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Preparing Your Home for an Extended Vacation

 You may know Florida by its official nickname, “The Sunshine State,” but among locals, it’s affectionately referred to as “The Snowbird State.” Many part-time Florida residents also keep a home in another state, Canada, or even further abroad. The advantages are that they can enjoy the sun and fun in December and return home when the weather is more palatable. 

But how do you prepare both your northern home and your Florida home for an extended absence? Leaving for a few weeks is not always a big deal, but if you leave for a few months or more, there are some steps you should take to ensure your home is safe, clean, and intact for your return. 

Why Preparation is Important

The longer you’re away from your home, the greater the chance that a damaging event can happen. Your roof can develop a leak, the water heater can break and flood the basement or garage, or you could be the victim of vandalism or burglary. Sure, some of these events could happen whether you’re home or away, but if you’re home or nearby, you can take measures to mitigate the damage. 

Tips For Preparing Your Home Against Damage

Whether you’re preparing your northern home for a long trip to Florida or your Florida home for a return north, the following tips will help preserve the comfortable state of your home. 

Ask A Neighbor to Check In

If you have indoor plants, you may have already thought about this, but even if your interior is decorated with faux foliage, your neighbor can check around and look for anything of concern: a cracked window, leaks, odors, or anything that’s out of place. They can also take in the mail and water the plants. 

Buy a Dehumidifier

We believe having a dehumidifier in Florida — where humidity is frequently in the 80s and 90s — is essential. Some models have an attachment for a garden hose to drain automatically. If you’re not going to be there to empty the water trap, you’ll need this feature. Can you imagine what several months of humidity could do to the supple leather of this Natuzzi Astuzia 5-Piece Reclining Sectional?

Don’t Completely Shut Off Your HVAC System

For the same reason we mentioned in the previous section, you will want to leave your HVAC system running. You don’t have to keep your Florida home cooled to 72 degrees when you’re not there, but you don’t want your interior to climb to the 80s. High temperatures can cause wooden furniture to expand and contract, causing it to crack. If you set your thermostat to 79 or 80, your bill will remain relatively low, and it will keep your home ventilated. You may also leave a ceiling fan on to promote airflow. 

A beautiful, high-quality piece like the Easton Hills Relaxed Vintage Credenza may be durable enough for extensive use, but high humidity can shorten its lifespan. 

Let the Police Department Know the House Will Be Empty

Many Florida police departments provide extra watch services for homes and businesses that will be unoccupied for periods of time. It lets the officer patrolling your zone know to keep an eye out for your property. Additionally, you should do your best to give your home a “lived-in” appearance. That means you leave a light or two on, make sure you either stop your mail or have a neighbor bring it in, and your landscaping is maintained. 

Hire a Housekeeper

Few things are quite as satisfying as coming home to a clean home. Without expending a fortune, you can hire a housekeeper to come in every two weeks for half a day. In addition to dusting, ventilating your home, and conditioning furniture, they can water the plants, toss out junk mail, and examine the home for any signs of neglect. You may also choose to have a deep clean done while you’re away. 

Have a Storm Contingency Plan

This works both ways. If you’re away from Florida during hurricane season, you need a plan to prepare your property ahead of a storm. If you’re away from your northern home during the winter, your property may experience a blizzard in your absence. 

Taking Advantage of Your Absence 

If you aren’t going to be home for a few months, it may be the ideal time to tackle extensive home remodeling or home renovation projects. You can avoid the dust and disruption while you’re gone and return to an amazing new home. 

Who wouldn’t want to spend the summer away and then return to this Florida dining room featuring the Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Breeze Formal Dining Room Group

If you are planning to remodel, make sure that you stop by one of Baer’s 16 Florida furniture stores. With their white glove delivery service, you can be sure that your furniture will be assembled and in the right place when you return. Just make sure you make arrangements for someone to let them in with your gorgeous pieces. 

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