Monday, October 24, 2016

Area Rugs, Pillows, Throws, and Accessories: Layers of Texture Every Home Should Have

All rooms need texture to create depth and interest in the décor. But, what does that mean, exactly? What designers usually mean when they talk about texture is that it has both visual and tactile appeal. Texture adds dimension and is a really great way to add visual interest to a room that might otherwise seem one-dimensional. For example, an all-white or all-beige room can easily become boring, but making careful choices about how you use textiles can make it dramatic – even if they are in the same color palette.

Architectural features such as a stone fireplace, columns or paneling on the walls can add texture. And you can also choose furniture for the texture it brings to your space. A wicker chair or leather chair or tufted velvet sofa can add a layer of visual interest. However, you may not want to replace furniture, add a fireplace or panel your walls. If you want to quickly refresh the look of any room, add some texture with area rugs, pillows, throws, and accessories.

surya area rug gemini collection

Area Rugs

Wall-to-wall carpeting is cushy under foot, but isn’t always visually interesting. And although wood flooring or tile is beautiful, it can often seem uninviting and cold. In these instances, adding an area rug can add texture and interest. Adding area rugs to bedrooms and family rooms may seem obvious, but have you considered adding an area rug to the kitchen? Or a runner in a hallway? Cowhide, sisal, flat weaves, rag rugs, kilim rugs – just about any rug you can think of will add texture and warmth in these unexpected spaces. A rug from the Gemini collection by Surya will add elegance and charm to a room with any type of décor. Hand tufted from banana silk, the muted colors add extra dimension and softness.

surya rugs mammoth pillow


Pillows are another easy way to add texture they're called throw pillows for ao reason. Just choose from the thousands of different styles available and toss a few on your sofa, chair, or bed. When creating texture with pillows, look for different fabrics such as velvet, chenille, or linen. The pattern and texture on the Mammoth pillow from Surya will add visual interest to any room.

surys rugs woven throws


Throws add an extra layer of texture as well as extra warmth. They can by casually draped on couches, footstools, or chairs, or across the foot of the bed. They come in a variety of textiles such as high-end silk of cashmere, soft flannel, chunky cable knit, lightweight cotton, or even fur. You can use a textured weave or pattern to create more interest. The Throw Blankets collection by Surya Rugs gives you seemingly endless option in color, weave, texture, and pattern that will add depth and warmth to a bedroom, living room, guest room or den.

tommy bahama decorative mirror palm leaf motif

Decorative Accessories

Once you’ve built your foundation with area rugs, pillows, and throws it’s time to accessorize. There are many decorative accessories can add texture, here are just a few to give you inspiration.
  • Baskets
  • Crystal or wooden candlesticks
  • Ceramics vases
  • Natural elements such as shells, coral, driftwood, or stacked firewood
  • Wood or silver picture frames
  • Embroidered, ruffled or antique lampshades
  • Interesting mirrors
  • Rustic or hammered metal finishes on bookends or lamp bases
  • Stacks of books with decorative covers
  • Furniture with nailhead trim
  • Cut-glass furniture pulls
  • Trees or plants
  • Lamp bases with geometric finishes, interesting shapes or textures
Just keep in mind that your accessory groupings should vary in height, weight, size, and shape. Use the rule of three and add a little greenery.

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