Monday, June 25, 2018

Window Dressing Ideas for a Sunlit Summer

With Summer quickly approaching, there are months of sunshine-y weather to look forward to. But sometimes, there is too much sunshine. Now is the time to think about window dressings that let in just the right amount of sunlight while helping you keep the interior of your home comfortably cool.

wood blings complement tropical style

Wood Blinds for Classic Beauty

Classic beauty and the ability to go with just about any d├ęcor put wood blinds at the top every list of best window treatments. Available in faux or real wood and a variety of finishes, they create a sleek look while blocking sunlight, making them one of the best summer window treatments. Sunlight streaming through these wood blinds brighten up the space and make the Glen Isle Chair from Tommy Bahama the perfect place for lounging.

Sheer Pleated Shades for Energy Efficiency

A combination of cellular shade and pleated shade, sheer pleated shades blend two new age classics into a gorgeous window treatment. They are made from a single piece of fabric folded into crisp pleats that collapse and stack neatly. They're great for a casual look, especially in high traffic areas because they are easy to clean. Sheer pleated shades are perfect for the reduction of glare, UV protection, and energy efficiency.

Vertical Blinds for Sunlight and Privacy?

Sliding glass patio doors let in brilliant sunlight, which we all love, and let us enjoy beautiful views. But if you also need privacy and a quiet, dark place to sleep, then you should consider vertical blinds. They are the simplest, most traditional choice for patio doors. Available in classy, trendy, elegant, and classic fabrics, your patio doors will be bathed in sunlight and style.

roman shades let in light

Roman Shades for Versatile Style

Practical, stylish, versatile Roman shades enhance the mood in any room, either alone or in combination with other window treatments. Their simple elegance suits any decorating style can either dress up or dress down a room. You can choose shades that match the wall color to blend into the background for a clean look or ones that create dramatic contrast with walls of furnishings. These beautiful Hunter Douglas roman shades, available at Baer’s Furniture, bring in the wow factor along with plenty of natural light.

Simple and Timeless Sheers

Sheers are simply timeless and work with many looks, from traditional or modern and anything in between. They allow light to filter in, making them a good choice for a wall-to-wall window treatment. They create a continuous backdrop that anchors a room without hiding any architectural features. Sheers work well in a room with a lot of pattern, giving visual relief from the drama of a busy prints. Layering sheers with a solid drape lets you control the amount of light as well as creating a polished look with sophisticated, chic appeal.

Whether it's elegant Roman shades, pleated shades, wood blinds, or simple sheers, every window needs the perfect complement to complete the look.

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