Monday, February 17, 2020

4 Fresh Dining Room Trends for 2020

For many, gathering around the dinner table for a formal meal no longer happens regularly. There has been a "casualization" of modern entertaining, with many of us gathering around the kitchen island nibbling on cheese plates and dips. But, even in our mobile-enabled, digitized world, the dining room table is still the place people gather to honor old traditions and create new ones.
I'm not dissing casual entertaining around the kitchen island, but if you watch even one home design show these days, you'll see the reemergence of the dining room as an entertainment space. And, fortunately, now more than ever, trends in dining room d├ęcor offer options for everyone's taste and style. Here are some fresh new takes on dining room trends for 2020 and beyond.

1) Mix Textures and Styles

Matchy-matchy is a thing of the past. Today's dining rooms are filled with pieces that go together, even if they feature a variety of textures and styles. This is a great way to add warmth and dimension to your dining room. Neutral upholstered, slightly formal chairs go with a causal Rattan Pull Up Bench from the Universal Coastal Living Home collection. The bench adds a modern feel and is a great contrast to the more classic, simple design of the Escape Homecoming Dining Table from the same collection.
Don't be shy about choosing the elements you like to create a unique look for your dining room. If you love this look but aren't sure how to create it, choosing pieces from the same collection ensures you get the same feel without falling into the dreaded matchy-matchy space.

2) Add a Bench for Casual Flair

Benches are so on-trend these days that they get two mentions on our 2020 trends list. They are great space savers. If you have a smallish dining room, a bench can easily be tucked under the table to create visual space and make room for foot traffic when not in use. And if your table has one side against a bank of windows, a bench won't block the view. The Brownstone Dining Table and bench from Coast to Coast Imports gives your dining room a casual yet traditional feel that makes guests feel welcome.

3) Choose Upholstered Chairs for Comfort and Style

If you like to linger around the table for scintillating conversation, or often use your dining room as a workspace, then the importance of choosing comfortable chairs cannot be overstressed. After about an hour on metal, wood, or acrylic chairs, our derrieres will begin to complain. Upholstered dining room chairs level up the comfort and encourage people to stay and chat. In addition, they add richness, style, and texture to your dining room. Choose a simple style such as the Calista Transition Dining Table by Bernhardt and surround it with upholstered chairs from the same collection to infuse your space with casual elegance.

4) Round Dining Room Tables Create Space

Round dining room tables have been around since the Middle Ages, and a quick glance tells you why it has stood the test of time. Although the majority of dining rooms are configured for rectangular tables, a round one gives you more intimacy and fosters conversation. And as home design trends towards more open-concept spaces, there are many opportunities for round tables such as the Reverie Transitional Round Dining Table from Hooker Furniture to be incorporated into your dining room decor.

The options for dining rooms have never been so exciting. Try adding your own twist to these ideas to create the dining room that fits your taste and lifestyle.

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