Monday, February 22, 2016

Make Your Bedroom a Comfy, Cozy Retreat Full of Southern Charm

Wood, iron, vintage pieces, modern fabrics, white walls—it seems just about anything goes these days in the design world. So, when you are looking to create a cozy bedroom full of southern charm, just where to you start?

The classic look of traditional furniture will never go out of style. Reclaimed wood and all white rooms, cottage style and farmhouse rooms are still popular—and for good reason. People love the casual, lived-in feel they get from these styles. Soothing blues pair with clean, crisp white and natural colors create a casually elegant style. And even though this style may draw strongly on traditional roots, it still has a modern flair.

Paula Deen Dogwood Collection Bed

For instance, the Paula Deen Dogwood Collection by Universal demonstrates the classic look that is always in style, including:

  • 1. White woodwork and walls.
  • 2. Classic wood furniture and floors.
  • 3. Collected artwork.
  • 4. Neutral textured rugs.
  • 5. Pottery and glass pieces displayed.
  • 6. Flowers and plants that bring in nature.
  • 7. Shine and matte textures.
  • 8. Pillows, throws, and area rugs.
  • 9. Lamps with interesting textures and shapes

Bring in a color that sets the scene against the white walls and neutral floor. Blue and white always seems to be popular, it is just so easy on the eyes, but you can use any color that creates the relaxing atmosphere you want in a bedroom. Include this color in the art on the walls, the cushions and pillows, and the bed linens and decorative throws. Paint an accent wall if that suits your style. Keeping it light will give you a room that feels cozy and spacious at the same time.

Paula Deen Dogwood Collection Chair

Pay attention to details that effortlessly combine Southern sophistication with functionality and look for elegant pieces that fit any design style. Understated details such as weathered edges and cream finishes, with just the right amount of wear and tear, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Turned or tapered legs, bobbin and spool turn details and a variety of metal hardware such as round knobs and pendant door pulls add an authentic feel. The Dogwood Bed End Bench shown above exemplifies the practicality that is characteristic of southern comfort.

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