Monday, June 6, 2016

How to Decorate an All (or Mostly) White Master Bedroom

Using white in interior design is a trend that doesn’t seem to be fading. If you like the crisp, clean feel of an all or mostly white room, here are some tips to bring this natural, beautiful into your bedroom with ease. The Miramont Collection from Bernhardt is an excellent example of how white can work in a master bedroom.

Spaces with a plethora of natural light are the best for using white effectively. When light streams through the windows and is diffused by sheer curtains, the room is flooded with visual softness that creates a comfy-cozy atmosphere.

If you ask an interior designer or an architect which color they think is the most beautiful in terms of light, and they’ll both probably answer white. And although white does present some challenges in proper cleaning, durability, and practicality, when used correctly, it can be breathtakingly bright and beautiful, and can make a room feel much taller or larger than it actually is.

All white bedroom from Baer's Furniture

Don’t Be Afraid of the White

Many homeowner shy away from white due to its propensity for showing every stain, blemish, spill, nick or smudge. If you want to use white practically and effectively, you must take into consideration how and where it is applied. It’s best to stick to lower-traffic areas, particularly if soft goods such as rugs and other textiles are the main element in your design. Master bedroom suites, guest rooms, sunrooms, libraries, or home offices are all great places to use all or mostly white designs.

If you love white rooms and want to use it in your great room, living rooms, entries or hallways or dining rooms—high-traffic, high-spill areas—you can do so by choosing easy to clean leather furniture. It may seem counterintuitive, but leather chairs and sofas are good choices for easy cleaning, spills wipe right off, and the wear and tear that comes with age adds character. If you find a white upholstered sofa that you love, be sure to invest in a protection plan that will protect it from spills.

A great example of an all-white designer space that is livable is the master bedroom featured above. With the Miramont Queen Bed from Bernhardt as the focal point, the room is layered with several shades of white that play with the abundant natural light in the space. Beginning with the mix of textures on the bed itself and moving to the use of white-on-white walls, carpet, and flooring, the room includes an equal measures of practical and pretty.

White rooms can feel stark, cold, impersonal, and even one-dimensional. To avoid this effect, layer various shades of white in numerous ways and use an assortment of materials and textures. In addition, combine different finishes such as eggshell paint or walls and ceilings, reflective or high-gloss on furniture, satin on flooring, as well as smooth finishes on accents or accessories.

100 Shades of White

Simply choosing the proper white seems simple, right? However, white comes in more than 100 different shades. Ultra-white induces a modern, purist effect, and is best for minimalist spaces. Beige-whites and yellow-whites work well for traditional rooms and purple-whites are feminine and can create a more formal feeling in the space. Also, blue-white is a popular choice for a calm, cool, and glamorous look.

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