Friday, January 17, 2020

Tropical Furniture in Florida Inspired Décor

The bright, breezy weather makes tropical décor a natural for Florida homes. Bold colors, tropical foliage, and a beechy color palette mix with casual elegance to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

beautiful tropical living room furniture

Let the Sunshine In

Plenty of sunshine streaming through your rooms is a hallmark of tropical décor. Crisp white walls and punches of bright colors create a vivid palette that reflects the light. In this living room above, tropical colors pop on the throw pillows for visual contrast on the Bali Hai Quickship Sofa from Tommy Bahama while the rolled arms feature elegant carvings. The pops of orange on the throw pillows bring to mind the vibrant hues of the sun as it slowly slips below the horizon.

Keep It Bright and Light

Emphasis on color and light enhances the room's tropical feel. Don't be afraid to use intense colors in big, unexpected ways such as bright turquoise accessories on the coffee table. Tons of sunlight, white walls, and warm wood floors balance the room.

beautiful tropical-inspired bedroom furniture

Don't Be Afraid to Be Bold

Tropical décor is nothing if not bold, whether it be patterns or colors, so don't be afraid to use vibrant hues or patterns to create a tropical feel in your home. The Island Estate West Indies Bed by Tommy Bahama takes center stage in any bedroom, and even more so when dressed with tropical prints and placed by a window with a spectacular view. The view becomes a part of the room, highlighting the materials and textures incorporated into the leather-wrapped rattan headboard and footboard.

white paneled bed with wovend detail

Choose a White Palette

If colors and patterns aren't your thing, you can still create a tropical vibe going completely the other way and keeping everything a refreshing white. Inspired by the pastel home, crisp white roofs, and lush green landscape of Bermuda, the Ivory Key Queen Pritchards Bay Panel Bed from Tommy Bahama embodies the casual vibe of the tropics.

Add Tropical Accessories

Tropical and nautical accessories add the finishing touches to your tropical style, from seashell print pillows to brass lamps and anchors. Tropical prints over the couch flank shelves filled with specimen corals, woven boxes, and photographs with shell frames.

If you like a subtler tropical vibe, adding even one tropical reference, such as a palm-patterned rug, is all you need to give a casual nod toward the region. Or choose a beautiful array of seashells, sand dollars, and starfish to instantly add an organic accent to the space. Treasures from the ocean can also be displayed in large glass vases and set on a console table for a tropical focal point in a dining room or family room.

beautiful console table with sea glass detail

Use One Singular Item

A buffet such as the Ocean Club Sea Glass Buffet by Tommy Bahama is a show stopper with its four sand-blasted glass doors with a wavy pattern that evokes the calming currents of the ocean at night. This tranquil buffet is perfect as a statement piece and to amp up entertainment. If fills your senses and enriches your soul with a palette of refined finishes and subtle textures.

Florida has a decorating style all its own that draws from many tropical influences. By mixing the flavor of tropical décor with your own personal flair, you can turn your home into a spectacular space.

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