Friday, August 26, 2016

What's Your Style: Cottage Chic from Stanley Furniture

Do you like straw hats? Did you have slipcovers before they became a thing? Do you prefer hydrangea’s over long stem roses? You might like cottage style. Cheerful and laid-back, cottage styles is warm, welcoming, comfortable, cozy, and casual — perfect for the way you really live. The Cypress Grove Collection by Stanley Furniture puts a contemporary spin on cottage chic. A bedroom is the perfect place for the calm, cozy, quiet charm created by this style.

baers furniture cottage style bedroom

Airy Palettes

Once upon a time, cottage style was synonymous with shabby chic, but no longer. With colors as soft and clean as cotton sheets fresh from the clothesline, cottage style is clean, crisp, and personal. No bright pink or emerald green, but a gentle mix of white, ivory, and cream. Hints and layers of pale pinks, greens, blues, and lavenders are acceptable, but don't combine too many pastels. For a cleaner look, stick to one or two shades.


Fabrics are a defining element in cottage style, natural materials and textures such as cotton, burlap, and linen bring the look down to earth. Vintage fabrics add visual interest to pillows and quilts, but go easy on the floral prints, they can make the room feel fussy and overdone.

baers furniture wooden details cottage style

Wood Details

Wooden details are an important element in cottage style and headboard is a perpetual favorite. It’s easy to install and can add instant warmth and character to a room. However, it can make a bold statement and a little goes a long way. Another option is a paneled headboard with a subtle honeycomb-style inlays. The glazed white parchment finish of the Cypress Grove Cottage Style headboard by Stanley Furniture give the room the light feel that is a hallmark of cottage chic.

Rustic Flooring

Rustic flooring is common in classic cottages, no wall-to-wall carpeting or shiny vinyl. Stained, painted, stenciled or pickled wood is the standard, but brick and stone are also acceptable. Rug materials should be kept simple — sisal or braided cotton that complement the neutral palette.

Collections Rule

All those collections you’ve been saving over the years will have their heyday in cottage style. The collections that tend to populate cottage rooms work because of their sheer numbers — this is not the time for a less is more approach.

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