Monday, November 11, 2019

Defining Elements of Florida Style Interior Design

South Florida cities have the special tropical charm those of us who live here have come to love. And the interior design has evolved to feature this beachy vibe. While you may still see some Mizner pink or seafoam green in the décor, Florida has moved on from the Miami Vice-style pastels that were once so common in its interiors. Take a quick look at how Florida's style has evolved.

Modern Minimalism and Monochrome Rooms

Modern minimalism is a popular trend that is picking up steam in South Florida. Everyone is downsizing, Marie Kondo-ing their homes and loving the extra spaciousness it gives them. Part of this minimalist style is furniture with sleek lines and low profiles. These pieces may not take up less actual space, but they do give you more visual space.
Tone-on-tone color schemes help keep a space simple, relaxed, and stylish. The Bedford Customizable Sofa from the Lexington Personal Design Series exemplifies this aesthetic with its clean lines and muted palette. Bring in some metallic or glass accents to bring in a little shimmer that bounces light around and adds depth to a monochromatic space. Or, forever the design go-to, add some throw pillows with a bit of sheen on them.

Geometric Patterns Elevate Your Style

This trend isn’t going anywhere. One of the best ways to instantly elevate your living room and give it a designer flair is to layer different styles. Geometric prints are great for that. Try some throw pillows with a geometric pattern, or maybe an area rug. If you want to get really bold, upholster a side chair with a geometric print. For kitchens, add a geometric tile pattern to the backsplash, and in the bathroom, you can tile the niche or waterfall with geometrics.

Resort-Style Living in South Florida

The Florida weather and lush foliage practically scream tropical resort. You can play up this vibe by turning your bedroom into a mini-resort with the Round Hill Bed with Woven Panel Inserts from Tommy Bahama Home Island Estate. The vibrant island textures and materials create an island vibe that is enhanced by the headboard and footboard with woven lampakanai panels. Leather-wrapped bamboo carved posts add to the resort feel of the room. The room itself says "relax and enjoy." You won’t have to hop on a plane to experience the magic of your favorite resort, you can live in it every day.

Bathrooms as Wellness Escapes

The bathroom as a wellness escape is rising in popularity, and for good reason. Creating a space where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day, or week is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether you go traditional or modern, these spaces usually require minimalist design elements: light, airy colors, natural stone, and quality linens, with as much natural light as possible. Once you’ve created such a room, you can easily incorporate wellness moments into your busy day-to-day routine.

Nautical Accents That Bring You Closer to the Ocean

Nautical accents have always been a staple in Florida design, and that probably won’t go away any time soon. Blue and white décor, nautical prints, brass lamps and fixtures are all a part of the nautical theme. Mixing sleek, contemporary chairs with a rustic wooden farm table keeps the feel fresh and lively. Or, choose bamboo and wicker for a more casual look. Keep the look nautical with cushions covered in marine blue upholstery and accented with white piping.

Using these elements, you can create a home as light, bright, and breezy as the Florida landscape. However you do it, make Florida-style your own style.

Baer's Furniture CEO discusses furniture trends.  Read Baer's Furniture reviews.


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