Tuesday, April 2, 2019

​Baer's Furniture Reviews: Great Customer Service

Online shopping has never been easier. However, when furniture shopping, most people prefer the tactile experience offered in a brick-and-mortar store. So, while I may shop, or “research” as they say these days, online, I like to buy in-store. I like the physical experience of seeing, touching, and sitting on the furniture before making the decision to purchase.

Because of this new retail dynamic, online reviews play a big role in the research phase. At least they do for me. For example, when recently looking for some new furniture, I came across these great reviews for Baer’s Furniture. You can get a lot of information from reviews, as these Baer’s Furniture reviews demonstrate.

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Professional Customer Service Creates a Great Experience

“… Jim is an amazing sales associate. I am the kind of shopper that wants my space and he understood, … I came back again to get additional pieces for my home and received the same outstanding service from Jim and everyone else I encountered while at the store. … definitely will be back.”
-Alexandra Escobar
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“Jed was very attentive and polite. We could not make up our mind on what living room set we wanted and he patiently rewrote the ticket order 3 times … first class customer service!” -Mickey Huaroto
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“Jim Perelman was an outstanding and educated professional who helped me find the perfect sofa sleeper. Baer’s is very fortunate to have him … Kudos to all. Thanks!” -Jennifer Durinick
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“Baer's staff are great especially Steve in Tamarac. We bought a mattress set and foundation. Steve was very knowledgeable and gave us time to check them out before choosing the right one for us. … I would definitely recommend Baer's.”
 -Judy Vuono
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“… Our salesperson was knowledgeable and very helpful. Took a lot of time helping us find the perfect fit.”
-Ginger Girl
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“… classic furniture at affordable prices. The guys also are so nice. … there's no hard sell and you won't feel rushed. Keep it up and I'll be back!”
-Melissa Little
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Delivery on Time

Often when I am buying furniture, I need it for a specific reason. If I am hosting a holiday event or a putting up a guest for a special event, I want to know that my furniture will arrive on time. These Baer’s Furniture reviews tell me that Baer’s delivery is both professional and on time."

“Beautiful piece of furniture that I’m thrilled to own … The delivery crew worked hard getting it set up just right. … I’m absolutely lovin’ it!”
-Janis Bieward
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“The delivery was right on time. … Could not ask for any better service. The best that I have experienced.”
-Geri Verola
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“… Todd very helpful. Couch delivered today. 2 men delivering very nice & accommodating. This was a very pleasant experience … Thanks Baer's”
-Betty Cheatham
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The next time I go furniture shopping, a stop at Baer’s Furniture will be on my list. In fact, by reading these reviews, I feel confident that it would not be just my first stop, but my only stop.

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