Friday, September 25, 2015

Bring Romance Into Decor

Romance, that exciting adventure you share deeply with a loved one, can easily be lost in the hectic lifestyles most couples lead.By now, you may see these busy patterns as your daily routine. Losing yourself to responsibilities may have made each of you forget about the importance of blissful quality time together. Moments were you can hold hands, share some laughs, and rekindle your love and passion should be enjoyed more often than you think. Remember those special days when you did everything together and could not get enough of each other? Well, there is no reason why you can’t have days like that again. With Bernhardt’s Miramont collection, Baer’s can help you set an ambiance that exudes elegance and romance.

The Miramont 9 Piece Dining Set with Double Pedestal Table and Upholstered Chairs is a great place to share a romantic dinner and have sparkling conversations. The dark chocolate wood with the veneer finish makes this a warm piece to liven up any mood. With its long elegant lines, the chairs perfectly compliment this table to top off the amorous atmosphere you want to create. Simply add a vase with red roses and voila!
The Beverly Glen King Upholstered Panel Bed with Exposed Wood Grille is a great place to spark up the romance. With its terrazzo wooden finish and cream cloth headboard, this piece adds that Hollywood glamour to your room. The artful design of the exposed wooden frame provides a setting of modern allure.
If you want to find more sophisticated pieces to love, visit us at or come to one of our showrooms and talk to one of our complimentary interior designers. At Baer’s Furniture we are always happy to help with any of your furniture questions and needs.

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