Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Make Your Bedroom a Getaway with Shades of Blue

With cool, relaxing hues, blue is the perfect color to turn your master bedroom into a relaxing getaway. Quiet, uninterrupted time is more than a treat, it is a necessity in today’s fast-paced, high-stressed world. One of the more soothing colors on the spectrum, shades of blue range from pale robins-egg blue to deep navy, so there is bound to be a shade that works with your decorating style.

If you have a traditional bedroom, deep shades of blue can give you an elegant backdrop for antiques and classic furnishings. A deep shade doesn't have to be a dark shade; muted and pale tones of blue can create a soft look if you don’t want a dark color on your walls. Try blue-grey, or a grey with undertones of lavender, for a comforting and romantic feel.

Go Beyond the Pale with Warm Wood Furniture

The Dogwood Tybee Island King Bed from the Paula Deen Home collection dressed in shades of blue creates a soft, inviting space for relaxing at the end of a hectic day. The pale blue on the walls doesn’t over power the space and goes well with the warm wood tones of the bed and side tables. The blue, grey, and white bedlinens stay with the color palette and floral pillows bring in touches of complementary greens and browns.

Below are a few more ways you can use shades of blue in your bedroom décor:
  • Mix shades of blue or use the ombre technique—graduating shades that move from darker to lighter—for visual interest.
  • Paint the ceiling blue to give the look of greater height.
  • Create an accent wall with a bright or deep shade of blue for a pop of color that doesn't over whelm the room. Use grey, cream, or white on the rest of the walls.
  • Pair navy blue or indigo with white to create a striking and crisp contrast that is still warm and soothing.
  • Use a comforter or bedspread as an inspiration and choose that shade of blue for your walls. You can paint only one wall if it is an extremely bright or dark shade.

Add Light, Texture, and Color for a Peaceful Retreat

Once you have your inspiration pieces, choosing the paint color will be easy. Carry that color palette onto the floor with an area rug that shows off the dark wood, and use white or cream colored drapes to keep the room light and bright. Add a nightstand, such as the Dogwood Nightstand with an outlet so that it doubles as a convenient charging station.

Finishing touches personalize the look, your favorite piece of blue pottery, silver clock, lighting, and any other collectibles that remind you of your favorite getaway. In addition, when you are creating a space to evoke peace and calm, think about appealing to all the senses—texture and color, light and sound, space and smell. Your mood can be affected by your surroundings, all senses influence how you feel. Once completed, you’ll have a peaceful retreat.

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