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Baer’s Furniture Reviews: What to Look for in a Furniture Store Review

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When you’re looking for fine furniture, you know how important it is to do your due diligence. One of the ways you can do that is by checking out consumer reviews online. Here are a few tips about how to use reviews to find the best furniture store for your needs. These Baer’s Furniture reviews are good examples of what to look for in an online review.

One way to tell if a review is authentic is the level of detail included in the review. Did the reviewer mention a salesperson by name? Did they give specific details? For example, below, you can see that the reviewer has used the salesperson’s name. This is a piece of information that is easily checked. The reviewer even went on to include information about the delivery.

“Seamless process from start to finish! Effy was a phenomenal sales person. … The delivery was quick and efficient. They even notified me when they were on there way… This was the best experience I’ve had buying furniture.” -Lisette Lopez
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Here’s another great example of someone who was so pleased with their experience that they mentioned their salesperson by name. Sometimes a few simple words are more authentic.

“… a pleasure to buy from Baer's again. From dealing with our designer Margie to the delivery …” -Fred Marrone
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At a family owned and operated store, you sometimes get a little extra. Professional, personal attention is something to look for when furniture shopping and this reviewer shows his appreciation in the review below.

“What a fantastic salesperson, Cindy, and a great store. Also, thanks to Ms. Baer for personally assisting us. … Excellent mix of a wide variety of furniture and a knowledgeable and friendly staff. I only wish I could give Baer's and Cindy 10 stars!”
-Jonathan Titman
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Also, you can look for similarities in the reviews. This means that everyone has had a shared experience and it is most likely based on real-life events. As in the review above, this reviewer specifically mentions the way the delivery process is managed.

“Love the call the day before, followed by reminder texts, and then calling 15 minutes before delivery. Nothing worse than wondering if or when they will show … Baer's has it together …” -Sudan Zemla
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Even more important, you can find out how the furniture store treats their customers once they’ve left the store. In the Baer’s Furniture review, the customer was blown away by the way the entire process worked.

“… Baer’s Furniture was incredible from beginning to end ... starting with the remarkably unique selection of furniture, remarkable customer service, and ending with the delivery and set up by a professional … We will be back!” -William Hambrick, Jr
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And this customer backs up the previous reviewer with her report of the shopping experience at Baer’s. This addresses a pain point for many customers since no one likes having to wait around all day wondering when their delivery will arrive.

“Great to deal with from beginning to delivery. … amazing delivery system that provides up to minute information regarding your delivery time.”
-Sandy McClure
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In addition to reading the reviews, pay attention to the furniture store’s responses. Are they polite and timely? That means they are paying attention and care about their customers. If you have any questions about the information in the reviews, such as the delivery process, you can always call the store for more details.

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