Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What to Look for in a Recliner

Recliners are practically synonymous with comfort. You may not consider recliners a modern piece of furniture, but they are now available in a surprising range of styles – from classic to elegant – and offer a variety of new features and functionality.

Bells and whistles are key when shopping for a recliner. And although there are a growing number of styles available, choosing the right recliner involves more than just aesthetics. Size, shape, and fit of the chair are all important factors to consider. The best fit will provide the most comfort, and unlike shoes, comfort is paramount in a recliner.

Below are six tips to help you choose the perfect recliner.

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Choose Your Can’t Live without Features

Make a list of your must-have features. Do you want a rocker, glider, or swivel base? Do you want a power recliner that will recline at the press of a button? If you are short on space, a wall hugger might be the one for you. Perhaps you are looking for a recliner with built-in massage to ease the stress of your day, or if you know you might be napping in your recliner, consider a lay-flat model. For example, the Casual Three-Way Recliner from Natuzzi Editions lets you find the position that best suits you, whether napping or watching TV. It’s gentle, power motion is suitable for all levels of mobility.

It Has to Be Comfortable

Make sure the recliner fits the size of your body – proper fit will mean more comfort. When testing a recliner, sit in it for as long as you need to determine if it is comfortable for you. It usually takes your body about 15-20 minutes to relax, so go ahead and take as long as you need. Make sure your feet touch the floor when in the sitting position and that your head comfortably fits the headrest.

bradington young recliner at baers furniture

Find Your Style

Narrow down your style preferences. You may think that the only styles available are bulky recliners that stand out like sore thumbs in your existing d├ęcor, but with so many new styles available, you can easily find one that fits. The Bradington Young Recliner above doesn’t look like a recliner, but gives you just as much comfort and relaxation as a standard recliner. Whether you want a modern, sleek chair, or something more traditional, there is definitely one that will suit your style.

Sized Just Right

As with any piece of furniture, keep in mind where you will put it and how much space you have. Measure the space where you intend to place the recliner and the recliner itself. When measuring the recliner, be sure to measure it while fully reclined. This will give the total amount of space the recliner will need. Recliners generally need between 1-3 feet of space from the wall. A reclining chair and ottoman set is another way to save space and maximize comfort.

Don’t Compromise Quality

Consider the quality of fabric, wood, and metal from which the recliner is constructed. The right recliner will provide years of support and comfort. If you are considering a power recliner, look for quiet motors, heavy screws, and easy-to-use levers or handles.

Once you’ve decided on comfort, style, and function, prepare to have fun shopping for your new recliner.

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