Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dining Room Sets for Casual Entertaining

If you have a both a formal and casual dining room, the ability to dine and entertain in separate spaces is a wonderful thing. However, if you have only one dining space, you’ll probably find yourself juggling to make the casual space look formal enough to host a dinner party, or to make the formal space suitable for a casual gathering. Dining room sets that provide versatile seating options might be the perfect solution to this challenge.

Assess Your Style

Begin by assessing your style – your dining style, that is. If you frequently have large Sunday dinners, you may need a dining room set with a center leaf that can be used and then removed. However, if your family tends to grab quick meals and you don’t do a lot of entertaining, a smaller table may be better for you.
lexington casual dining room set from Baers

Check Your Seating

Dining room sets with casual chairs are a good option if your style is more casual. The difference between types of chairs can make a big difference in how formal or casual your dining room feels. Chairs with straight high backs tend to be more formal, while chairs with shorter backs made of metal or plastic will seem more casual. However, you can make your formal chairs seem more casual by adding seat cushions with playful fabrics.

Change Your Dining Room Décor

Changing out your dining room décor can create a more casual feel and you don’t need to worry about whether your dining room set is formal or casual. Your place settings, table linens, and candle holders can help change the atmosphere of the room. If you are hosting a casual get together, choose playful place settings and if you’re hosting a more formal affair, throw on a linen tablecloth and bring out the good china.

Paint the Walls

Of course, you won’t want to change the paint color on your walls every time you entertain. However, you can choose colors that fit into your style. Just as this dining room group can be casual or formal, paint colors can evoke a particular feel. Consider using tones such as deep burgundy, burnt orange or rust to make the room more formal. Use neutral tones such as beige, gray, coffee brown, or white to keep the room more versatile. These colors make it easy for you to dress the room up or down as needed by changing out a few elements of the décor. A dining room that easily goes from casual to formal is ideal. And dining room sets that give you options for extra seating will make it easier for you to go from formal to casual and back again as needed.

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