Friday, February 26, 2016

Give Your Bedroom Old Hollywood Glamour with a Contemporary Flair

Glitz, glamour, and big time drama—these are the essential elements of Hollywood style. Known as a place where life is bigger and better and dreams are brought to life, from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to Bogart and Bacall, Hollywood’s golden era will truly provide inspiration for interior trends and design styles for decades to come.

Although considered the epitome of opulent, extravagant, and over the top, todays’ reimagining of Hollywood’s golden era freshens the look with gorgeous improvisations and contemporary twists. This sophisticated look is back with a vengeance. The sheer audacity and visual richness of Hollywood-inspired pieces make them well worth incorporating into any room’s design.

Beverly Glen King Upholstered Panel Bed by Bernhardt

Everything Old Is New Again

A style that referenced many other styles, the old, midcentury Hollywood style combined elements from numerous d├ęcor movements, the most obvious being neoclassical and art deco. The Beverly Glen King Upholstered Panel Bed with Exposed Wood Grille by Bernhardt harkens back to old Hollywood yet is decidedly contemporary. The mix of classic shapes and artful lines blends transitional elegance with bold detailing and a large faux fur rug creates the drama you expect from Hollywood.

Inspired by the homes of Ancient Greek and Roman royalty, each piece used in a room is beautiful, detailed, and a work of art that stands on its own. And it wouldn’t be Hollywood without mirrors, high-gloss finishes, rich panels that elevate the look while maintaining the theme. The Beverly Glen Dresser by Bernhardt shown below does just that. It evokes the dramatic effect cultivated best by old Hollywood. Walnut veneers with rich brown finishes radiate warmth and subtle extravagance—the modern twist to royal blues, emerald greens, bright reds, and polished golds.

Beverly Glen Dresser by Bernhardt

Livable Glamour for the 21st Century

In showbiz they hunt for the ‘it’ factor—a characteristic you can’t necessarily put your finger on but you know it when you find it. Pulling of this elusive task is as much about creativity and experimentation as it is about fine taste and an eye for right aesthetics. You’ll know when the addition of a special piece makes or breaks the look of your room as you look around and see an air of luxurious sophistication and refinement in your home.

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