Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mix Comfort & Contemporary

When it comes to modernizing your spaces, it’s not only about defining the style and making sure it looks stunning. If you plan on spending long hours in that room you also want to make sure it’s enjoyable and comfortable to be in. If you’re going with the neo-contemporary style there are a lot of elements that need to work together to get this look right but the easiest way to convey this theme is by using modern furniture. So what makes a piece of furniture modern? Baer’s is more than happy to show you!

Comfort and Functionality

When looking for a piece that offers both comfort and functionality, look for something that adds extra storage and has useful elements. For example bunk beds are a great way to conserve on space in a kids room. They offer the sleek lines of contemporary while adding some fun!


This is key when it comes to keeping your space contemporary. Make sure to choose furniture pieces that are less complex and avoid an abundance of patterns and textures. At Baer’s we recommend a leather sofa in a neutral tone that will add both warmth and sleek lines to your space.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are great distinctions of this style. Keeping it simple with either black, white, grey or an earthy tone will help you create a contemporary style. You can add more color in small accessories, such as cushions or lamps.
Natuzzi Editions B8o6 Stationary Living Room Group in Brown Leather
The B8o6 Stationary Living Room Group from Natuzzi is a great example of modern pieces that you’ll want to curl up in for hours on end. The dark earthy shade and prime quality 100% genuine leather, only offered at Baer’s, are perfectly combined with the wooden legs that support the sofa. You can accessorize this piece with a textured cushion and add a throw for extra comfort. Having an ottoman in place of a coffee table is an excellent way to make your space more contemporary.
If you want to see other style recommendations, visit us at or stop by one of our showrooms today. One of our complimentary interior designers will be more than happy to help you incorporate these elements into your home.

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