Thursday, July 5, 2018

4 Types of Lighting for the Living Room

Most homeowners spend a ton of time deciding on what type of sofa they want, the colors in the upholstery, and the paint color for the walls in their living room. They often forget how important it is to have the right type of lighting. This is a room that sees a lot of action: watching TV, reading books, entertaining guests, and playing board games. The type of lighting you choose not only helps set the mood, but also makes the room more functional.

Lighting can be magical. Good living room lighting consists of various types of lighting, placed at different levels to work together to make the entire space attractive and warm. Using dimmers can help you control the lighting to match the activity of the room.

Below are the four types of lighting that will make your living room warm and inviting.

beautiful bookcase lighting

Draw Attention with Accent Lighting

If you want to highlight a special feature of your living room, such as textured walls or a piece of art, accent lighting does the job. Use recessed lights that you can adjust to points of interest. Another option is a wall cabinet display case, such as the Cherry Creek Wall Storage Cabinet from Hooker Furniture with a built-in light that highlights selected objects.

Accent lighting adds variations of brightness that pleases and directs the eye. Accent lighting should shine about 5 times as much light on your focal point as the surrounding light in the space.

Cast a Warm Glow with Ambient Lighting

The pieces you use for ambient lighting - chandeliers, ceiling lights, portable lamps, and wall-mounted fixtures - cast a warm glow over your living room. They control glare and provide the warm illumination that makes your living room inviting and comfortable.

This lighting influences the overall quality of light in the living room, and is generally used more than the other types of lighting. This is where you Would want to use dimmers and other energy efficient solutions.

Use Decorative Lighting to Create a Little Flair

Decorative lighting gives your space interest, intimacy, and coziness. This means hanging pendants, chandeliers, and table lamps. They can dress up or dress down the look of your room, depending on your style.

Lighting for the Task at Hand

When you want to play cards, write at a desk, or read a book, task lighting helps you get the job done. This can be a brighter floor or table lamp with a swinging arm, or a direct light source. Since this a very localized light source, positioning is key.

A combination of floor lamps and table lamps, some that shine upward and some with a downward glow. When choosing the lighting for your living room, consider design and function to get the right mix.

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  1. The obvious choice for this kind of lighting is strategically placed ambient table lamps or floor lamps. But the most efficient way to add ambient light to a living room is with ceiling lighting. A flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling light centered in the room will cast diffused light evenly throughout the space.