Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What's Old Is New Again: 5 Home Decor Trends Making a Comeback in 2018

"The more things change, the more they stay the same" can apply to many areas in life, especially home décor. Jumping on trends can be fun, but sooner or later you want your home to be a sanctuary that welcomes you at the end of the day. So while new trends are constantly emerging, there are many tried-and-true styles that are making a comeback in today’s interiors. You might say that some of these have never really gone out of style, and others are a fresh take on an old favorite.

gallery wall adds impact

It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are coming back in a big way, and I do mean big. In fact, in some circles, the gallery wall never went out of style. It’s a great way to display art, photos of family and friends, and even vintage pieces. Plus, it boosts your room’s overall décor. The individual pieces may be small, but displayed together they have a big impact.

Surrounded by black and white prints, the classic lines and plump box seat cushions of the Grandview Four Piece Sectional sofa from Bernhardt create the perfect space for watching the big game, binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, or relaxing with the latest bestseller.

Fresh take: Mix framed art, mirrors, inspiration words, and more to create an eclectic and eye-catching display. Keep continuity with frames that match in style or color or artwork that has a particular theme.

It’s All There in Black and White

What’s black and white and red all over? It could be a classic black and white color scheme highlighted with pops of red. Although black and white has been around for what seems like forever, it is not likely to go out of style any time soon. In fact, it is considered one of the trends least likely to go out of style. Ever. Perhaps that’s because it screams sophistication and elegance. No matter how color trends fluctuate over time, this color combination will always be the best classic blend.

Fresh take: While there’s nothing wrong with pops of red, you can freshen this look with pops of lime green, turquoise, or bright pink.

It’s a Reunion of Avocado Green and Harvest Gold

Retro color palettes are making a comeback, as proven by the rising popularity of avocado green and harvest gold. It gives your home a warm, welcoming vibe with its soothing tones. Popular in the 70s, this color combo may just stick around for a while, probably because of all the nostalgic feels it brings with it.

Fresh take: Go all in with bold green paint on the walls, subtle colors in the area rug, and mix-matched chairs. Choose a retro piece in green leather and an overstuffed one in harvest gold. Set the look with a brass chandelier.

zen design leather furniture

It’s Oversized and Proud of It

With so many homes featuring great rooms and other multiuse spaces, oversized pieces have taken center stage. When you need one perfect piece in a space, an oversized piece is your go-to solution. While we may have been shying away from oversized furniture in the past few years, expect this trend to get bigger in the coming year. A glass-topped coffee table with an open framework, such as the Island Fusion Nobu Square Cocktail table from Tommy Bahama, provides functionality while taking up less visual space.

Fresh take: When using oversized furniture in a small space, pay attention to balance. Offset your oversized sofa with a chair with delicate legs, and a glass-topped coffee table.

It’s Brassy but Not Brash

It’s hard to believe that a simple piece of metal could add so much to your interior décor. Brass is as bright as the sun and as shiny as a star, so maybe it’s not that surprising after all. Its luster may have been fading, but it began trending in 2016 and expected to continue its upward trend this year. So if you were just about to cart your brass to the thrift, stop right there. Shine it up and give it pride of place.

Fresh take: Use brass lanterns as candle holders and display with greenery for a subtle look. If you want something more dramatic, hang a brass cage chandelier in the dining room or kitchen.

If you’ve always like retro style, you are in luck. Adding just a little bit here and there will give your home a nice touch of elegance that is sure to last for years to come.

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