Friday, October 18, 2019

Mixed Media Furniture Is Trending: Are You Ready?

Compare and contrast. Watermelon and pink sea salt. Honey and Parmesan. Chocolate with chili. If you’ve noticed a theme here, it’s because these unexpected combinations may seem unusual, but they actually work. Each element brings out something in the other that they don’t have on their own.
Unusual combinations can also add interest and personality to our homes. Furniture with contrasting materials such as a wood and glass dining room table or a wood and metal side table can give your home a contemporary vibe.
beautiful mixed-media dining room table and chairs

Add a Mixed Media Table to Your Dining Room

A mixed media piece can add subtle interest to your room. In addition, by incorporating mixed media furniture into your design style, your space will come alive with freshness and personality. And, mixed media pieces go well with any design style.

For a sleek, contemporary dining room, try adding a clean-lined mixed-media table such as the MacArthur Park Beverly Place Rectangular Dining Table by Lexington Furniture. With its elegantly simple metal base and wood top, this table is refreshingly unexpected and surprisingly versatile. The gorgeous diamond-patterned veneer top, eclectic steel base, and crisp stainless steel inlay bring beauty and function together.

seaglass and metal coffee table

Make an Impact with Mixed Media Accessories

Wood and metal are popular materials for mixed media d├ęcor and furniture items. This classic pairing works just as easily in family rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. When using a well-known pairing such as this one, look for new interpretations and treatments to level up your room’s style quota. Try a dramatic combination of glistening stainless steel and dark polished oak lamp for a modern look.

The Island Fusion Hermes Reef Glass Cocktail Table by Tommy Bahama combines a fused glass top and open, metal Pan Asian fretwork base for a Zen-inspired look. The glass top mimics the look of ocean glass washed ashore on a tropical beach, contrasting nicely with soft sofa upholstery.

Mixed Media Goes Glam

If your style leans more towards Hollywood Glam than mid-century minimalism, you can still use mixed media to get that look. By adding hand-applied silver leaf and a mirrored top, you get a cocktail table that is on-trend with thoughtful sophistication. The Ariana Rochelle Octagonal Cocktail Table by Lexington Furniture is reminiscent of a Moroccan silver jewelry box with artisanal touches and a weathered patina.

Make the Design Your Own

Not only is the mixed media look wonderfully modern, but it is also easier than ever to achieve. The look is bold but also pleasingly mellow. Ultimately, you can put together your own spaces any way you wish. Go with what you are drawn to, but keep in mind the purpose of each space. Using one statement piece with different materials is a great way to make what could be an ordinary room feel special. By thoughtfully mixing various types of materials, you will be able to tap into different textures, colors, and visual interest to create a space that pleases all facets of your personality.

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