Thursday, January 19, 2017

L-Shaped Desks for Every Office Personality

Your home office says a lot about your personality. Everything from the flooring to the paint color on the walls to the type of desk you use says something about who you are and how you work. Depending on what type of person you are, your desk may be extremely organized or extremely chaotic. Check out the three worker styles below and find the perfect L-shaped desk to suit your office personality.

The Organizer

If you are continuously organizing and reorganizing your desk and you have everything arranged in a specific order, you are an organizer. But then you probably already knew that. You like everything in its place and a place for everything. When your desk is not in order, it really affects your thought processes. You are logical and believe that all the items on your desk should have a purpose or meaning.

If this describes you, then the Hawthorne L-Shaped Desk from Aspenhome might be right for you. This desk brings essential form and function to any workspace. If offers multiple storage options and organization capabilities. Two utility drawers keep necessary items close by and the locking file drawer keeps important papers neat, tidy, and secure. As an organizer, you are a “get straight to the point” type of person, and you need a desk with traditional design and straightforward style.

The Worker Bee

If your desk is tucked into an out of the way corner or nook, covered with papers and supplies, then your desk is likely where you are most productive. It is the place where work gets done. You may try to keep your space organized, but your success at this task depends on your project. You also prefer a desk with room to spread out. The Wendover L-shaped Office Unit – computer credenza, hutch, and corner unit – from Hooker Furniture offers everything you need for a home working environment.

The credenza features a phone jack, a power bar with two outlets, high-speed data ports, and more. If this sounds like your dream desk, then you love what you do and aren’t afraid to tell the world about it. Your office space gives you inspiration, and you are sometimes so goal-oriented and focused that you forget to take a break to enjoy the simple things in life.

The Minimalist

Your desk is always clear, in fact, it may be hard to tell you even work there. It contains only the tools absolutely necessary to get your work done. You are a minimalist. You may have one or two objects to accessorize your desk, but no more than that. Everything else on your desk is absolutely essential. You don’t want a lot of items cluttering up your desk because you felt that such things will also clutter up your mind.

If you relate to this description, then the Kendrick L Desk with Hutch from Hooker Furniture will give you exactly what you need to stay organized and productive. This L-shaped desk helps you stay organized with utility drawers, a pull-out printer tray, a drop-down keyboard space, and an FC737 power bar with tow outlets, and a USB port. This desk is perfect for a minimalist. 

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