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Furniture with Art and as Art

Looking to spruce up your space and add in more eclectic pieces? Or perhaps you're simply searching for a unique pattern and pop of color? We have just the tip for you!

Now more than ever, many people are purchasing furniture featuring murals and paintings, as well as other types of art, to add a custom aesthetic to their living spaces. In other words, the furniture becomes part of the art and isn't just offsetting it. However, another great way to create a cool, fun aesthetic in the room is to invest in furniture that pairs well with art pieces such as paintings, gallery walls, or even sculptures in your home.

Why Artistic Furniture Is Trending

Before we delve into what types of furniture to look for, let's talk about why artistic furniture is so popular.

Designers frequently refer to furniture as "functional art." Functional art is usually aesthetic objects that serve utilitarian purposes. Furniture is already an art form, but furniture that features art adds a uniqueness and niche quality many spaces don't have.

Have you ever seen a console with gorgeous carved images? Or what about a dresser with a painted mural? Believe it or not, this type of furniture brings more joy into a room because the art tells a story. You don't just have to hang pictures or find someone to paint a cool mural on your wall if your furniture is the art.

Types of Furniture to Look For

Pieces with images on them or that complement other art in the room are among the best types of furniture for this aesthetic. Typically, a nice neutral or solid-colored sofa will do the trick in complementing paintings on the walls or photo galleries on shelves.

On the other hand, when looking for furniture that features art, you want pieces that are bold and stand out to add that bit of fun and texture to the space.

Furniture Featuring Art 

When looking for furniture that features art, consider pieces that have more surface area and are wider so that they really show off the art. Try looking at cool coffee tables, dressers, end tables, and even consoles. A beautiful console can liven up a living room and also create a much more appealing place to put a TV so that this part of the room doesn't look plain and dry.

The Hooker Big Bang Entertainment Console is a perfect example of a piece that stands out as a metallic piece with rays carved into relief. Its shine will instantly brighten up your TV room.

If you want something colorful for your bedroom, dining room, or hallway, the Coast2Coast Cottage Credenza will fit perfectly with many decorative motifs. 

Furniture That Complements Art 

To complement art in a space, we often recommend large pieces with solid, neutral tones, like couches, loveseats, and chairs. These furniture pieces are great for offsetting intense textures and ornate patterns that you might have in your wall art and/or sculptures and murals. The Lansing Sectional Sofa is the perfect piece for this purpose. Look at how it balances the light coming into the room with the painting hung directly behind it and also serves as a link between the floor lamp and wood accent. Its beige tone is also great if you're going for a more modern look in the room. 

It's always important to add personality to your space, and it can be easily done by including pieces with art on them. For more information and selections on these types of pieces, visit the Baer's website. With 16 furniture showroom locations throughout Florida, Baer's Furniture has dozens of artistic pieces on display. Stop in today.

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