Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baer’s Adventurous Elegance

Baer’s furniture prides itself in being the leader of luxurious and sophisticated furniture for Florida living. Our goal is to provide our customers the latest designs and most elegant styles available, which is why we keep an ever-changing inventory of top designer collections. Every once in a while we receive a collection that incorporates bold pieces and challenges the traditional designs of furniture with lines and finishes that break all expectations.
Tommy Bahamas’ Ocean Club Collection has captivated our top designers with its modest yet daring designs that exemplify the new trend of adventurous elegance. The contemporary lines of the Ocean Club Sliding Door Point Break Entertainment Chest are a great example of what adventurous elegance is. Its polished wood accentuates the center and two end units, creating an elegant look everybody wants in their room. The geometric shapes of the two sliding doors allow the piece to be adventurous and edgy. Finish the look with a personal flair by decorating the glass shelves with some of your favorite treasures from your trips. The open grid provides a visual element that draws the eye of everybody who spends time in your living room.

Mirrors For Home Elegance

Transitional elegance fuses timeless and contemporary designs into one unique piece. It is inspired by ageless designs but modernized by today’s current and popular trends. Transitional elegance designs may be used in all types of furniture pieces, but we have seen the most beautiful displays in mirrors. Baer’s furniture showroom has one-of-a-kind mirrors that reflect this new-era trend.
The Beverly Glen Mirror with Beveled Glass is an exceptional piece that fuses the two together. It boasts the traditional, square wooden frame over walnut veneers that embody elegance. The Terrazzo Brown gives it the traditional touch that pulls the transitional elegance together in one room.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Enriching Designs At Baer’s

When it comes to decorating your spaces, you want to find the proper balance between glamour and charm. You want to create a room that expresses your personality and makes you feel at home. The best way to create a sophisticated space that doesn’t overwhelm is by picking the right kind of clean simplicity that says a lot more in subtle ways. If you like to appreciate simple beauty, then you will enjoy Bernhardt’s Salon Collection found at Baer’s Furniture. With its playful use of cream pallets and metallic gold structures, this collection has everything you’re looking for to add that glamorous pop to any room.
Baers Salon 3 Drawer Desk with Metal Base

The Salon 3 Drawer Desk with Metal Base is a piece that exudes glamour. Its shiny surface is complimented by a beautiful gold base. A desk like this is so versatile that it can be used to get down to business or class up a bathroom as a dressing table. Though this piece is composed of simple lines, its overall appearance creates a picture of beauty and grace.

Storage For The Bedroom

Finding storage room in your bedroom can sometimes be difficult. Your room symbolizes your personality and should be a place you feel totally relaxed and comfortable. It is also where you store a lot of your personal items, clothes and valuables, which is why it can sometimes be difficult trying to maintain a tranquil environment. Here are a couple of storage solutions that can clear the way for a good night’s sleep.

Hide It under the Bed

A king –sized bed usually takes up 42 square feet of space; if you purchase a high-rise bed frame, like the Mirren Harbor Bedframe by Broyhill, you may have up to 42 sq. ft. of space to stow away unused items underneath. So take advantage of all this extra space by storing some of your more memorable, sentimental items that you might not need to see every day but don’t want to get rid of.
Baers Mirren Harbor Bedframe by Broyhill

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Flowered Prints Are Back

Believe it or not, floral and topiary designs in furniture are making a comeback. For Floridians, it’s always been about bringing the beauty of the outdoors in and basking in the warmth our Sunshine State provides. Now we are seeing those relaxing foliage prints added back into sofas, dining seats and so much more. While floral prints used to be very popular during the 20th century, it’s now coming back with a modern twist.
Furniture designers today are using a lot of trending prints that fuse the classic style of the floral and palm tree inspired fabrics. However, it’s been the contemporary trims and finishes that have allowed the look to sneak their way back into some of the most popular home designs. Furniture pieces like the Mangrove Arm Chair in the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection mix the two effortlessly. The tropical cushion is complimented by the woven chair, making the set charming and exotic.
Baers Mangrove Arm Chair in the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection

Kick The Blues Away With Blue

When it comes to fashion and design, blue is one of the most popular colors. Its many shades and hues form part of an eclectic palette that anybody can play with, when creating luxurious looks for your home.  Many people are hesitant about swaying away from the traditional neutral pallets typically used in furniture pieces, but as recent trends keep proving, rich blues make great key items in today’s modern home.
A signature piece of blue furniture can add an element of unexpected personality when you walk into any room. A piece like this unique Broyhill Emily Queen Blue Sofa found at Baer’s Furniture, pairs with nearly any design. It perfectly matches with the classic look of wood finishes and stands-out on a light colored wall making the room pop.
baers Broyhill Emily Queen Blue Sofa

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Go Retro With Baer’s

Remember when the term “retro” was synonymous with cool, stylish furniture. As time passed a lot of furniture designers turned away from the retro look and stuck with contemporary and modern pieces. At Baer’s we are embracing the term retro and bringing back the cool looks that we remember as kids, but with a modern twist. Our professional interior designers at Baer’s give top reviews and their own personal stamp of approval to Bernhard’s Beverly Glen Collection. This collection can be found at any Baer’s Furniture locations. When you walk into one of our Baer’s showrooms you will feel like you are sitting in an upgraded version of your childhood living room.
The Beverly Glen Entertainment Console with 4 Doors is a modern version of a typical 70’s low cabinet piece, fit perfectly for your flat screen TV. With its darker shade of wood and glass cabinet, this retro piece has been sufficiently modernized to fulfill all your functional needs in todays’ current style. The thin legs, wooden texture, and top drawers keep it true to its 70’s feel and give the room a signature edge.
Baers Beverly Glen Entertainment Console with 4 Doors

How To Choose a Sectional

Making the decision to go from a small, two seater couch to an all-encompassing sectional is a big decision, but it could be one of the best choices you will ever make. At Baer’s our customer service specialists will help you find the perfect sectional sofa to fit not only your living room, but your family too. Very few furniture pieces are able to bring everybody together in such a grand and cozy way. To know exactly what type of sectional you need to get, first you should understand what purpose the sectional is serving.  Is it there for entertainment or lounging? . The best way to learn about the perfect sectional for your home is to visit one of Baer’s 16 locations in south Florida and meet with a professional interior designer who will walk you through and review with you all of the different options you have. Sectionals come in all different, shapes, sizes and colors, so there is one that will meet your specific needs.
If you’re looking for a very sophisticated, yet casual atmosphere, using a sectional like the Bernhardt Bradley Leather is a great way to bring everybody in a room while maintaining a sense of luxury.
Baers Bernhardt Bradley Leather