment, but with a minimalist design, you can build slowly and focus only on essential pieces. For instance, you can build a bedroom by starting with a single piece of furniture, like the bed. As time progresses, you can add other essential bedroom pieces to your room. With a minimalist design, you can use a similar approach to any room in the house. 

Tips to Keep Your Minimalist Decor Fresh

If you’re concerned because you committed to Minimalism and you’re worried about your living space looking dated, we have some good news. Many decorating trends are continuations of the minimalist design style. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your minimalist style fresh and up to date. 

Add Greenery

We alluded to it before, but Friluftsliv aims to bring natural beauty indoors. Adding a plant or small indoor tree to your roomscape can enhance the warmth of the room and break up the clean lines of your furnishings. If you want to maintain the straight lines of your aesthetic, consider a topiary with the contours you’re seeking. 

Add an Accent Wall 

Minimalist design isn’t necessarily limited to gray or white. You can change the entire look of a room by changing the color of a single wall. To maintain the minimalist theme of your room, don’t venture too far away from muted, neutral colors like beige, gray, etc. 

Add Accessories

You can accessorize your furniture and rooms without giving up a minimalist style. Add a throw or pillows to a living room chair or sofa. Place a quilt and throw pillows on top of a bed. To maintain your minimalist style, choose solids or simple or linear patterns that will accentuate the existing tones in your furniture. Consider adding an area rug or changing the one you have to freshen up the look of the room. 

Minimalism Is Still Safe

Our opinion is that the minimalist style still has a few years of life left in it. But if you are concerned that your room is beginning to look out of style, you can always begin building a new look around your existing pieces or start from scratch with a different style.