Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Creating a Contemporary and Comfortable Living Room

Designing a contemporary, comfortable living space is all about adding layers, creating conversational seating, and fashioning a room that is visually and functionally stimulating. A perfect contemporary living room pleases and teases the eye in a way that seems edgy and fun. A comfortable living room caters to your needs to casually curl up and read a book. A contemporary, casual living room does both.

Tommy Bahamas living room furniture at Baers

Functional Furniture Placement for Contemporary Living Rooms

The living room is the soul of a modern home, it is literally where almost all the action happens. Contemporary living rooms feature a large TV and a seating area and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. The TV automatically becomes a focal point, but you can keep it in an entertainment center or armoire that keeps it tucked out of sight. Proper furniture placement and cozy living room décor, such as the Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Gentlemen’s Chest, bring balance and harmony into modern contemporary design, creating an inviting and pleasant environment.

Light the Way with Functional and Efficient Fixtures

Lighting is an essential element of contemporary living room décor. The way you light a room can completely change the mood. Look for fixtures that are efficient, functional, and attractive. In addition, look for options that can change the atmosphere in the room.

When you have multiple light sources, you can control the ambiance, mood, and how you use the room. Since the living room is used for so many different purposes, you want lighting that can flex between task lighting for reading and playing games as well as relaxing peacefully for ultimate stress relief.

Room Colors Polish a Contemporary Casual Living Room

Light, neutral tones are ever popular for a reason: they give an elegant, comfortable feel to every room. Soft browns and tans have a timeless appeal that invites napping, such as on the Montecito Sofa from the Ellen DeGeneres collection by Thomasville. The sofa’s simple lines have contemporary appeal and the unfussy look screams comfort, which is solidified by the new Ellen DeGeneres cushion and deep seat design.

Used in moderation wall mirrors, glass surfaces, and metal accents visually increase the appearance of space in your living room and give it personality. If you have a wall of windows, you can use the view as an element to complement your design. Beware, though, too many brightly polished metal and mirrored surfaces can have the opposite effect and make small living rooms seem cluttered.

Clutter-Free Interior Decorating

Contemporary style is very minimalist, so stick to a design that uses 2-3 colors light neutral colors, few accessories, and creative fusion of styles for added charm and elegance. However, it does not have to be severe and unwelcoming. A plush area rug and comfortable sofa will welcome family and friends to sit and hang out a while.

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