Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture will bring functionality and comfort to your outdoor space. A spacious table and comfortable chairs transforms your basic patio into a lush dining destination. Add a wicker sofa and rocking chair to a cozy porch and it will quickly become a second family room.

Check out the tips below for choosing the perfect patio furniture for your space. Careful planning will reward you with an enticing outdoor living space for years to come.


Make a List

Determine how you will use your outdoor space and how you want it to function. Will you use it as a dining room when the weather is nice enough? Will you host dinner parties and birthday parties in this space? Or are you looking for a peaceful reading or journaling spot?

Write down everything you would like to do the outdoor space and let that guide you in determining the type of furniture you will need. For example, if the main use for your patio will be hosting casual evening cocktails, you probably won’t need a dining table. In this case, choose plenty of comfortable seating and a fire pit, such as the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Gas Fire Pit from Tommy Bahama.

Take a Seat

When choosing chairs, be sure to sit in them before you buy them. Comfy outdoor furniture, just like the furniture in your living room, will be used often, unlike uninviting patio furniture, which may look good, but be lacking in comfort.

Go for Easy Care

An outdoor room shouldn’t add to your housework load, but give you a space to relax, so look for low-maintenance and durable outdoor furniture. Most metal, cedar, teak, and wicker furniture can take whatever nature throws at them. Furniture made of these materials will look good for years.


You are not limited to the natural tone of the wood or the white, black or beige of wicker when purchasing outdoor furniture when purchasing furniture made of these materials. Color finishes are everywhere in the world of outdoor furniture. To stay in style longer, use bold splashes of color on the cushions and accent pieces so that your look won’t become quickly dated.

Invest in Quality

The saying “you get what you pay for” is just as true for patio furniture as it is for anything else. Poor quality plastic resin chairs or side tables look good on the shelf and may stay looking good for a year or two, but sooner or later the sun will take its toll and they will become dull and brittle. The same is true for some wicker and wood pieces. Choose durable materials such as high quality wicker and rattan or the all-weather synthetic wicker used in the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Wicker Lounger by Tommy Bahama. Shop carefully and check product reviews before making a purchase.

Look Underfoot

Ground your outdoor furniture by placing it on a weather proof rug. Advances in textiles have made many quick-drying outdoor rugs available. Soft, plush, and rich in texture, an outdoor rug will bring indoor comfort to your outdoor space.

Choose for Dual-Purpose Pieces

Make your furniture work harder. An ottoman can double as additional seating for your backyard bash and a simple bench can create seating for intimate conversations or used as additional seating at the dining table.

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