Monday, September 14, 2015

Furniture Makeover

When you create a space that you grow to love, it can be hard to accept when it’s time for a change. Unfortunately, all those pieces that you hand-picked with thought and care won’t last forever, so it’s important to recognize when it’s time to kiss that beautifully crafted table goodbye. Or if that couch where you made countless memories watching movies with your kids is starting to swallow you up, it’s definitely time to move on! Here are some signs that your furniture pieces need to be replaced.

Color Confusion

Remember that time you spilled coffee all over your sofa? Or when you accidentally scraped the edges of your coffee table on moving day? All of these memories, along with time, have contributed to the wear and tear of your current furniture. When you start wondering if your sofa and tables are changing color or constantly look like they need to be cleaned, then it’s definitely time to invest in a new living room set.
Island Estate Living Room Set by Tommy Bahama

The Island Estate Living Room Group from Tommy Bahama found at Baer’s Furniture is a piece that will definitely last you a long time. It is a top seller for us at Baer’s and is a timeless piece where you can make years of new memories!

Creaking Orchestra

When your sofa is making a symphony of its own every time you sit back and try to relax, then it’s definitely time to change that piece. Once it starts squeaking, it will not stop. When it starts making noises it means that there are problems with the infrastructure which could potentially be dangerous. Especially pull out couches that have a more complicated framework. A great piece to replace your couch with is the Tommy Bahama Island Estate West Shore Sectional which matches perfectly with the Island Estate Boca Cocktail table.
Island Estate West Shore Sectional Couch
The spaces that we use the most are the ones that tend to suffer the most as well, but investing in quality furniture truly pays off. If you want to find your new furniture set, visit us on the internet or come to one of our Baer’s showrooms and talk to our complimentary interior designers.

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