Thursday, September 29, 2016

Make Your Broyhill Leather Sofa the Centerpiece of Your Room

While furniture styles may come and go, one of the most enduring is leather. Almost anything leather has a timeless appeal. You know it is meant to last. Sure, there are style updates, but you can find a leather couch in almost any style, from traditional to mid-century modern, to contemporary. A leather couch is a statement piece for the ages.

There’s something about leather furniture that exudes comfort and warmth. It adds an element of calm and elegance to any room and is easy to clean and maintain. In fact, the look of leather gets better as it ages. However, many find decorating a living room with a leather sofa a challenge. It doesn’t have to be. By letting the leather’s natural qualities shine through, your leather sofa can be the centerpiece of your living room décor.

Highlight the Leather Color

Leather is available in a variety of shades, including rich brown, red, cream, yellow or black. Darker shades can make a room seem masculine, so soften it with soft colors on the curtains, walls, and other furniture pieces. A black leather sofa will create interest in the space if paired with rich, deep colored throw pillows or an area rug. Blue-gray, burgundy, and rust are all good choices. These accessories will make your living room feel warm, welcoming, and luxurious. Soft greens, blues, and buttery yellows go well with light colored leather sofas.

Additional Accent Colors

We've discussed color for the walls and accessories, now consider additional accent colors. If you have a dark leather sofa, add some light decor to the room to keep the sofa from becoming overbearing. If your sofa is a lighter shade, try some patterned accents in the same color as your sofa. Select draperies, rugs, and other design elements in neutral shades to balance your living room. This may seem contradictory, but remember that you want to create a cohesive space. So try adding and taking away these elements until you achieve the look you like. Keep it simple so that your leather sofa can take center stage.

Place Your Leather Furniture Carefully

This goes for any living room design. Avoid a look that appears cluttered by spacing out your furniture. If you have a leather sofa set or sectional, add some pieces such as accent tables in lighter materials and colors. This will give the room some texture as well as contributing to a lighter feel.

Accessorize in Harmony

Highlight the texture of your leather sofa by including a small piece of leather furniture in your décor. A chair or ottoman will accentuate the look without drawing attention away from the sofa. Place a piece of artwork on the wall that highlights your sofa or use a small, simple dining or side chair to add an element of interest. Accessories made from natural materials will amplify the look of your leather sofa. Bamboo blinds, cotton throws, and terracotta pots are all good choice for accessories.

Make It Fresh

Remember that your leather sofa is likely to be with you for a long time. But it doesn’t have to become outdated. Try different colors and fabric to create a fresh look. Use the leather sofa as a backdrop, and soften it with diaphanous sheers, or add throw pillows with bright pops of color such as tangerine, turquoise, and yellow. Or update your look with throw pillows in modern prints – changing out the throw pillows can quickly update any look for any season.

Making your leather sofa shine doesn’t have to be complicated. Just put your creativity to work and use it to create a fresh, new look that is entirely your own.

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