Friday, March 18, 2016

Bold and Functional Storage Solutions from Hooker Furniture

Making the most of your vertical space and reducing clutter are two ways you can make your room more organized and functional. But not all bookcases are created equal. As with any piece of furniture that will become a focal point in your living room, purchasing a bookshelf should be a well-researched and informed decision. Your new bookcase should tie your living room furniture together while making a statement without being gaudy. That’s a tall order for a tall piece of furniture.

With so much at stake, it is essential that you pick the right one—the one that will become a trendy and attractive focal point in your living room. Below are some helpful tips on how to choose the bookshelf that is right for you. You will be rewarded for you hard work and dedication with a piece of furniture that meets your needs and fits your style.

Make a Floor Plan

Measure the available space and take a few moments to determine the best location for your new bookcase. Make sure that the bookshelf doesn’t crowd or overpower your living room and that you have enough room to walk by it once it's in place. Measure the floor, wall, and ceiling space for the piece you are considering—you’ll want to make sure that a tall bookcase will fit in the intended space.

Tall bookcases with plenty of shelves for display and doors to hide some of you storage can help you make the most of your vertical space. You can also add a desk in the corner, preferably near a window to benefit from natural light and to avoid distractions such as the TV. The Cherry Creek Traditional Wall Bookcase is just such a piece. This modular system consists of two 32” wall cabinets, a 52” bookcase, and wall units on each end. It offers you 24 shelves, most adjustable, for storage and display, double-door storage cabinets, and canister lights in each end unit.

Plan Your Display

Books are the most traditional option for bookcase contents, however, knick knacks are increasing in popularity. Movies, board games, video games, photographs, accent pieces, and of course, books are all making their homes on bookshelves. Planning out what to put on the shelves ahead of time helps you determine how much shelf space is needed, and what kind and size of shelves to get. There are many options to choose from, including adjustable shelves, drawers and shelves with glass doors. The more you learn about the type of bookcase you want, the faster and easier your shopping experience will be.

For instance, you may not need a wall of bookshelves, so a smaller option may work better in your space. The Cherry Creek Traditional Wall Bookcase can be used on its own in smaller spaces. Books, games, curios, and more will find safe, secure homes on the shelves in this piece.

Keep It Cohesive with Your Existing Furniture

Once you know much space you have in your living room and how many items you want to display, the last thing to consider is matching your pre-existing living room furniture. For example, if your current style is minimalistic, then an embellished bookshelf may not be the best choice. You need to take style, color, and material into consideration. You may not be able to match color or style exactly, but with careful research you can find a piece that will go with your current living room furniture.

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