Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Make It Your Own with the Personal Design Series from Lexington

Your home reflects your personality, your style, and your passions. Ensuring that you have the right pieces of furniture is crucial in such a personal space. A good foundational piece of furniture can last a long time, so in addition to the need to stand up to every day wear and tear, your furniture should also express who you are.

However, sometimes finding that perfect piece can be a chore. You may not be able to find the right size, shape or color for the room you need to furnish. The Lexington Personal Design Series might be the right choice for you. The numerous pieces in this series can be customized to suit any taste and fit with any preexisting décor.

Baers affordable custom furniture


This collection allows you to create a look that is uniquely yours. By selecting from an array of design options, you can build the piece you want at an affordable price point. You choose the frame—standard or oversized—and go from there. Cushion configurations, boxed edge or knife edge, bed pillows or scatterback pillows are among the many options available. You get the best of both worlds: a piece that is completely your own at a price that is well within your budget.

Lexington personal design series


Based on your individual taste and style, you most likely have a specific vision of how you what your home to look and feel, even if you have trouble articulating it. Custom upholstery can help you realize this vision in ways a pre-made item can’t—it is a visual representation of your uniqueness. A custom upholstered sofa can be made to complement existing décor or bring a little extra sizzle without throwing color palette off completely. Everyone has a favorite color, or maybe you need something to go with an existing piece that you adore. This is where custom upholstery works its magic. With the Lexington Personal Design Series you can choose from track arms or sock arms, tapered block wooden feet or ater fall skirt, two or three cushion seat, and approximately 897 cover options, the possibilities seem endless.

Saves Time

Whether you are shopping for a picture-perfect sofa for the living room, or the best bench for your entry way, it can take hours of unrelenting searching that zaps your time and energy and still leaves you empty handed. Your furniture is something you see every day, it creates the backdrop of your daily life. By choosing the exact color and type of fabric, you are ensuring that you will be happy with your surroundings every time you enter your home. With the help of a trained interior designer, you can quickly find a custom-made piece that will fit your needs perfectly. An interior designer will know exactly where to look for the piece you have in mind and guide you through the process.

Visit a Baer’s Furniture showroom near you to learn more about the Lexington Personal Design Series and take advantage of the free interior design service. One of Baer’s highly qualified design professionals can help you create a custom piece that is perfect for your home.

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