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The Best Tropical Palettes for Your Furniture in 2017

When Pantone announced their colorways for 2017, one in particular stood out for tropical décor. The Florabundant palette, inspired by rosy reds, rich pinks, deep corals, and varying shades of green, is as tropical as it gets. It’s all about bright, bold floral shades that can perk up your décor in a stylish way. These colors paired with complementary hues create a space that pops with personality.

baers furniture floribundant palette

How to Work Florabundant into Your Tropical Décor

Whether you are looking for a dramatic change in your décor, or a small accent to add a little flair, the Florabundant palette might just offer what your home needs.

Tommy bahama tropical Decor at Baers furniture

Living Room

A lighter color scheme can add as much impact as a darker hue. A teal floral throw rug, quirky art on the walls, tropical-inspired throw pillows in oranges and reds, and bright blooms give this tropical living room a modern update. The Bali Hai Harborside Sofas by Tommy Bahama in cream upholstery create a neutral backdrop for the bright pillows and area rug. The wicker arms, back, and base enhance the tropical feel of the décor. The upholstered accent chairs add laid-back appeal to the space. (All items in the Bali Hai collection are available in more than 800 upholstery options.)

Although the Florabundant palette is filled with rich pink and red colors, the patterns don’t have to be floral. So, if florals aren’t your thing, you can still use this palette in your space with geometric shapes. To keep the décor on the tropical side, add potted plants or original artwork instead that reinforce the theme and put a modern spin on tropical style.

Dining Room

Natural light, bright white walls, and indoor plants will keep your dining room fresh and modern. Add a teal and red area rug – a surprisingly stunning color combination that will liven up the space with a tropical vibe. If you love copper, you’ll be happy with the deep jewel tones in the Florabundant colorway. A clean, natural wood dining set and navy accents keep the space from getting too “hot”. Or, you can go bold with a pink floral area rug and upholstery on your dining room chairs. Wood floors and simple window treatments keep the look in check.

tropical bedroom with Baers Furniture and Tommy Bahama


Bedrooms are traditionally soft and soothing, and this is well within the Florabundant palette. The king Island Breeze Rattan bed from Tommy Bahama creates an elegantly exotic look with its leather-wrapped frame of bent rattan and reeded posts crowned with ball finials. Notice the deep corals, greens, and reds that dress the bed, allowing it to take its rightful place as the focal point of the room. The soft cream walls and natural fiber rug are a perfect foil for these colors. And as is almost mandatory in tropical décor, flowers on the bedside table provide the natural version of the Florabundant hues.

Gone are the days of dull, reserved shades. Tropical décor in 2017 will challenge you to take color to the next level with the creative use of color to evoke emotions in a space.

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