Monday, May 16, 2016

What's Your Style: Cool Coastal Home Office from Sligh Furniture

Do you love Jimmy Buffet? Strolling barefoot in the sand? Shell motif on almost anything? Bright, breezy coastal style that transports you straight to the beach could be the perfect style for your home office. Think light palettes with colors drawn from shells, sand, sea and sky. Even better, if this is the look you love, you can pull it off in your home office, even if you are miles away from the seashore, with the Bal Harbour collection from Sligh.

Isle of Palms wood credenza and desk

Weathered Woods

Traditionally, coastal style dictates light, weathered wood with a sun and salt kissed patina. Blond maple and ash, whitewashed or pickled woods, and bamboo all fit within the dictates of the style. Beadboard and painted planks are also classic renditions of coastal style. A more modern take is the combination of bamboo, rosewood, and leather found in the Isle of Palms Credenza and Desk from Sligh. This coastal-style piece includes Caribbean influences that provide an authentic, beachy atmosphere.

Clean, Crisp Fabrics

Keep the fabric effortless and unpretentious, such as cotton rugs, linen slipcovers, and sheers or linen panels that catch the breeze as window dressing. Pure white is commonly used, but washed-out pastels and tailored stripes also work with the look. Feel free to use shell or nautical themed fabrics, but beware of straying into kitsch.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers such as sea grass, straw, and jute in rugs, furnishings, and accessories create natural warmth and add texture to a coastal-themed office. Touches of woven panels and crushed bamboo door fronts as found in the Malibu Writing Desk by Sligh are true to the theme and make your office work anything but boring.

Tropical Wood Desk by Sligh at Baer's Furniture

Abundant Light

Light is probably the most important, but most overlooked element of coastal style. Give it some thought: have you ever walked into a beach house that felt dark, cramped, and cluttered? There’s a reason why white is the signature color of coastal interiors: it reflects and amplifies light instead of soaking it up. A coastal interior will blur or remove the line between indoors and outdoors. Picture windows, skylights and glass doors all letting sunlight to stream in.

If your home doesn’t have these features, you can use lamps and sconce to create the proper atmosphere. Simple window treatments won’t subdue the glow and adding a few carefully chosen accents that reflect the light—a mirror on a wall opposite the window or a glass topped table—will keep the room light and bright.

If you want to turn your home office into a beachside getaway with furniture from Sligh, visit a Baer’s Furniture Showroom near you. Take advantage of the free design service and speak with a design specialist about creating your style.

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