Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Prepare Your Tropical Patio Decor for Spring Entertaining

With its abundant fragrant blooms, spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year for outdoor entertaining. Nothing beats sipping some lemonade - or something stronger - surrounded by tropical patio decor and the scent of night blooming jasmine. It doesn't take much to put together the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

outdoor entertaining with Tommy Bahama Furniture

Comfortable Outdoor Furniture for Seating and Eating

Whether you cook outside (I'll get to that later) or just serve outside, you'll need plenty of comfortable seating for your guests. A dining table, so that you don't have to balance a plate on your lap while trying to eat, is a necessity. Choose one that will fit the type of entertaining you plan to do.

If your style is on the formal side, the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Double Pedestal Table by Tommy Bahama has the right mix of formal and casual elements for outdoor entertaining. It features a Weatherstone table top that is more durable than stone or marble. The flared, intricately woven double pedestal bases bring a subtle element to your tropical patio decor. You can amp it up by upholstering the chairs in a bright tropical print, or keep it simple with a neutral fabric.

Throw Some Shade for Your Guests

Despite cooling breezes, the Florida spring sun can become intense, so make sure there is shade for your guests. It can be as simple as an umbrella or as fancy as a pergola, but a source of shade is a must-have for your guests when the sun is out. This allows your guests to enjoy the outdoors without risking sunburn or seeking refuge inside.

There are many options, from arranging seating undercover to putting up a temporary awning. Guests can take a refreshing dip in the pool and then retire to a shaded area to avoid the strong rays of the sun.

tropical furniture for outdoor living

Create Comfortable Conversational Areas

It's a good idea to have some areas with comfortable seating arranged to inspire conversation. Outdoor furniture has evolved from a simple lawn chair to full-blown sofas, chairs, and tables. For example, the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Scatterback sofa by Tommy Bahama enhances your tropical patio decor. It features Sunbrella outdoor upholstery with the look and feel of indoor textiles but the durability and fade-resistance of outdoor textiles. This is also a great way to show your tropical style with colorful fabrics and fun patterns.

A Place to Prepare Food

Whether it be an elaborate outdoor cooking station or a simple grill, having a place to cook food outside can make your entertaining easier. No one wants to be stuck in a kitchen inside missing all the action. If the kitchen is outside, that makes entertaining much more fun for everyone. To make it simple, serve a mix of cold salads that can be made or purchased ahead of time and simple meats and vegetables grilled to order.

Outdoor Lighting to Set the Mood

If your soiree will be after dark, you'll need plenty of lighting so that your guests don't stumble around in unfamiliar territory. Permanent pendant lights or wall-mounted options made for outdoor use will give you the brightness you need. You can also add temporary options such as paper lanterns or string lights.

fire pit for outdoor romance

Fire Pit for Outdoor Romance

There are still some cool spring evenings where you might want to gather around a fire pit. Not only will this help keep your guests warm, it will enhance the ambiance of your entertaining space. A stand-alone gas fire pit, such as the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Gas Fire Pit combines modern design with tropical touches that will draw the eye and invite your guests to sit and visit.

Including one or more of these tips will ensure that you have an inviting outdoor space perfect for large gatherings or intimate get-togethers all spring long.

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