Monday, June 8, 2015

Let The Metals Shine

It’s easy to see something shimmer in the bright rays of the Florida summer sun. No matter where you are, if you see an item sparkle in the corner of your eye, you are bound t look at it. So with that thought in mind, can you imagine the attention drawn to your room if you brought a metallic element to it? Now is the time to do so because metals are becoming very modern and a staple into any complete furniture design.
Incorporating a metal into your room does not mean your whole room changes. It just means there’s an extra spark in it. Having a small cabinet like the Salon 3 Drawer Nightstand from Bernhardt can easily bring more attention to your room.

Whether gold or silver, finding colors to match with your metal pieces is quite easy. Gold and silver are considered neutrals and are easy to combine with other colors for an extra pop like red, yellow and even green.
If you’re going for the dramatic and intense look, combine it with a black element.  Matching metals with a dark color is a style that withstands the test of time. The variety in metals does not only make it a convenient and easy design element to add, but it lets your room shine the way it is supposed to.
Take a look at the room design below, which accentuates metal with the Gustav Round Glass Top Dining Table with Polished Metal Base from the Bernhardt Collection. It mixes dark colors, light colors and zebra patterns all with metals.
Baers furniture
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